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I loved watching Greg get. I saw the documented he did for HBO, it made me need to read the book. I think it had been well written. I enjoyed his open honesty about his difficult childhood and coming out about being gay. I read a few reviews where the critics said Greg whined just about all through the book. I actually totally disagree! He was open, honest and opened his / her heart up to explain to his story to his / her fans. I also think he did get conned by not being featured on a Wheaties package or have many a lot more promotional deals. I've usually believed you are created with the feelings this isn't a choice. Greg helped me understand how tough he struggled with all those feelings from such a young age. How he previously girlfriends but was attracted to men. I loved how he said this individual can appreciate the beauty when he sees a beautiful woman. He had been a handsome child and still is. I sense bad that he experienced some volatile relationships. I am so happy he identified a good man in his husband. I want them nothing but adore and happiness. I believe Greg is a excellent role model for our youth. I have many gay friends and a couple family members. I have the up most value for any gay individual that is honest about who they are and live life to the fullest. I however perform not have a oz of respect for someone that knows they are usually gay and marry someone of the opposite intercourse. It happened to me personally in 1988, to this time he has never admitted his homosexuality to me personally. Nor has he apologized for all your people he damage and $ my mother and father wasted on a huge wedding party. He is now married to his high school graduation lover, I know this due to the fact I found his mommy on social media. A coward not just a brave man like Greg. I believe this is the ideal book for anyone that loved watching Greg get and for anyone struggling with their sexuality. Bravo Greg!, This is a very straight forward story associated with multi Olympic gold-medal earning athlete, Greg Louganis. His / her growing up had several obstacles such as having a stutter, dyslexia (which was not diagnosed till he was in college), and constantly trying to be able to prove he was not retarded. Being darker skinned in an all white-colored school subjected him to be able to bullying and teasing. His / her report cards weren't good, but his present associated with gymnastics and dancing resulted in rewarding achievements. Greg, being of Polynesian descent, was not adopted till having been nine months aged. His father by delivery was Samoan, his mommy northern European; both mother and father unmarried teens when this individual was put into a great adoption program. His adoptive mother is fantastic, but his / her father of Greek descent was stern and mind blowing at times. His used sister, Despina, and usually tried to avoid distressing their father. Reaching maturity, he was still plagued with issues that tended to keep him through doing much socializing. This individual tried to keep his / her homosexuality private as well as previously being tested HIV positive. Some of his lgbt relations were devastating, occasionally threatening his successful snorkeling career and the benefits associated with his / her success. It is a well created autobiography of Greg Louganis with help from co-author Eric Marcus. It truly is an easy task to read and it's honesty very moving. I liked this story and I actually found it tough to set down. Highly recommend., Greg Louganis captured our hearts, minds and the nature from the American dream in his quest for Olympic Precious metal. Over his many many years in competition no one knew the anguish he endured stemming from years of self doubt and recrimination. Snorkeling became his way of manifestation. His quest for efficiency, born from the burning up desire to shout out to be able to the world that he had been never less than his / her fellows, was riddled with self loathing for the secrets he held therefore close. Each time he towered high above us on the boards or the platform he had the capability to stop all else but the dive having been about to attempt. This individual was never less as compared to poetry in motion. This individual seemed perfect in most approach. Understated and humble, this specific very handsome, extraordinarily built and sculpted figure associated with a young man delighted us every moment this individual was in our sights and we cheered him, advised him and all nevertheless willed him to achievement. Such was our adore of him and such was our awe associated with his abilities. There arrived per day, as it will come for all athletes, any time the Olympic competition i was watching would be his / her last. It was 1988 and as he ready for the preliminary get and jettisoned himself as a result board, we heard the dreadful sound that would shake the Olympic globe to its very foundations and would cut Greg Louganis open to his / her very core. The injury to his head had been not a huge one out of dimension but the scope of this injury would cause his / her life to commence to be able to unravel as the sight on the planet were on your pet. We breathed a sigh of relief when all of us were informed that this individual was sufficiently recovered to be able to continue the competition. His / her scores plummeted consequently associated with that terrible encounter with the board but at least he survived this. No one expected your pet to win the opposition and it is the last time we would ever before watch him compete. Since sad as the second seemed, it was just about all OK because Louganis had been OK... and we just about all thanked the respective gods! The applause was thunderous as he mounted the steps to this last Olympic moment. Suddenly the target audience fell silent. In the home, all of us held our collective inhale as we watched your pet mentally prepare himself for your dive that had nearly taken his life. When he took his first action you could almost feel the tension start to tear away at the crowd inclined forward in their seats to witness this second and before we had been in a position to blink, this bronzed Adonis broke the area of the water with hardly a sound. Right now there was a nano-second associated with complete silence and then, the muffled roar associated with the crowd was heard from below the water range. It absolutely was absolute and this was ear shattering because his head came back again up through to the surface. He had carried out it! He had clinched the Gold once more and experienced won medals in 3 consecutive Olympics! Hundreds of thousands of men and women around the world cheered this unbelievable hero, this specific perfect being, this athlete who graced our lives with the great his / her gift. What was happening behind the scenes had been as dramatic as anything at all we saw that time. Only his trainer, his / her doctor and himself knew the truth of just what that injury might suggest to other athletes nonetheless it would still be half a dozen long years before the secret will be revealed! Any time the news broke in 1994, generally consequently associated with this book, the globe again held its inhale... for its hero had just about all but toppled from Install Olympus with the headline. Greg Louganis was gay, HIV positive and had been already been diagnosed half a year before the 1988 Olympics! The questions were obvious... The reason why had he not informed anyone, How could this individual risk the lives associated with others, WHY??? This, then is the story associated with who Greg Louganis genuinely was and what cast him to become the greatest diver the world offers ever known and the reticent poster boy for however another generation of gay men. It is the story of courage therefore great and abuse therefore powerful that lesser beings would, perhaps, not have access to withstood it. It is the story of a very private man whose existence had suddenly burst open and was thrust on the world. This is a history not to be overlooked for it is the story of survival, recovery and redemption of a single of our most highly respected and best loved athletes. We knew the competitor... now, enter and go to know the man!, This book was well written but the major reason for anyone to study it is because Greg Louganis allowed every reader entry into the essence from the man he will be and more importantly the vulnerable person they have already been. Most of us are usually still keeping the reality associated with who we are hidden nevertheless Greg shows us that will is not the thing that we are meant to be able to do. He continually progress into an improved man and in the process directly into a greater soul. I actually love him for that unique present he has given to all of us., this specific should be required reading through in high schools so far as i'm concerned! his history is remarkable. every human being on this earth could connect with greg in a few way. if they ever before struggled with anything, greg has something that you can connect with. we are usually lucky to have greg for his talent and for his courage to compose this book. i just can't believe it was a little while until me therefore long to read yet i'm so glad i did so! WE LOVE YOU GREG!

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