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Still working through this one. Again a fairly easy read for me and the author gives good information to to assist the reader in figuring out what psychological eating is and how to help you through the rough spots of emotional eating., Well-written, good info, easy to read... I enjoy Geneen Roth's books... have read 4 of them now. They will be on my corner for a long time for many re-reads., My wife is enjoying reading this book. The girl can relate to much of what is written and has leaned a few tips., I am reading this over time and allowing it sink it. It has really given myself insight into how We connect with food and why I do the things i do when I eat. We would definitely recommend it to someone who eats more than they need and doesn't really know why. Geneen Roth is right when she writes that a diet never details this issue and so it can't really work long term. Good guide that gives you a lot to think about. Read it more than once., I usually possible until I've finished a guide before I review it. But I'm too excited about this! In 90 pages (fewer, really) Geneen Roth brilliantly broke down my whole lifelong obsession with food. After including her changes, I use made peace with food. We let it talk IN ORDER TO me, not FOR me. Plus I'm happier about my eating habits than We have been in years! A year ago, I joined Weight Watchers. And initially, We loved i could eat what I wanted as long as I was accountable. I lost 18 pounds and located the meetings inspiring. Then something happened. I became more food obsessed than in the past! At breakfast, I was thinking about supper. On Wednesday, I was considering about what I'd eat over the weekend. Preserving points for a couple of drinks. Organizing ahead for a supper date. It was driving me crazy and making me feel like a failure and a weakling when I didn't stay within my points! This particular book really calmed myself down in no time flat. And it made me realize that, when still left to my own devices and allowing myself to eat what I urgent needed, We didn't always want pizza, burgers and fries! This particular is still shocking in my experience!: ) I feel free now. I think about what to eat when my body tells myself it's hungry. Not by the "points" I have yet to use. And not by the fat or carb content. I think WW is a great program. Plus I have learned things that I will continue to use for a long period. But for a foodie like me, Geneen's way makes much more sense. I love, love, love this book!, I have read several diet books in my time and while nearly all of them were academic to some extent, none of them spoke to me on the level that this book does. Many of the anecdote's Geneen Roth has included in the girl book are seemingly used directly from the webpages of MY life. Her encouraging dialog has let me realize that I am not alone and more importantly has helped myself learn to transform could eat and more importantly view food. For anyone who is an emotional eater, who sneaks food, who binges or partcipates in other similar activities, this easy to read book is worth a glance. It could help you better understand your motivations and permit the changes you want, but feel you cannot make., Great insights into the underlying causes of my emotional eating with concrete solutions I could start applying immediately. It was reassuring to know i am not alone in this struggle. Excellent source., It may sound cheesey, but this book really did change my life. I was knee-deep in a seven-year-long binge/starve period. My life had approved me by and We was numb to everything, only to be able to think and obsess about eating constantly. When I remember those times, I am amazed. A couple of years ago, I wouldn't have been able to even fathom imagining I could recover, or change, or i would one day learn to live again.

I just reread this book one full time through again-- I refer to certain chapters at certain details in my life, but I found myself completely pulled back into compulsion recently-- and once again, this guide helped me save personally.

Geneen Roth is motivating and-- dare I say? -- caring. She talks to the reader with deep empathy as someone who has been there and truly wishes to help. This book taught me to do the daring thing I had not considered before-- love and value myself. To learn to eat when I was hungry. It sounds so simple to someone who may not struggle with food, but that's what this guide really does. It teaches you how to eat when you are hungry and it also states that you are worthwhile. It is just a beautiful book, natural in the empathy and feeling.

Granted, it may not help everyone. Every person is different. But I daresay it will help many, and it also certainly helped-- which an understatement-- me.

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