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3. 5-4 stars

Both Seeker and Emmeline have been jilted by their particular fiancees. He proposes a marriage of convenience after he sees her elegance at a party where she is dumped in support of a former best friend. This particular is a well written stable flowing book that stays fairly true to the period. As they become friends and then more there is some drama from his ex and a few other twists and turns to keep the reader interested. I would have liked to see more proof of their growing love with times sensed their conversations and actions were a lttle bit stiff. General a good read We can recommend.

I received a complimentary copy of the book for voluntary review consideration., This book was a breath of fresh air after the previous book I read (by another author) that was so incredibly bad We wanted to scream. Despite the fact that the language seems a little stilted and sometimes the action drags (a lot of inane discussing that doesn't move the story forward -- thus four stars instead of five), the writing is without any punctuation and spelling errors and the author has done her research about the Regency era. The speech, dress, behavior and relationships seem to be appropriate for the time period. And the characters have a fun, enjoyable relationship with one another and their family and friends. General, a nice read., Right after reading the first two chapters, I wanted to return this book but I was past the timeframe for returning. The pacing is slow and the language is plodding. I have difficulty imagining real people in any era ever speaking that stiltedly. I did so manage to read the entire book. Right now there were few grammatical or spelling errors. That's why it gets two celebrities instead of one. It is a very clean romance. I don't even recollect kissing being mentioned., This was long than necessary, and very sweet. Nevertheless didn't have enough proceeding on.
We like a large more meat to a story than angst and inner turmoil.
They obtained their happily ever after, but the villains didn't truly pay a price.
Moving forward to a different author., Well worth the read. Good figures. Appreciated the intellect of the characters, especially the females. Can't quite put my finger into it but something was missing. May possibly just be that THE SENSE of justice was not achieved. Also expected a more physical but clean relationship between main characters. The sister, Rose, needs her own story. Also Hunter's cousin is definitely of interest and warrants... I'm searching her game titles to verify that their stories have already been told! ☺, Who would have thought that all a simple plan would consider a love that would fulfill the heart s of two people. I truly enjoyed reading the storyplot and seeing the conclusion of a great beginning!!, I had been asked to read this book. Generally speaking it was a good story. The hero is very relatable and likable. The start of the book drew me in. I found the center slow. The heroine was not very relatable. We think there was too much dialogue without environment description., If you like twists and turns, then you will love this story. A very clean Historical romance than results in you with a glad heart. Thank you, Danny and Debbie Scott.

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