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Harry is a Duke that has inherited his kingdom, but doesn't take good treatment of it. He has recently been in the army for ten years and when his father died, he hired an overseer to look after the affairs of the Dukedom, which are slowly being decreased. Their aunt wants him to marry a wealthy heiress so the family resources will be saved. Harry doesn't want to marry a spoiled rich lady, but feels he must to save his sisters from ruin. Harry has a wardrobe malfunction right in front of the local seamstress' business. He immediately falls for Katy the best seamstress in the town. She sews his buttons as well as fixes his worn trousers. Harry still thinks they have to marry for money rather than love. How these two solve their romantic problems creates a very sweet story., A cute story... predictable plot!! There are not any twists and turns in this plot. You will guess the finishing before you reach the very first 3 rd of the publication. The author also limitations her " clean" story to amicable personalities (no real vilians). But, the characters draw you in through their emotional ups and downs. Someone will " cheer" for then. You will not lose interest before reaching the happy ending. Charlotte Darcy also gets points for sticking to the interpersonal norms of the era. This book is a quick read and a relaxing way to spend several hours. Enjoy!, I had to give this enchanting story at least 5 stars. There was room for elaboration, but it was unnecessary. Harry and Katherine's story is coronary heart tugging and beautiful. Filled with tears of sorrow and joy., Katherine's life was happy until she unexpectedly met the duke! It had been near to love at first sight yet as seamstress there was absolutely no way something could come with this romance. The duke seemed to be very attracted to Katy in order to survive economically he needed to marry someone rich. The women he was introduced to only wanted the subject of success and had no interest in the duke as a person.
Katherine however truly loved him and you may have t read the book to discover if they eventually overcame all their obstacles., The duke and Katy were lucky to have meet. So many twists to their connection and so many problems. But good finally comes. It had an hopeful to it. Although, there are some places where you want to cry. I so enjoyed the publication and highly recommend it to one and all., Typically the Broken Duke: Mended by Love should indeed be a clean read, but it is also pretty syrupy fairly sweet. Don't get me incorrect, I enjoy a nice clean period romance, but this piece was way too YA or Teen appropriate for my tastes. That read like a child's fairytale and I just could never truly relate to the Pollyanna characters., Harry was a good and honorable man haunted by war during his days and nights as a soldier. Typically the passages detailing his conflict encounters and their aftermath to his psyche were sensitive and compelling.
Katy uses the woman fine skills as a seamstress to augment the woman family's income, by the woman working in a nearby town's dress shop.
Harry and Katy meet by chance, and forge a love that can bridge the separate of their disparate interpersonal stations--if fate will allow them to., This book is about Harcourt Beckleham Duke of Arleton and Miss Katherine Porter. Harcourt has a townhouse in Denmouth where he meets Katherine. Harcourt returned from a decade in the war to resume his duties as Duke only to find that he is practically impoverished. He or she has three sisters that are of age and need to make their come out. He attempts to accept the fact that he needs to marry a rich heiress, then he meets Katherine, who is a seamstress. I loved this guide and it can characters. I highly recommend it.

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