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Top quality was a strange subject with this book because the story didn't fit that title. I think this story was stop before the end. The second book was not interesting enough to keep my attention., I absolutely enjoyed this book. The characters were interesting and the storyline line was good. I couldn't put this book down., i read this book included in an arc program. I absolutely enjoyed this story about Allison, a young waitress who had been raising her 16 yr old sister who needed a heart transplant. Allison was broke and falling further behind in her expenses. Each time a friend mentions how someone sold their virginity, Allison thinks it might be the answer. Allison places an ad in a tattoo magazine and it catches the attention of Jules, a skin icon artist. When he offers her one million dollars for her virginity and her body as a canvas for his design, she agrees to spend the weekend with your pet. Jules is a dom but has not procedures BDSM in a long time because of an incident with his previous girlfriend. When Jules shows Allison how he would like her to be his sub, he expects the woman to run away, only she doesn't and the lady doesn't want to leave ever. This was a good story and I really liked Jules, I thought he was a strong alpha male who was hurt and not sure of himself. He only wanted the great for Allison and wanted to protect her. Allison had a lot of responsibility with her sister and put herself last, leaving the woman open to abuse from an ex boyfriend. This story showed a good dom/ sub relationship that was very hot. Good one., I received an ARC in exchange for a honest review

What would you be willing to do to save the ones you loved? Would you sell your virginity to help pay for a heart implant your sister so frantically needs? That's the problem Allison is faced with. Shes raising her 16 yr old sister and shes in need of a heart implant. Working as a waitress and falling behind on bills and doesn't know how she will come up with the money to pay for it. Each time a good friend mentioned how many people sell their virginity to earn money she thinks this can be the answer to all of her problems. She places the ad in a tattoo magazine and it catches a persons vision of Jules. Jules offers her one million dollars. And also her body as his canvas for his next design. Jules is a rich biker and skin icon artist. Hes a dom and practiced BDSM but not for years due to an incident with an ex girlfriend. When Jules shows Allison this and how he wants her to be his sub will she give up the possibility to save her cousin and run? Or will she stay and fall in love and recover their hearts?, I under your own accord reviewed an ARC. U. M. G. A abundant biker and tattooist and dominant. A beautiful self conscious waitress, and a virgin mobile! Allison needs money, a lot of cash, for her sister's coronary heart transplant. Where is a waitress with no work, or life, experience heading to come up with that kind of money? Well. Enter aforementioned hot biker/tattoo artist. Jules buys Allison's virginity and a weekend with her. Will the lady go through by it? Will be it worth losing the woman virginity AND being centered by Jules? Duh! Have the book and find out for yourself! SEXY and HOT! Worth 20 superstars!, Allison works as a waitress to support the woman and her very sickly sister. Allison sister needs a life saving surgery that she can't pay for. Allison has to come up with a way to pay and makes a decision to sell her virginity. Jules a tattoo artist/biker sees her ad and offers her the money. Jules has an alternative kind of life style then Allison has. Jules is a Dom and has Allison as his sub. This was a very interesting and educational read. Not necessarily sure where the MC area of the story was. This wasn't about bikers at all, mostly BDSM. I voluntarily received an ARC from the writer., I cherished the whole notion of this story. What would you do for the ppl you love? Selling your virginity is a popular theme but difficult done the way April Lust shows it.

My goodness I just couldn't get enough. Is it possible to be jealous of book characters having better se* than you are? Think me its hot within those pages so watch out for sparks and wet spots.

" Branded" IMO is April best book to date and that's hard to say because each book is great!

I received an ARC for an honest and voluntarily review., I loved Branded. It had a great story plot and characters. April Lust did a great job on this story. The book was well written. Jules is a biker/tattoo performer and Allison is waitress. Allison is working hard, she's taking care of her sick sister. Allison needs to come upwards with enough money to save her sister, so she comes up with an idea. Jules offers to help. Jules and Allison great together. The chemistry together is sizzling. Jules and Allison are a great pair. This can be a great story. Thank you, April Lust. Great work: )

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