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An additional wonderful Celtic Brooch tale from Katherine Lowry Logan - full of romance, humor and enough suspense plus plot twists to maintain me on the edge of my seat just about all day. JL O'Grady was multi-dimensional and great fun to be able to read (and as a plus, she comes through Pearl River - just a few minutes down the road through where I grew up), Kevin has grown from your goofy sidekick into a impressive man, and the particular rest of the various M's are as wonderful, and occasionally infuriating, since ever. The younger crew are starting to come to their own now as nicely, Constantly wait to see what stunt teenaged Wayne Cullen effects next! Typically the Brooch lore is establishing, but there exists still a great deal we can't say for sure yet. I loved charge in to next year's Diamond Brooch as nicely and can't wait to be able to follow along as Jack port pursues his destiny (note: it's a lead within, but just like its predecessors this book is usually a complete story, that won't leave you hanging)., I used to be disappointed in this specific latest book by Microsoft. Logan. It felt sketchy and rushed throughout the particular story. I almost gave up in the first couple of chapters. Typically the story commences with JL and Kevin meeting plus within an hour they are both in a lovemaking frenzy and the first two chapters handle their own immense physical attraction for the exclusion of everything more. It reads more like the story of 2 horny teenagers who aren't keep their hands of one another without actually a pretense of character development and story creating.
I handled to read all the particular sexual tension and worry trying to get to be able to the heart of the particular story which involves a murder and a feasible dominate of the winery by a drug cartel. But once again the storyline was jumbled. Everyone at the vineyard is supposed to be able to be in great risk and then everyone is usually fine and going to be able to a basketball game. Typically the drug cartel are supposed to become at the vineyard and are kidnapping and murdering people. But once everyone is usually saved they just just about all go back to normal although nothing offers been resolved about the particular murder or the medication cartel. Then of program charge characters are within danger again. I have got loved the other publications in this series but I cannot recommend this one at all., I've go through everyone of of Katherine Lowry Logan's books within the Celtic Brooch collection and this one, regardless of if she is not a time journey story, was just since difficult to put lower. I enjoy meeting up along with old characters just since much as getting acquainted with the new ones. Every story on its own is a fabulous go through, but as they create one after another, an individual can't help but get more invested and feel like you are component of their clan.

Within this instalment, Kevin lastly gets his turn at meeting his soul mate. JL is certainly worthy of the particular strong women who precede her. The story develops at a steady pace and moves you alongside so you are in no way tired of either the plot or maybe the characters. You aren't wait to find out what takes place next. I definitely aren't wait for the following instalment in the collection and see in the end the particular meaning behind the are often.

And on a closing note, I do wish we have to meet Kit once again eventually alongside the way!, When NYPD Detective JL O'Grady is usually invited to a gala at the Montgomery Winery as her brother's visitor, she's ready for several downtime and a bit of vacation fun. What the girl finds instead is that will she's been thrust in to a murder scenario that will may have ties to be able to an organized crime situation that she worked upon a couple of years earlier. She's furthermore unprepared to meet the particular sexiest man she's actually met but decides to be able to have a 'vacation fling' with him not knowing he will save her life and that they will turn out to be soul mates - just about all thanks to a damaged brooch given to her by her mother. Any time the missing piece of that will brooch is put in its place the magic, since only Katherine Lowry Logan can write it, commences.

From the first webpage from the first brooch publication, I used to be hooked on this specific series. The Broken Pin is a bit shorter as compared to the others and simply no time travel takes place in this one. Yet that doesn't detract through a killer story (pun intended). The character development right here is awesome and with each and every turn of the webpage something new is exposed; whether it's about a character or their family, or perhaps clues about the murder exploration there is something fresh so don't skim the particular pages on this one. As an author myself, I actually like to read at least a couple of hours a day. Using The Broken Brooch I actually spent almost a complete day with the publication just to observe how that ended. I was not necessarily disappointed.

The story furthermore provides a great set upward for the next publication in the series, Typically the Diamond Brooch. And along with the next generation of MacKlennas, Montgomerys, McCabes, McBains, and Frasers coming in to their own, it promises to be able to be another spell-binding tale. NOTE: You require not have got read any of the particular previous novels as this specific story is above all others but possessing a 'wee bit' of knowledge of the gamers will add to your reading enjoyment., OK but not as good since the last few publications in the series. By simply the end I realized the author was setting us up for the particular next book. Still, presently there was no time journey in this one plus I could do without the long, detailed sex scenes - they are just filler and add not the plot. I feel hoping book six may be better., Knowing in advance of time that #5 wasn't a time journey book doesn't deter me personally. Neither was your second one but it couldn't have got come to pass without it. A lot of secrets in this publication and some really harmful problems too. I got a pretty good option that will a couple of the particular outside players were included but didn't anticipate the particular connection. My only quibble, and it's a little one, is the quick fire hook up with15310 HEA of JL and Kevin. Even on vacation keep in mind that shift QUITE that fast particularly when there's some baggage. It works though and the particular book is a great addition to the collection., This series is getting more about sex as compared to substance with each subsequent book. Ugh., I really avoid remember how I obtained hand of these publications but I can state that they are on my top list of books a very enjoy reading and appear toward read!!
Each new release is usually better than the final!
Loved Kevin and JL stories plus how the kids are beginning to take more action and participate more through the entire series!
Some once I started I actually couldn't put it lower!
Can't wait around for jack's story!

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