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Ally Parker is grieving the loss of her husband in an automobile accident in Switzerland four months previously. She is contacted by way of a Portland, Oregon police detective who shows her that the woman that died with him had been 34 year old Donata Dalam Montefalco, the wife regarding Duc Di Montefalco, the very wealthy prominent aristocrat. She learned that Donata's family had been faithfully searching for her and the girl had finally been determined through dental records plus DNA matches. So begins this touching story regarding romance, betrayal, mystery, plus heart wrenching emotional theatre.

Rebecca Winters does an outstanding job of having into Ally's heart and heart and soul as she journeys to Switzerland to see typically the site where the incident happened, then on to Italy where she tries to speak to the Duc Di Montefalco. Recognizing typically the pain of betrayal the girl feels, Ally knows of which the Duc Di Montefalco was experiencing the same kind of hell. She is confident she can play a unique roll inside helping him overcome his grief. What she does not know is of which the Duc is typically the victim of early onset Altzheimer's Disease and is totally oblivious. She also does not know of which you will find a marvelous eleven 12 months old daughter involved that has just found that the woman mother will never come back home again.

Gino, the younger brother of the Duc of Montefalco, is, with out a doubt, among the best main character characters I have experienced the pleasure of getting to know. He is masterfully carrying burdens that could impact lesser men. He carries the burden of managing all the affairs regarding the Duc, he loves his niece and grieves for her loss of the father to disease plus her mother to loss of life, and he must battle the paparazzi continually since they try to create scandal to increase circulation.

Ally consistently attempts to make contact along with the Duc Di Montefalco, without success. Her persistence brings Gino' full protecting wrath to bear towards her because he is convinced the girl with simply the member of the paparazzi looking for an within story. With all the skill regarding a veteran romance novelist, Rebecca Winters leads typically the reader through the advancement of events as Ally and Gino come to respect, trust and after that fall in love along with each other. The path the girl takes is like the journey through a love reader's paradise. If an individual are buying five star tale by a five star author, look no further, this is it!, I really enjoyed this book, therefore special to me. We love Rebecca Winters textbooks I just love typically the way she writes the book. Everyone in typically the world should read the woman books, and you'll become hooked too!!!, Allie is a young woman that finds out hard method her husband of many years is having an affair... After his loss of life she she decides to travel to Italy to commiserate with the Fight it out of the prospective loved kinds. However, when she occurs, the duke confiscates the woman husband's computer notebook computer which usually has incriminating pictures upon it- and he feels her to be the paparazzi. After that misunderstanding is cleared up, she locates herself staying at typically the nobleman's home and seeking after his little niece.

I felt the tale was a lttle bit bland. Allie was a touch trusting for my tastes. The girl comes off too much because a victim, first inside her husbands' affair, sometime later it was in the impending scandal involving her husband's homicide. Her reasons for traveling to Italy were actually strong, and the love felt rather tepid to me. While there was nothing wrong with the main character, neither was he especially intriguing. He was dutiful, enjoyed Allie and cared regarding his niece but this individual wasn't very romantic. Overall, I was sort regarding meh about this amusing.

The artwork was average in this one. The particular heroine Allie was drawn so petite that the girl seemed a child when compared to much larger hero. Her facial features were quite exaggerated and seemed even more in your own home in a infant's manga series where large eyes and teen-girl seems are more favored

Overall, while there was nothing bad about this manga, neither did it attention me. I came across myself hastening to finish to move upon to something better., Amazing book!!!!!!, A little unlikely but a delightful, pleasant and charming story. We like to read regarding pleasure so it suited my purposes perfectly., Happy with my purchase! Give thanks to you!, Do you know what I love about this author? She brings inside so much emotion coming from every angle and voice, the romance becomes the living, breathing story an individual can't put down. It grabs you where you hurt plus love. This brought tears to my eyes fifty percent a dozen times plus that's no lie. Literally gut wrenching in locations. Wow, wow, wow.

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