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This is certainly book 2 in the Hidden Wings world.
I love Emma. She is a 17 12 months old girl who has lost so much that is dear to the girl and yet gained so much more. A family, friends..... and enemies for no reason apart from her delivery. A prophecy awaits the girl. If she can make it through until her 18th birthday. She is a blend of light and darker. Good and bad. Innocence and experience. And the girl rock, her guardian, the girl almost everything... KADE.

This particular is a journey to Hell... literally.

Friends are lost.. and home is found.. Ethon.. Could he or she be the one to save her?

This is a story of forbidden loves, family, good, evil, and finding yourself in the midst of craziness.

"Love should have no boundaries, no limits, without law. Adore should be free and given to whomever it wants. "

I enjoy this series. I love this world I stumbled on. The characters are showing growth. Cameo's writing is showing growth. I just can not stress enough how much I enjoyed this. That being said... the ending! Cameo Renae is a literary genius. I love her. I am in so deep I never want to get out there., I just don't even know how to describe how much I love this guide! This whole dang series actually! My favorite thing, is Emma, the badass amazing, and easy to love heroin in this book, is just, well awesome. Something that annoys the heck out of me is most main figures are all secretive about all the bad that happens to them and get by themselves into more trouble. It kills me, I shout inside my book every time. But not Emma, the lady is smart, honest, honorable, kind. Just a really good soul, and it pays off on her every time. Broken Wings takes you to Hell and the 5 gates protecting Lucifer. And all I have to say is... what a freaking ride! I cried... HARD! I chuckled, a lot! and cheered and squeaked and this book is just simply perfect! And it also literally takes up 30 seconds from where book 1 leaves off (so does book 3, I'm almost done with that one as I type this) which I love! All around comprehensive guide wonderful perfection! I have already ordered my paperback duplicates; )
And also this series doesn't feel like your typical " angels and demons" paranormal. The Gaurdians are so normal, and hysterical and tragically loveable, and they have no wings, yet. The angels in this particular book that do have wings will be the Fallen, and the the greater part of them are bad guys, so they don't come off as angels. I just think you have to read the publications to absorb and appreciate the awesomeness of this series!, Great second guide. Cameo does a best wishes building her world, you will find a lot of places the lady could expand on through this series if the lady wants to. I enjoyed the various levels of Heck. I would have enjoyed to see more fine detail but enjoyed the fight scenes. Cameo begins to build Emma's strength and that we see Emma mature and find herself. For the first time we see her start to protect others and start to worry about the bigger picture? I loved Emma's suit she wears through hell and the ability it needs to adapt. Interesting twist towards the end, Cameo challenges us to think about what constitutes evil and the image of satan. It can be interesting to see how the love triangle builds up., This book was completely unexpected, in a great way.
The story of Emma and her Guardians continues. Each of the brothers great characters and Emma and Kade have a special connection. The sacrifice that Kade makes for Emma changes the storyline. I liked what he or she did and how his role in this guide played out as it was not expected. Performed his sacrifice change things between him and Emma?
The action that happens in this book was nonstop and keep me reading. Following reaching their destination, another loop gets thrown at you with a possible new direction for Emma to visit in, and with a new person.
Definitely allows you to want to keep reading the following book to see what happens. I will tell things will be getting really interesting, and complicated, for Emma., As an adult I absolutely loved this book. I loved how a characters, tale line and really everything about this book arrived together. I couldn't put it down. You fall in love with every character. The one thing negative I have to say is I really hate when I stumble on a series I love only to determine I have to wait until the following guide comes out. Lol. Now i'm really hoping it is SOON.: )
A willingly sleep deprived mommy of 3.; ), Cameo never ceases to amaze me with her creativity and storytelling.
Originally, I hadn't recently been enthusiastic about reading the Concealed Wings series; only because it was put forward as a Romantic Love Story. It is that, but that isn't all.
It is a YA fiction novel with action, adventure, wit, suspense, romance, and center. That's what I find in all of the books of Cameo's that I've read: heart.

I'd recommend this series to mainly YA females, or females that enjoy this genre. The romance is not the only tale. It's good versus evil. Standing up and battling for those you adore, even if it means you have to walk through the gates of Heck. That's the story., I absolutely fell in love with this book, and the whole series! I find myself not being able to wait around until the next one comes out! I ranked the book this because first it was amazing second i couldn't wait around to get to the end, and last but not least it kept me entertained. I never knew what was proceeding to happen next, also it kept me guessing and i also loved that!!! Also the whole relationship roller coaster that she and Kade are on. Also the entire relationship triangle that happens at the end!!!! OMG I LOOOOOOOVEEEDDDD IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the whole undeniable fact that when shes 18 she could have the girl transformation and he or she will have to pick a side and which mate well that's amazing and i cant wait!!!!!!! So read this book because you wont be disappointed and again its TO DIEEEEEE FORRRRRR!!!!!!!

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