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We loved this book! I'm a beginner-intermediate adult Desk Tennis player, and We felt like the publication totally spoke to myself. It tells the tale of Alex from being completely new to the sport, to accomplishing his goal of Breaking the 2000 USATT mark.

Their approach is not technical in a " training" way, ie, he won't tell you how to do this and that heart stroke. It's more about the change and evolution process itself. He does highlight the mental aspect you need to develop to offer the next level, every time.

I discovered it appealing because Personally i think like we all adult players have that same kind of struggles: the lengthy improvement process, the lack of help in many situations (it can be quite difficult to even find a coach that will work with you), the need to work constantly on the fundamentals...

And having a book like this by your side makes the journey a little less lonely and a little more motivating and exciting. In addition to that's a large contribution!, We thought this was an exceptionally useful and interesting book. My review is from a coaching viewpoint. Many of the studies and tribulations the writer faced in the quest for 2000 are the identical as we all - and my students face. A few deal with them well, and some... not so much. Being able to better clarify a number of the common problems and allowing them to know that everyone experience them is great. I also that way the significance of solid basic principles is stressed - which helps me clarify why learning the basics is REALLY important., I started playing table tennis three months ago and have become a lot of books to read as well as the arching videos. I'm taking classes to learn proper strokes and found this book last week. The read is quick and enjoyable, and the second part is filled with great advice. Even though I'm in my fifties and my goals aren't yet as defined as trying to achieve a certain position, I want to improve and my first goal is to be able to conquer everyone at work. Alex's recommendations on getting a good instructor and organizing your training were the most valuable elements I found in this book. I'll be referring to part 2 in the book on a regular basis., I recently finished reading the excellent book Breaking 2000, by Alex Polyakov. The publication is a first-hand step-by-step glance at the strategic development of a player from near beginner to an advanced level. I don't think I've seen it included such as this anywhere else. Educational books generally do a good job in educating how to do each technique; this book shows the actual events taking place as the techniques were learned, the way they were learned, and most important, why. (And on a related note, Alex's coach, Gerald Reid, who is pointed out throughout the book, came to several of our training camps back in the 1990s! )

Improvement in table golf is rarely a reliable upwards progression; as you learn new things, your game often temporarily "regresses" as you learn the new approach, and so rapidly-improving players often go up a good deal, then down a little, then up, then down. If you chart their improvement, it's more of an upward staircase. And that proves to be the case with Alex - see his rating graph and or chart. (I created the image from the USATT ratings page. If you have a rating, just devote your name, and then simply click "Chart Ratings" on the right. )

Here are some interesting quotes from the book. There are many more that are specific to the techniques he is working on, but these are a few of the more general ones that captured my eye. I especially love the "I did not really know what I did not know" statement - this is the bane of so many players, who often do not know that they don't really know what they do not know.

"I know exactly how We was losing my matches during the tournament. We simply did not really know what Some know. My game contains simply reacting to the ball and hitting it if the ability came up. I had no strategy, no clear and concise thinking; all We had was simple incredible force. "
"Coaching has been the major factor in my success and is also the biggest reason why I have been capable to achieve my goals. "
"Gerald proposed to get started on by shaping my game in such a way that would allow me to develop certain undeniable talents which would never fail me. He called it a 'base. ' Possessing this base would mean that these basic skills would in time be a power that would tilt the pendulum during my matches against 95% of opponents of my level. This so-called base was meant to establish a arranged of technically correct shots, which I could carry out flawlessly and with uniformity. "

-Larry Hodges, USA Table Tennis Hall of Famer and National Instructor, Inspiring story and also very good on the psychological approach necessary to move up through the stand tennis ladder. The sport is one of the complex games played (I have played many) and many otherwise good players fail to move upwards because their long-term strategy is flawed.

This is a good book to read for to strengthen one's strategy - but it is a little short on specific techniques. Anyway, I think that it will be worth reading.

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