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I possess lived in Saudi Persia for over 20 years. One frequent activity that I undertake is giving new employees, expatriates in particular, an introduction to the Saudi culture. This book definitely makes life easier in that sense. It also enlightened me on some additional facts (and myths hat existed and I wasn't aware of! ). I like the 'Interval' sections which shows the view outside the window of locals on foreign cultures as well, providing you with further insight to their way of thinking.

Thank you for this helpful resource., Mentor Al Lily's detailed explanation of so many aspects of Saudi culture is great to read. The blend of seriousness, respect, humor, irony and love exhibited all through the book makes every page a treasure. Getting lived in Saudi Persia for per year there were many mysteries about the culture that puzzled me as I engaged in work activities with several Saudi colleagues and clients. The Bro Code of Saudi Culture clarified much of the mystery which was a good thing, but, it also directed out that I probably violated a few hundred rules in my brief stay in KSA. Now i'm just not quite positive if I wish that I had read the " Bro Code" before surviving in Saudi Arabia or am glad that I actually have read it after that to better appreciate the subtleties and complexities that Ing Lily describes. Either way the book is a fun and fascinating glimpse into the culture of an important part of humanity., I actually am a Saudi lady and an academic. Exactly what I like the most about this book that it reveals sensitive matters that are not presented in usual narratives, and at the same time are based on real data from Saudis not based on assumptions. I actually like that the writer is definitely an insider Who can present to both insiders and outsiders audience., Interesting read. You can read a few pages at a time. Listing of DO's & DON't's is more than my western mind can handle., I am a Saudi studying in America, and eventually I have found a good book that I can give as a present to my non-Saudi friends and supervisor... Surely informative and engaging..., It's a very well written piece... I wish I actually could've read this type of thing when I went to live and work there... It would've made acclimating to the culture easier for the first year of the five years that I spent there..
So, I give it a five.
Thanks, An excellent 'under the hood' look at the social nuances of Saudi culture. As a scholar who deals with the politics of the Kingdom I found this a very illuminating evaluation of a lot of the peculiar methods I've encountered during fieldwork in the country.

Lily's work is rigorous in detailing the various common social, religious and social attitudes and practices amongst Saudi society today. Despite the fact that the work itself is somewhat decoupage in characteristics, this reflects its cutting-edge nature and the sheer degree of uncharted social complexity it must deal with. Highly recommended for sociologists, political scientists and area specialists wishing to unpack some of the Saudi puzzle, or simply anyone who wishes to understand a society that appears extremely alien and confusing from the exterior.

For those desperate to get the most out of this read, I suggest reading it in tandem with a solid history of the country, such as those by Vassiliev of al-Rasheed., This book is definitely an entertaining and informational consider Saudi culture. I especially enjoyed the style of writing, which is very straight forward, including times, surprisingly quite funny. Its very useful for anyone planning to live and/or work in Saudi, or for someone who would like to perhaps write about Saudi in a fictional, but accurate way. You will find useful tidbits to know if you are in some unanticipated or baffling situations in Saudi. Like a foreigner surviving in a kind of medical city in Saudi, I had not expected how friendly the atmosphere would be, especially in the hospitals, as opposed to Saudi at large. It seems sensible though, as there are no faith based police roaming the hallways of hospitals, thus enabling quite somewhat of flirtation. I didn't notice it at first, but after a couple of weeks, it became apparent that not everyone is discussing work related issues in the corridors. Folks greet and speak to the other much more freely than some other place We have been to beyond diplomatic quarters and compounds. Typically the book reaffirmed my thoughts about this aspect of Saudi culture. There are numerous insights to gain from picking up this highly detailed and accurate book.

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