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this is turning out to be a very pleasant series. the one caveat is that the coincidence and inter related connections with one or the other of the leading characters still permeates the series... and it also really isn't a necessary element. The characters are interesting enough without this additional element and sometimes it seems to just be a device to bring ankle rehab ebook strongly into the puzzle at hand. It is just not necessary to tie the primary characters into every puzzle similar to this. they are detectives... not partners in the same force, but related forces... one state authorities and one FBI... and could be drawn to the story line in other ways... but no... it should be since it happens to them or to someone related to them... and this is a crutch that you observe often in comic book relationships... such as the leader of just one super group turns out to be the long lost father of a character in the primary superdoop group... it's just not necessary for the story range or the interaction between the different elements of the story.
This specific is my main problem with what would otherwise be a very enjoyable series. I will be reading the 3 rd book in the series now and, once again, this connection thing pops upward... so it would appear to be a plot device the author simply cannot do without. I hope sh grows out of it., Kendra is a great writer. She has a way of engaging the viewer quickly without being expected. Personally, I greatly enjoy serial character books which may have a fairly easy flow from one book to the other without having to be too redundant in rehashing what happened in prior books. In the rare occasion I miss a book, Ms. Scott also doesn't write termes conseill├ęs that take the fun out of reading the skipped book. (Although I encourage you to read them to be able! ) The girl develops plots that are interesting and complex enough to keep me fascinated. The chemistry between McLane and Callahan is interesting without being sappy or explicit. And the dynamic between the McLane twins offers a good experience of unpredictable psychological drama. Plus I look forward to more development of the sidekick partners of Ray and Lander. Great Writer, great read, great series!, This is a great plot peopled by interesting characters in believable situations that demand the reader's full attention. Believe me, reading does not get greater than that! This plot could easily come from a current tv set program or perhaps the daily newspaper. The beginning of the work sells the offer! Elliot catches the reader with the presentation of the incredible situation in a most intimate manner. Honestly, I felt myself truly listening to the character's labored breathing. As the subsequent copycat crimes unfolded the intimacy was always there. The particular two detectives and their intimate relationship added an element of warmth and believability to the complete plot. When introduced to the perpetrator, I felt the squeamish touch, labored breathing, and even his soul's pain. The interwoven facts of the case with the way it is unfolded held me reading long into the night. If you value a good mystery, this is it. I highly recommend., Few books make me personally angry; however , I found myself getting more furious by the minute while reading this article book. I put it down three or four times while reading it - but managed to complete it after a very long and painful process. How does an e book so become painful to see? The particular plot was good and I liked a few of the twists and turns I read. Nonetheless, this book lacked detail, the characters were annoying, and the author required MUCH TOO LONG to complete it. Page after web page of unnecessary explanations and descriptions bored me so much I actually fell asleep several times trying to finish it. I have NEVER given such a frustrating review in my life! What was even MORE frustrating was that I couldn't even speed read my way through the second fifty percent of the book to finish it... it was too tedious! And the first half of the book I kept me personally waiting for the "WOW" moment - that never materialized. I felt caught and cheated! Obviously the author is talented and capable of much better work - otherwise she wouldn't have received so many great reviews and awards. Anyway, you've been warned!, Inside this second book in a series, FBI Agent Ava McLane and Oregon State Police detective Mason Callahan are living collectively, approximately. Ava hasn't sold her home but she is leaning that way. The two of them fit collectively like they were made for every other. Mason is a little concerned about how old they are difference and Ava continues to be plagued by the girl irresponsible drug addict of a sister. But both are happier than they can ever remember being.

This time they both get called in on the death of a congressman. Having been found suspending from a bridge. Ava and Mason are hectic investigating when two more men are found suspending from bridges. With feelings of a serial monster, the press is clamoring for details. Ava, Mason and the Task Pressure are trying to find something that connects these seemingly very different men. And, somehow, Ava's cousin Jayne is caught upward in the case since her current, shady partner is apparently on the killer's radar.

The story is very suspenseful. I also liked the connection that Ava and Mason are building. Sections from the killer's point of view add an extra creepiness to the story too. Fans of romantic suspense will enjoy this story., I loved it. Not as much as the first one, but I loved it. I love Mason and Ava. I never seemed I need to skip anything because I was bored. I have to admit I kind of hoped the double, Jayne's character would pass away in the house fireplace scene. I'm tired of reading about her. I hope in the next book that Ava doesn't do anything to do with the girl that could cause trouble with Mason.
Anyway the other plot in the story was very interesting. I love that kind of plot. It was perfectly done. I found myself feeling horrible for the original victim & wanting justice.

Love this author!!! I always preorder. Can wait for new books.

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