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I enjoy reading, even sub-par titles. But I have such high standards for excellence that it is rare these days i find a new guide i can't help but to gush about to my friends and family.

The Brilliance Trilogy any of those rare gemstones.

There are only so many stories one can write, and while I won't say that the premise of Brilliance is anything so ground-breaking as to be revolutionary, it requires the standard " superhuman" trope and integrates it seamlessly with our own real world, introducing the " Brilliants" (the 1% of humankind born with high-savant-level abilities in a given realm, without autism or other related disorders) into individual history beginning in 80 and drastically altering the course of human history since. The choice of this time frame is of particular importance because it is not so far away from memory of most viewers, yet far enough again to show us how very much could be modified if only a few key events had eliminated differently. The result is a society that confronts many of the same issues of ostracization that plagues real-life populations, only dedicated to the Brilliants as opposed to Muslims/other races/transgendered individuals/etc.

We are brought to an America where 00% of the population is normal and terrified of losing their relevance against the minority of Brilliants who are accountable for light years of advancement in medicine, technology, mathematics, science, arts, and even weaponry. Because of this, they are excitable vigilant towards the very small percentage of Brilliants - as they are more commonly called, abnorms or, more crudely, " twists" - who realise their own superiority as well as the normals' oppression of their kind and respond with acts of extremely well-planned terrorism. Approximately the extremes is Chip Cooper. An agent of the Department Of Evaluation & Response (or DAR), Nick is among the most powerful abnorms as Tier 1 intuit with the ability to translate even the most microscopic within body vocabulary into patterns that help him predict precisely how someone will move or behave, and even how they feel. However Cooper is not working for the pervers terrorists; in fact, as an ex military man, this individual has spent all his life fighting those who would do his country harm. Cooper uses his talents to hunt down these terrorists using his official license to kill.

But Cooper isn't a bad guy. He devotes himself to tracking down John Smith - the country's most elusive and most dangerous abnorm, who once used his incredible planning skills to defeat four chess grand masters at once - and as you go along locates himself in the road of bombings, assassins, and even corruption at the greatest levels. The novel follows his pursuit of John Smith and his journey of discovery along the way. As for the rest of the plot... well I'll save that that you can read!

I gobbled down all three novels as quickly as I possibly could. It's definitely a stay-up-late-with-a-flashlight tale. Marcus Sakey draws enough comparisons between real world issues and events to make his work definitely relatable to the typical viewer, yet creates a fantastic enough world to create a vividly different galaxy. I absolutely loved the premise. The concept of Brilliance is unquestionably in the realm of science hype, but as you find out more on its causes and manifestations through the course of the trilogy, it begins to feel almost plausible. The human brain is an amazing computer; Marcus Sakey merely unlocks its prospective for the imaginative viewer.

The writing is action-packed for sure but maintains a high level of character development throughout. You are permitted within the head of the main character - and, through his abnormal skills, into the minds of those around him - enough to see that great power comes with both great responsibility and great pain. Brilliance isn't just a gift, like Superman's flying abilities. The truth that a powerful Readers (as they call those Brilliants who are able to sense one's greatest, darkest secrets simply based on a person's words and actions) always knows if you're lying comes at the price that they know when someone doesn't really mean " I love you. " It's a interesting dichotomy. This allows for extraordinary depth to the assortment of personas that elegance these pages, from the crass but loyal Bobby Quinn (Cooper's partner and sidekick) to the femme-fatale Shannon, an abnorm under the employee of John Smith convinced of the righteousness of her activities.

As tensions mount between the normals, who concern being out-evolved and disappearing the way of the Neanderthal, and the abnorms, who fear being curved up as criminals simply for their amazing skills, Sakey's main characters play out a story of subterfuge and conspiracy that sets everything in question, from allegiance to human rights. Once you have read all three novels, you will see that this author was really in it for the long-haul from the beginning: his ability to interweave plot elements is reminiscent of J. K. Rowling, with elements of the far-thinking John Smith's master plan retrospectively visible even in this first tale.

Overall, I would recommend this guide to lovers of science fiction, fantasy, superhero tales, action stories, and even detective work. There are plot twists that will throw your most dogged reader for a loop. It is absolutely excellently written. I haven't raved about a book this much in ages! I will still be reading more from this author later on., Chip Cooper is an agent for a group called Equitable Services, and they are tasked with getting rid of terrorists. It’s a clandestine group, but other than that, sounds pretty uncomplicated, right? Not so much. In truth, the terrorists that Chip and his group tracks are extremely special. They’re called abnorms, or “brilliants”, plus they make up a very small section of the population, however they can wield amazing strength. It’s only been about 30 years since the discovery of the first abnorms; people with very special abilities. These abilities aren’t supernatural, however they can be amazing and they’re assessed in tiers. Tier one abnorms are the sharpest of the sharp, and so on…you obtain the idea. Nick Cooper occurs actually one, and his capacity includes being able to read what people will do next, in the tiniest twitch of a muscle or most subtle of looks. Even though he tracks others like him, this individual truly believes that he is only hunting the most dangerous of abnorms, those that aren’t above eradicating innocent people, and he is dedicated to this job. His ultimate quarry, however, is surely an activist that calls himself John Smith. He or she was a respected tone among the abnorms until he massacred over 75 innocents in a restaurant, and now he’s the “gas men’s” ultimate targeted. After Cooper is incapable to stop a bombing of the new Share Exchange, one that kills over 1, 000 people, this individual seems it as a distinctive possibility to go after John Smith, but this quest will test Cooper like he’s never been analyzed before, and alter everything he’s ever believed in.

Brilliance occurs in present day, but it’s an alternate version of The united states, one in which 9/11 never happened, we never attended war with the Middle East, and one in which our room program is still proceeding strong. These aren’t the only differences, but that gives you a wise decision of the environment, all ostensibly as a result of brilliants and what they’ve given to us in the way of technological advances. The particular 2013 with this book is a great deal more complex than our 2013 was, to say the minimum. However, there’s tension growing between abnorms and regular people. Some normal people are afraid that if abnorms are allowed free reign, that they may soon greatly surpass these to the point that normals will end up slaves. That’s the extreme. There are those that are skeptical of abnorms, but not to that extent. Then there are, of course, the abnorms, who want just to be dealt with equally, and there are those who won’t hesitate to use their heightened abilities for evil. You know, pretty much the normal human gamut, it’s just that some people have a much more distinct benefit over others. Domestic terrorism has become a common occurance, and the country is on edge. This specific is the environment in which Cooper and the Equitable Services must work. However, when he goes on the hunt for John Smith, he starts to realize that things may not be quite what he thought, so when his family is threatened, including his very special young daughter, this individual must decide what side he’s on, and this decision is hard then you might think.

Brilliance is a very brainy thriller, and it moves at breakneck speed. If you enjoy books about shadowy government organizations, filled with spycraft, chases, and the like, then you’ll love it. But it’s more than that. It’s a guide of ideas, and the struggle between the rules and abnorms will speak out loud, and parallels the battle against racism and extremism (of any sort) in this country. So , it’s also very timely. Within Brilliance, the government has decided that microchipping the brilliants is actually a good way to go, to keep track of them. Yep, tossing a microchip in next to their carotid so they can’t easily remove it. In fact, the author likens this to Jews in Nazi Australia having to wear the Star of David. Pretty scary, huh?

Brilliance has been nominated for a ton of awards, including the Edgar, and that’s for good reason. It’s a breaking good read, and Cooper is a hero to root for. His trip is more emotional and harrowing then you might think, considering the lightning-fast pace, and against the background of brewing revolution, it makes for a captivating read. This one is unputdownable, and never to be missed., Captivating. I am on the second guide in the trilogy and am look forward to picking the book up again each time I arranged it down. The author does an excellent job of personality building and presents some scenarios that have multiple meanings that parallel issues in the real world.

This specific saga examines how racism and bigotry don't really demand a difference in epidermis color, religion, or nationality - all that's required is ignorance and concern., Could something like this be a reality? Could this be in our future? I thought this book was amazing! Characters, conversations, scene depictions - I could see it all as I was reading as quick as I could!! Am now going to continue forwards with Book 2. I will still be reading more by this amazing author!!, An interesting story. Highly recommended. Fast paced, character development fleshed out and tale excellent. I was intrigued as a result of concept, interested how the author would develop it. As I said it was done excellently. Searching forward to reading the other two books in the series., Very first time looking over this author's books. Brilliance was highly enjoyable, easy to follow the storyplot and the story itself was well written. I liked this book so much that immediately I obtained the 2nd and 3rd one out of this series. Love the characters, well toned., The plot was well written and the characters are believable and flawed as all character types should be. The author wove the plot around a pretzel. You never know who the bad guys are (or are they the good guys? ). I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

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