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Following reading Budget: $mall Changes Big Reward$ by Heidi Farrelly I now realise after 30 years of managing my own money that I've been using the wrong budget! I love the way the author explains and discusses the several types of budgets in an easy to read, and frequently amusing way - she makes reading about finances interesting and fun. Using the right budget will save thousands of dollars for the person ready to try their hand at the the one which works the best for them.

Since the author claims 'I always wrote the budget that I wanted, somewhat than the one then worked'. Is this you? It was me. This book is for those who want to budget but don't know where to start, who suck at budgets but maybe just need to find the right one for them - this is a must read for those wanting to succeed, split their bad spending practices, and to actually work out where all their money goes. Also great for young older people and school students wanting to get started on their financial life ahead of the game. After reading it prompted many discussions with my older teenage children about budgeting - never too late to get started on thinking of your finances and start having additional money for the things you wish to do!, I'll confess right now…I've never been one for budgeting. Rather my life has been a frivolous shopping spree with little restraint when it came to money planning or spending within my limit. I truly gained a lot of respect for budgets after reading this guide, and actually have much better confidence in my money handling capabilities now that I've found a guide that makes a budget both realistic and fun to do. The creator has obviously done a lot of deep research into the topic and is a great instructor for the topic. Typically the chapters are extremely well organized and especially part ten, has lots of useful diagrams and worksheets that are also downloadable to help with getting the budgeting under control. I love how this book is not only a " good read" but actually gets you working on the project as you work through it.

The other critical subjects Heidi covers are:
+ The Way of thinking of the budgeter and why we don't budget: understanding your own way of thinking towards this is the key to letting yourself commence to budget so you can have additional money.
& Creating Budgeting Goals: the budgets that work are the ones with goals attached.
& Non Traditional Budgets:
+ The budgets that suit you best
+ Spending budget apps: This is a great addition to the guide because you can monitor your expenses and budgeting goals while on the move!

Overall this guide is a definite gem if you want to save money, pay off your mortgage or save enough to take that trip around the world you have been after for years but never had the cash for. I am looking forward to working on this everyday diligently one step at a time. Really happy to have found such a great guide to help out with something that I've always struggled with., Here's the problem with most budgeting books and books on finance.

They tell you why it matters.

I don't care about that. I already know why I care, and why I'm stressed out and stressed about my money.

Just what I need to know is JUST HOW to fix my problems and make sure they don't occur int he future.

So for that alone, thanks Heidi! You sure drop some knowledge and tell readers exactly how to do their budgeting, and even with non-traditional and creative and impressive ways. After all, that's all we are looking for with this book, isn't it? And it delivers, big time., I see the author's first guide 'Mortgage Free' and absolutely loved it because of the many different methods she outlines for saving and making money. I was keen to get my hands on 'BUDGET' for that reason and Heidi sure do not disappoint. I enjoy how her mind works. The lady does thorough research and then manages to put this research into a pleasurable and easy to read format. I really like her writing style which is laid back yet informative. The ideas in the book are solid and sound and present many different version of budgeting or not budgeting at all but still saving money.

This guide is a fantastic read for those who have never budgeted before as well as experienced budgeters. I will be a reasonably ok budgeter and picked up quite a few good as well as hints that I didn't find out about. Highly recommend., Having read Mortgage Free I was keen and learn more from this author. Brilliant Budgets does not disappoint. I love the fact that author breaks down the problems of budgeting into 3 points - Period, Knowledge and Emotion. I certainly resonate with a lot of stuff here. Until you analyse your budgeting like this, you don't realise how your feelings are affecting your finances and how we all have different perceptions of money and budgeting from our own personal experience and beliefs. It's good how the author makes reference to her own life - showing her knowledge is from experience and not unfounded. Love her sense of humour too! This book is as well written as her first book and it also made me personally smile as I usually thought she was talking directly to me - her perceptions of many of my thought procedures about money were place on. Some great functional advice here. (Tips and Tricks! ) Highly advised., A gentle and helpful strategy to a topic that usually sends me running for retail therapy. Just pondering about budgeting usually sparks all types of emotional triggers, however, not this time. The creator starts with her very own early on experience with financial planning - and they appeared a lot like mine. This put me at ease, so I was able to get into the guide and was even more relieved to find common sense and practical steps I could decide to use get me out of trouble. No guilt, no talking and no million-dollar guarantees. I learned about the common mistakes people make with their money and I really liked the ready-to-use spreadsheets. I've already started saving..

I'd recommend this book to anyone looking for a way to examine their spending and preserving habits in a way that offers realistic strategies for enhancing their finances. This budget philosophy's inclusion of feelings and feelings - not just income and expenses, is money in the bank for me.

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