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First, Jamil Zainasheff shared his award winning recipes. His recipes fits the style of the beer. Not necessarily really what he imagines the beer should flavor like, but what the guidelines state what the beer style should flavor like.

Second, you should know the style guidelines if you want to enter competitions. It is also useful to modify the recipes for your own personal enjoyment. I do not compete in tournaments. I have used this book and modify different quality recipes to fit my flavor. Many of his recipes are just awesome. People always comment that my kegerator has better beer then most bars.: ) Thanks Jamil!!!!

Third, He also describes the flavors and hints on brewing with the recipe. He discussions about do's and don'ts when brewing to a certain style. He is sharing his brewing knowledge plus its packed with wisdom.

1 con is that it is for extract with a side mention of all grain. To solution this matter. Use an online tool or Beersmith program to make certain the bottom malts calculate up to the extract. Its a minor que tiene because any experience machine knows that efficiency of mashing varies widely on the all-grain brewing setup of the brewer.

Because a recipe book moves, its 4 stars. Offered the rarity of good beer brewing recipe books, it must be 5 celebrities ( or 6 celebrities, hehehe)., My wife acquired me this book for my birthday, and it has proved to be a great addition to my homebrewing library. The publication provides a basic intro to some of the science behind brewing. This specific is great for novice brewers, as it is always nice to understand exactly how stuff is working behind the producing process. Personally, I already was aware of most of this info from reading Exactly how to Brew by David Palmer, and many other books/articles, but its nice that the information is in there.

As for the recipes, they are damaged into chapters by ale style. Each chapter provides a brief introduction to the style, and 2-3 quality recipes. These recipes provide pretty detailed instructions and elements list, however some of the terminology might confuse the novice brewer. The particular recipes are good on their own, but I personally find them as useful recommendations when developing my on recipes. Its a great starting point to make the beer as introduced in the book, then tune to your personal taste. Its important for up and coming makers to learn creativeness though, and so i would advise new brewers to not be afraid to try something that maybe doesn't seem to be "right" or match upwards with a specific style or recipe, because that is the way you learn about flavors (and the ale will probably still end up well).

Overall, I would say this is the quintessential recipe & style guide for homebrewers. That gives a good amount of quality recipes covering a breadth of styles. It is a handy reference when producing and is also most useful, in my opinion, for building your own recipes.

Delighted Brewing!
Sawzag, There are some great recipes in this publication. Look around online and you will see Jamil's name described very often. He knows his stuff. I will say that although there is a little of info on the method to brewing, it would help greatly to have an understanding of the brewing process before diving into these quality recipes. There isn't a great deal of info on the procedures to follow within each recipe or even the part of the book leading into the quality recipes. A fantastic starting point would be John Palmer's " How to Brew". After reading that though, this was a great book to take me from kit extract brewing to the next step. Is suspect I will still get some good good use out of the quality recipes as I continue on to all-grain brewing, as well.

Oh, one other note. Many of the recipes, which I would wish to try, are for lagers (probably half the book), which makes perfect sense for a book like this, but unfortunately, you have to have a second refrigerator or other approach to be able to maintain cold agitation temperatures over very long periods. Many people might have that setup already, but if not, keep in mind that you'll be limited to how many of the recipes will currently apply to you., My brother has brought upwards beer-making, so having been very happy to receive this book for his birthday! It turned out to be the exact book he got been wanting. This is a nice book, packed with tips and recipes.

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