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In the event you or your team are involved in building software then this book is highly recommended. Be prepared to approach the book without holding on to your existing notion of how application is built because this thinking will make you change the way you approach and execute software development.

Who are the intended visitors?
1. Supervisors who are accountable for delivering software. If you oversee delivery of software from conceptualization all the way to deployment to creation, then this book is something worth minutely of reading time. In fact , the recommended practices here do benefit long-term total cost of ownership of the program which your clients (internal or external) can advantage from (perhaps your profession too).
2. Business Analysts, Testers and Programmers are also focused readers because these are the main element roles that contribute to the success of the software delivery team.

This is not merely another book evangelizing a thesis, but the later chapters give you key takeaways on what the exact tools are recommended to implement it. Although you should not treat that list of tools because the final listing because this book is already 'old' as significantly as that list is concerned today, instead go to Adzic's website to see a more up to date list of tools recommended. Even without the various tools, the lessons advocated in this guide are classic teachings on software quality -- that we should start dealing with good quality software before we even start writing the first type of program code.

Agile software development is a game changer some years back but it remains to be an approach that folks are uncomfortable with in traditional organizations with established " tried and tested" strategies. This guide will add further justification on why you should go agile. If you are doing souple now, then this guide will improve on that practice further to help you convince your stakeholders to side with you on the agile movement.

It is a review from somebody who actually wrote code for a living and maintained software delivery for years., "Bridging the communication gap" by Gojko Adzic is a much needed guide on a very important topic that finally is deserving the attention it needs: Agile acceptance screening. This practice is also known as "automated popularity testing" or as "acceptance-test-driven development. " It has evolved over the last decade, but was known and used in a relative small group. Annually there would be a couple papers on the topic, Lasse Koskela covered it somewhat in his "Test-Driven" but now finally Gojko requires the subject further and devotes a whole guide on it.

What exactly is it? Souple Acceptance Testing is a technique for closing the communication gap between business, developers and testers. A way to write specifications as good examples which become executable. The particular specification are created with each other in a workshop and not paid like traditional requirements.

The book is written in four parts. The first part is an introduction to the topic, describes an summary of the technique. An important part of this part (and the complete book) is the give attention to communication instead of test. This is reflected in the wonderful discussion about naming. Souple Acceptance Testing is perhaps one of the most poorly named practices, but... still... thats title it became popular with (or with A-TDD). The second part is the most important parts of the book, which describes how to create specifications, why to work with examples, how to run specification workshops and what to do after these workshops. The part finishes with a discussion about change in projects and how the automated acceptance test help with that.

The particular 3 rd part discusses implementation. It starts with how to fit this method in an iteration and how to adopt the practice. Next is a chapter on user tales as well as relationship with popularity tests. Then the part dives in the tools by first covering the current tools and then discussing the requirements for the future tools. The very last part of the guide describes the effect of souple acceptance testing on the different functions: business analyst resume, developer and tester.

Bridging the Conversation Gap is a little guide (300 pages) and is simple to read. It could have been smaller, the writing is sometimes a little too wordy. It won't contain too much pictures, which is too bad when a book speaks so much about workshops. However, despite these drawbacks, We think this is a great book and a much needed contribution to the modern software development/agile development literature. It was one of the few procedures that did not have its own book yet and Gojko provided that.

We was doubting between 4 and 5 stars for this review. 4 because book is certainly not perfect. 5 stars because it is good still. Because this is a first in a new area and because I consider this an important area, We decided to go for 5 stars. This will certainly be a book that We will be recommending to other people (and in fact, I already have). Great work Gojko!, The particular concept of using real world examples that explicitly validate expected business outcomes of a product feature is both practical and very powerful. Crystalizing out there the process details to do this in an Agile development cycle is what this book will, and it does it well.

Personally I find the style of writing rather dry so pushing ahead through the material takes some commitment, but it is worth it. The lessons, techniques and value of the results provide a great payoff., This method of agile popularity testing for specifying requirements is specific and so thoroughly helps to connect what is being discussed about and agree on it - it really is useful to all parts of the project and implementation. Gojko gives good good examples and summaries of techniques and makes the procedure clear., I think this is a must read for anyone involved in a software development project. We love how it shows you specification by example as a concept and philosophy to be figured out by all parties engaged before thinking of using any type of software tool to automate it., Clear, succinct. I wish i read it years back. Timeless pieces of information that may help you and your teams in understanding good communications and collaboration., One of the first lessons of the guide is that we in IT should pay more attention to the marketing of our methods.
Thet second big lesson that the guide describes is how specifications can me made more clear by working with each other as a team and saving lots of time whenever we store the specifications in testing tools in a format that customers can read and understand.

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