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Emily, the gardener’s daughter, has known Barrett “The Shark” English her entire life. She’s pretending to be his fake fiancee, associated him for business meals, etc. Til one night time, she decides to stick the shark, and becomes much more than the girl bargains for. She pauses up with him, but he’s not letting her go so easily….

The particular Good
I couldn’t resist the explanation - it had a very Sabrina-esque vibe to it, if Sabrina had dropped for Linus from the beginning, rather than David. I was not disappointed. Whatsoever. Emily and Barrett is intended for the other and it is laid out for the reader from the initial page. Barrett’s protective love for Emily is just what I love reading about.

Their hormone balance is compelling and the anticipation for their love scenes builds steadily through the story - there really is something to be said for building that tension... mainly because it ultimately happens, it’s satisfying for the reader and the characters lol.

The best part of reading this was a refreshing maturity from a relatively young characters - when the climax of the tale occurs, Emily handles himself in a composed and intelligent fashion, which was a pleasurable surprise.. Really, nearly all of the characters appeared grounded and have believable emotional reactions,, as opposed to the overly dramatic actions I’m accustomed to moving my eyes about.

This really is part of a series, but it is not a cliffhanger and sibling will get his own book.

The Minor Quibbles
I can see where some folks could have an issue with the age difference (at the beginning of this story Emily’s 24 and Barrett’s 32), if perhaps because of certain scenes where Barrett clearly loves her when she has in her teen years. I believe it just provides to their history, but some might not feel comfortable with that.

Barrett’s main deception seemed a bit shortsighted for a personality portrayed as a smart businessman. Nevertheless it didn’t affect my ultimate enjoyment. The class issue is almost background, barely an option.

The Base Line
I truly, really enjoyed this guide of course recommend it. Im pumped up about reading about the other brothers. I would happily read more of Ms. Regnery’s books., Dear Readers,
I wonder if you're getting sick of my Katy Regnery reviews yet? I think I could copy and paste the beginning of every one to the next because I always get started with telling you that this is my new favorite. I say it because I mean it, 100% % do I suggest it. So... Barrett The english language and Emily Edwards are my absolute favorite of Katy's characters so much!
Now that we have that out of the way...
I would like to describe this as a friends to lovers book but that doesn't really cover it because Barrett and Emily have known eachother since Emily was born and I'm not even sure if I could classify them as friends. Their family's friendship's go back years. The English's are the wealthy, well-respected family and the Edwards, the help. With regard to basically their whole lives, Emily and Barrett have harbored feelings for the other but neither have ever let on to anyone else that the emotions exist. Then one day, Barrett approaches Emily with a proposition. He will pay her 0 p/hour to play his fiance at business related occasions. She needs money for rent and bills so she can hardly turn it down. Plus it doesn't hurt that she'll get to go out with him.
They quickly uncover that playing the part of a happy couple is something they want to make real, in an work to hold onto Emily, Barrett makes a decision that he'll have to keep secret from her. Business and personal lines are crossed and secrets are revealed. Emily's maturity and level-head are what makes this story truly great but my favorite thing is that not once does Barrett worry about him or her and Emily being from " different worlds", in fact there is a moment where it's delivered up and the way he deals with it almost brought me out of my chair, I was so impressed!! *picture me as an audience member on The Arsenio Hall show waiving my fist and whooping*
When you're buying story filled with angst and drama, you will need to look elsewhere. If most likely buying true love tale a lifetime in the making then pick this book up now!!!
Falling for the English, one brother at a time,

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