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Gorgeous, gut-wrenching, heart-rending, terrifying, joyful, sorrowful, heart-pounding, grief-stricken... so many emotions go into this artfully woven story!! The love shared between Germoglio and Evan is so powerful that not even death could end it. Simon and Gwen have sworn to stay by Gemma's side to protect her and the baby from further attacks by undercover forces however they can't protect Gemma from her own grief. Gemma is dropping herself with her emotions and her loss in Evan, she keeps having nightmares of Evan locked in torment, tortured with a woman who keeps trying to lure Germoglio to them. She soon discovers that Evan is truly being tortured in Hell, that she their self is a Witch, but more importantly that Evan is alive, and that offers her a renewed sense of hope and determination. She could stop at nothing to save Evan. Even if that means going directly to Hell and providing herself to the Nurses and setting Evan free. Gwen warns her that giving herself over to the Evil of the witches will make her lose her humanity, but Germoglio is sure that her love for Evan will help her keep her hold on herself. Right after all, love is the most powerful force available and it is what allowed Gwen to get back her humanity! So she sets out, and it has some unlikely allies as you go along. This specific was an incredible guide and am cannot wait for the 4th book, PUNITION coming in 2017!!, That i knew of before this book was even released that We would love and dislike this book in several measures. How to describe this installment in the series is beyond me. We truly love when an author can take you to love and hating a book within a matter of moments. That's what Elisa does in Brokenhearted. Gemma's distraught over Even's death is one thing, but no one even considers the remote likelihood that there is more to it. OMG, is all I have to say. This book is not for the faint of heart. Gemma's hellish encounters are what nightmares are made from. My love for this series is past measure., I would suggest this book to anyone. I am so emotionally touched by Gemma and Evan's love story. While this is my least favorite guide in the series, it was still so well worth reading. I can't watch for more of their story! Thanks so much for the wonderful world you have created Elisa S. Amore! Few series and very few authors capture and keep my attention how you have. You are reliable great writer. More than that, you are an amazing creator of a world worth escaping to., Through the very first book in this saga I have been hooked. I will barely set them aside when I read them and appearance forward to every section in every book. I love that this story of Evan and Gemma is one of true, heart and soul bonding and heart aching love. Not the kind you observe everywhere today that's fickle at best. This has struggles and obstructions but bottom line is love rules. Totally recommend this series!!, What a wonderful story Elisa! This specific a a book of never ending love, adventure, incertidumbre and passion! Way better than Cinderella! Ready to discover how it changes Evan and Gamma next! Will their love put up with all the evil? I can wait to find out there!, I became adoringly obsessed with this series before finishing the first book. Mrs. Amore has such a way with words, the character types become more active and find their way with your heart. The particular ending of the second book, "Unfaithful", absolutely broke my heart and Wow. My. God. the tears I cried were unrestrainable. I anxiously waited for " Brokenhearted" to be released hoping Gemma and Evan would find their way back to one another. It's a MUST READ! A person won't be disappointed. The particular worst part? Waiting for the next installment to be released., Feeling heartbroken just as the subject. This book gave me joy and sadness from the begin to finish. I had been alongside side gemma from the beginning crying and in despair. But then That i knew of from the start what she was becoming and the book got even better. Then Evan came back. I loved this book as much as guide 1., Everything is so gut-wrenching. So excited with everything that happened. This specific book was truly planned to a tee. Almost everything is getting so fascinating and things you don't expect to happen happened. I'm so excited to see the ending. Well I possess already read it too. Loved the whole series. This really is my new favorite.

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