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Bridge to Terabithia is a poignant novel about a newly discovered friendship between two outcast children, Jess and Leslie, who are experiencing the struggles with years as a child and their enchanted location of Terabithia. Even though these two children come from different areas, they are able to find unity and happiness through their friendship and magical world.

The struggles of years as a child are a frequent struggle for each and every child in the current society, in particular when making new friends as an incomer. “Leslie was more than his friend. She was his other, more fascinating self - his way to Terabithia and all the worlds beyond (69). ” Jess and Leslie’s bond continues to grow through the story, especially as Leslie discovers that Jess is his “other, more exciting self”. Paterson uses this phrase to help set up a theme of the two children’s a friendly relationship and bond that has created a magical world of Terabithia. Their friendship exuberates how a two children flourish off each other’s differences and creativity, which helps the interpretation of the book’s concept of the friendship.

Even though Bridge to Terabithia sees the friendship of Jess and Leslie, the guide also poses the problem of gender roles. Each characters have qualities that are unique and some may consider inappropriate. Furthermore, some may view friendships between a girl and boy not suitable to teach children; yet , friendships come in many forms that in the ending shine through in Bridge to Terabithia.

Paterson, Katherine, and Donna Diamond. Bridge to Terabithia. Nyc: Harper Trophy, 2003. Print., The Bridge to Terabithia is a children’s book about two imaginative, lonesome children, Jess and Leslie, who create a fictitious wonderful kingdom in order to escape their troubles.

As a Newberry award winner, this heart wrenching story explicitly confirms the requirement of possessing an interpretable theme. Many notably, readers mention the book’s themes of a friendly relationship, loss, and childhood; yet , other significant themes, including individuality, can be found within the beautifully made up piece of literature. Jess feels pressure from his father and his colleagues to behave in a masculine manner, and do ‘normal’ boy activities such as watch the Redskins on television; however, Jess would rather draw or run freely. Because the text identifies, “…he had enough brains to know that if he said drawing, everyone would laugh at him” (Paterson 33). In a world filled with conformists, free spirits such as Leslie and Miss Edmunds motivate Jess to look past normalcy is to do whatever makes him happy. Because this book includes the free-spirited, hippie mindset, it became recognized as controversial. Similarly to the book, society does not adhere well to outsiders and free thinkers., Bridge to Terabithia, is an amazing heart having, every second holding you on the edge of your seat. It's unfortunate happy making you want to laugh, cry, and repeat every second. This particular book is all about a friendless boy in a plantation continuity. He meets a girl, this girl is unique from the rest. The woman imagination fly over the old community, bringing something new to the old community. If someone asked me "hey do you now a good book" ( it has happened before) I say three words: BRIDGE TO TERABITHIA! read it you will not regret it., This is a excellent book for children.

Some of the themes that it bargains with are:

1. Rejection/ Outcast status at school;
2. Death;
3. Intimidation;
4. Rural/ Countryside life.

The entire thing only took me a couple of hours to read from learn to finish, and I found no single offensive thing that would make it such that We would not allow my child to read this guide; Indeed, I will encourage your pet to read this guide when he is old enough to read.

This author has also written the book  Jacob Have I Loved , which was also a Newberry prize winner.

Verdict: Highly advised., I obtained this book because it won a Newberry Award. I am sixty six and retired and do volunteer tutored reading at our local elementary school so prefer to keep upwards with relevant books for children. The story was an enjoyable read and got so many good styles to explore: like how the main character felt he was treated unfairly when it came to chores because he was the only boy among 5 children in the family; about bullying in school and how children perceive it and also observe the bullies get away with it; how important you should become a friend to a brand new person in your school, in particular when that person has no other friends; how to evaluate levels of physical danger and enjoying the courage to speak out to a pal who is requiring on taking a too-big danger that has evolved. I was troubled by the truth that there was unaddressed bullying at the school and I was even more stressed by the author's providing an 'excuse' for the bully's behavior. I wish my 10-yr old great nephew wants to read this book so that we can discuss many of those things., I avoid know why, but I read this book every decade or so. Plus each time I ending up sobbing. I avoid want to give anything away, so I'll just say that it's an amazing look inside one boy's life in times of great joy and sadness., I'm 23, and it is the first time Now i'm reading this amazing story. Filled with joy, compassion, and loss, it is actually one of the most beautiful books I have read. Like with Anne of Green Gables when I read it ten years ago, I was in tears, considering a gold room and another kingdom in in a bad neighborhood., If you like adventure and illusion books, this is for you. After i read this book there were plenty of imagination and magical creatures. This book got lots of good details and lots of pictures from the book. WARNING: if you have a rule that says, "Don't read books with vocabulary and a couple talks of alcohol and drugs this guide has that but this merely a reminder to parents who don't like there kids reading books with words like, he'll or Damn this book has it. I recommend this guide for ages 12 or more.

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