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The plot thickens in Broken Prince as secrets are revealed, discoveries are made, lies return to bite certain characters in the ass, and more of the truth comes out. The tables drastically change in this installment as we watch Reed chase after Ella, trying to plead his case to her.

Which brings myself to an next exciting point: DUAL POV! FINALLY!!! I ached for scenes from Reed’s POV in Paper Princess and feel shorted now. There was scenes in this book that I wanted from the opposing POV though... So, while I’m pretty happy we finally have dual POV I wished certain scenes were swapped. I’ll take what I get though; )

This book gives a better look behind the Regal siblings and how the dying of their mother influenced each of them... They’ve spent so much time being angry, upset, and hiding from their pain. Some of them get started to open up and express their feelings out loud. Some lash out and take part in some questionable activities as their form of self-healing. Regardless, Ella has been a healer to each of them from the moment she arrived- even though none of them realized it.

I absolutely adored Ella in this book. Her strength really came through and she proved to everyone how resilient she actually is... She stood firm with Reed and she stood to the Astor Park Prepare Bitches. Like she’s told them a million times, as annoying as Michael jordan and her posse are, they’re nothing compared to what Ella has endured in her life.

This series is like The Real Housewives of Lemon County or Beverly Hills- sorry, the California wives are the best/most spectacular. I shouldn’t really pay much attention to the drama but because it’s not mine, I’m fixed to it. (Drama that isn’t your own is AWESOME! ) I’m used to be glued to the TV filling my brain with mindless nonsense, now I just read it on a page instead; ) It gives a high dose of in your face, sick and twisted, addictive mental pleasure.

... the final scene of the book just escalated the story to a whole new level... Seriously, WTF just happened!, So of course I had to read this after reading Paper Princess. Warning: Spoilers In advance. It completely left readers with a cliffhanger and I necessary to know what the hell Reed was pondering sleeping with Brooke. I have to be sincere I didn't expect to determine that Brooke was expecting and that it could possibly be Reed's baby. Now it was a matter of should i believe Reed that he didn't sleep with her and more significantly does Ella. Ella lastly gets dragged back to the Royals under some pretty nasty threats by Callum. Throughout this book Callum becomes more and more likeable, he really stands up for his kids/ward and the readers learns just how influential he is in their little rich community. I loved watching him use his power to his edge time and again. Since for Ella, well things at school always get worse for her and I know everyone's waiting for Jordan to get hers and rest assured the girl will. When Ella lastly gives in to Reed your family slowly comes back together however we learn a very interesting secret about Gideon, and we also learn that Callum is not as naive as everyone thinks he is. The conclusion of this book has myself reeling, as I do not see it coming at all. All I have to say is I waited anxiously for Ella to get rid of the girl V card to Reed and really hope the girl does in Twisted Building. Happy Reading!, WOW!!! Typically the second book in a string can be a little dull in comparison to the first, but, in this case, Busted Prince was EQUALLY as amazing as Paper Princess!
I read PP back in April and have since been itchiness with suspense for section in Reed and Ella's story. I dove right in and immediately was sucked back into the story, as if the three month hiatus between the two books had never existed.
I had been thrilled to see an totally different side of Reed. In Paper Princess, we see him as very spiteful and unforgiving in the direction of his father, people at school, and, of course, Ella. In BP, We get to see a much softer side of Reed; where all that matters are deciphering his feelings for Ella and finding the girl as soon as possible. Even when certain mistakes emerge, the only thing he cares about is Ella's well-being and safety.
Ella was much stronger, despite the fact that the girl was secure in the first book. She has lost all motivation to " fit in" or surrender herself to the powers-that-be at school.
I was excited to see how much growth each character got shown.
The way this book was spaced was absolutely brilliant. I never felt like there was a lull, nor do I ever feel as if there was too much happening at once. I was biting my fingernails throughout the entire book, just waiting to see what was going to happen next!
Although, the anticipation may just eliminate me, I cannot wait to see where Reed and Ella's journey will lead to next in Twisted Palace!, Broken Royal prince is the 2nd book in The Royals series. That picks up right the location where the first book left off. It is filled with suspense and provides the sense of what each personality is going through in book one. At times it can be an powerful read, but it also deepened my connection with each character, making me drop in love with this book even more.

Reed Royal has had the world in the palm of his hands for quite some time. But when Ella comes into his life, he is left unhinged. When she leaves and wants nothing to do with him, Reed is in a position they have never been in before. Will Reed see the error of his ways before it is too late? Or will he continue to do what he does best and take matters into his very own hands?

The two authors who are known as Erin Watt have an amazing ability that keeps readers on their toes. There are so many twists and turns on the way, that I honestly have no idea how this history will come to a conclusion. They do an outstanding job of leaving strings for possible plots in the future.... boy I can't wait for the next release to determine what happens next for the Royal family! This book will definitely be something I ponder over until I can know for sure! Salvaje, on this masterpiece!

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