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It had been certainly an eye operator so far as Supreme Court Justices are worried. I was brought up to think of unichip as something godlike. Properly, I guess that's just one big fat myth. They can be so petty and childish occasionally, it was embarrassing to see. And, I really never paid much attention to the Burger court, but wish I had. He was really a piece of work. No wonder history has treated him so unkindly. He and Nixon were two of a form. Terrific read and at the very least we know these men are human after all and more than merely a little flawed., Fascinating, busy and filled with insights, it's not hard to see why The Brethren remains in print years after its actually release, and why it carries on to earn praise to this day. Woodward and Armstrong exemplify the greatest standards and efforts of investigative journalism, conveying a vivid account of the events and personalities of America's peak, and usually secretive, legal institution, during a period of substantial political and social upheaval.

Their account starts with the shutting days of the Warren court, hailed as a liberal period for the court's jurisprudence. In the White House, Richard Nixon sees Chief Justice Earl Warren's retirement being an possibility to start hosing down what he perceives as widespread, bleeding-heart liberalism, appointing Warren Burger as Chief. Succeeding Nixon appointments would reinforce the conservative wing of the Court, but as Typically the Brethren reveals, not all goes according to plan. Typically the book traces then traces the first six and a half years of the Burger Court. Along the way their account is one of the Chief who more often follows than guides the court, of processes within the court that increase serious questions about the carriage of justice and of politics and personas playing a better a role than perhaps many realized.

Woodward and Armstrong's writing covers substantial ground, the structure and pace are both excellent and the injection of humour and the personalities of the many justices along the way speaks not just in their expertise in writing this book, but also to the fine detail captured in their research for it.

Accounts of the Supreme Court stay rare, and accounts of this quality rarer still. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend The Brethren, This particular is an excellent book and very thought provoking. This is a slow read as a result of dryness of the material, but the characters are well defined and it is a quick look into how the Courtroom functioned during the time Burger was Chief Justice, and Nixon was President. It is interesting that of the 3 sections of our government, we've pretty familiar with how the President and the Congress operate, but mostly in the darker about the businesses of the Supreme Court. I actually really enjoyed the guide and seem like I have a better understanding of the Court's procedures., I did not learn much from this book that I experienced not already uncovered in reading some of the biographies of Supreme Courtroom Justices. Albeit, the vocabulary used in this book was to imply more discord, and dysfunction than there apparently was. The guide covers the 1969 to 1975 terms. Woodward recounts isolated details of the resolution of a quantity of cases, the creators purport to expose the “decision making” of an institution that has managed to “escape public scrutiny. ” The book boxed as a sort of politics consumer’s fact finding journey. The authors, of course, did not interview any of the Justices, they interviewed legal reporters covering the Supreme Court, and a few former law clerks, waiters, drivers, and so forth therefore, in legal words the book is mainly double, triple, even quadruple hearsay. There are constant references to the Warren Court, which became apparent to me, that the authors were attempting to compare Chief Justice Burger with the former Chief Rights Earl Warren. Burger is portrayed as a pompous, “uncontrollable, blustering braggart” without having redeeming intellect, despised by nearly every member of the court. The creators portrayed the Justices as follows: Blackmum is fragile, Marshall is lazy, Rehnquist is informal and sly, Douglas is inflexible, Stewart, Powell, White and Brennan are controlling, only Stevens, new to the the courtroom, escapes unscathed. Inside a the courtroom composed of nine jurists, a group compromise would seem to be a sine qua non in a democracy. Due process requires certain expediency, and it is doubtful that any judge has ever agreed totally with the opinions in which he simply “joins. ” Give up is an inherent part of agreement. The final outcome of the book required reading between the lines: the text seems calculated to inspire cynicism. The book’s tendency to discourage confidence in the system cannot be denied. The revelation proffered in this book of a myopic recitation of knowledgeable disagreement, under the fabrication of educating the public about its highest institution’s “decision-making. ” What they have written is likely to create public disrespect for the legal system. I was extremely let down with this book and with Woodward. I read this as an e-book on the Kindle iphone app for my IPad., Written by Bob Woodward, one of the era's most celebrated investigatory reporters, with inside help from Rights Potter Stewart, the guide takes you behind the scenes of the Burger Court through the Nixon and Kia presidencies. Insights in to the governmental policies, personalities and proclivities of the justices are amusing and enlightening. Although the guide is now nearly 4 decades old, and all the protagonists have passed on (excepting Justice Stevens), the writing is engaging, the issues timeless, and the insights unique. If you are into politics or court history, this guide is a must read.

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