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We read with alacrity "Brain Based Parenting: the neuroscience of caregiving for healthy attachment", on which Daniel J. Seigel was the third author, and provided that book 5 superstars in an Amazon. apresentando review. So I started out with high expections for Siegel's more recent work, Brainstorm. Really, I performed. Unfortunately the weaknesses of the book far outweighed its strengths, to me in any case, as I'll outline below. There are multiple other books on raising and understanding teenagers I'd recommend before this one, as I'll list at the end.

(1) It's always good to remind oneself of the positive aspects of the developmental phase of the adolescent. Siegel provides these strengths as: extreme and spontaneous emotions, extreme and powerful peer and social connections, a of curiosity of uniqueness and inspiration, and a profound search for one's identity and place in the world. Frustrated parents can simply tumble into the trap of seeing only your teenager's faults and negative actions. Remembering to see the upside (which is really only discussed in the first chapter of the book) is a good thing.

(2) Somehow Amtszeichen wanders into the matter of healing your brain from trauma. During the course of this digression, he reviews an intriguing theory of emotional trauma (p. 176ff) that painful memories that are 'locked up' in the right hemisphere - the seat of emotion, images, and "implicit" (timeless and voiceless) memories - cause extreme pain, fear, and flashbacks. When the right and left (verbal, analytic, logical and chronological) brain are integrated, the remaining side of the brain may give a coherent story to the trauma history make it into a past perspective. Healing from trauma then occurs when that which was formerly intense, unlimited, and present danger, is changed into more comprehensible, restricted, and coherent past experience. This can be a powerful theory of trauma and healing and helps to explain why social connections and social supports aid in the prevention and healing of PTSD. Note: the concept is not presented here for the first time, but Siegel's review of it is interesting.

(1) In contrast to "Brain-Based Parenting", I found the book haphazardly organized and the writing style remarkably poor. Siegel's sentences were run-on, off topic, and varied irritatingly between medicalese and schmaltzy sentimentality. Their subjects were all over the map, too: from the title topic, to attachment theory, to basic advice for getting enough sleep and eating well, to "Mindsight" exercises for meditation and raising consciousness. I was disappointed; I sensed the book didn't stick to any regular theme and was probably a hastily assembled collection of blog posts. Search "teenage brain fitness" or "the adolescent brain" on Amazon online. com and one will find many appealing titles on the topic that look more propitious than this one.

(2) Siegel's stated intention is to write a book intdended to be read by both parents and their teenagers, perhaps even read out loud from one to a new. In spite of a number of sweet cartoons, I can barely imagine a teenager in modern America today who could make it efficiently through this meandering, poorly written volume. I have one teenager and one pre-teen, and I am engaged in volunteering and in contact with many of my daughters' friends (and, well, I also happen to be a professional and have seen hundreds of teens in turmoil through a psychiatric crisis center in Fairfax State, Virginia). The only thing I could say in response to the idea of an American teenager finding this book readable would be "fuggedaboudit. " Or perhaps maybe "you must be Cray-Cray. "

I found the following books much more useful, readable, and enjoyable than Brainstorm: (1) Haim Ginot's "Between Father or mother and Teenager", (2) Thoms Phelan's "surviving your teenager", (3) Anything by Gershen Kaufman, Ph. D., especially "personal power for teens", (4) "Brain-Based Parenting" (see above), and (5)Ginsburg's "Roots and Wings. " We tried hard to find the positives in this book; I read around five books monthly so I am not adverse to working hard to get something from a read, so I don't give out the dreaded "2 star" rating casually. I had formed to put this one down for long stretches and really force personally to punch on through, however. There are a variety of other books on young adults and their development We would encourage readers to turn to before, or instead of, this one., This is not a book I would typically read. However , my wife talented it in my opinion last Holiday, as we have a pre-teen son who is in the way to being a teen son. We can’t declare I opened up to page one with a fully open mind, but I was intrigued by how the book was billed as more a text on the science of adolescent neurology than a self-help book. Whether it were a science book, I could get into that, but there was a lot of self-help themed exercises which were more distracting than helpful to the everyday reader.

This is not to say I didn’t find anything of value in “Brainstorm. ” In Part III, Doctor Siegel describes various forms of “attachment, ” which is “in impact the way in which our brains remember the attachment relationship(s) we have had, or still have, and how we modified to these formative connection experiences. ” The more “secure” our early accessories the more “integrated” our brains develop; the greater “avoidant” our early attachments, the more likely it is that our brains have encoded a response to relationships that can business lead to lasting problems. Not just was there some science in this section of the book, but it also made me think about what the signs of secure and avoidant attachments uncovered about me and my upbringing. It did make some things make more sense.

There were also some interesting sections on how teen moodiness and poor danger assessment is the effect of the development of the brain and not “raging bodily hormones. ” Ultimately, maturity comes as a result of the many components of the brain learning to be more “integrated. ”

That said, other book is packed with acronyms and mnemonics to help us all build health relationships and self-awareness that, while perhaps being useful in the therapist’s office (I’m sure Dr. Siegel has an effective practice), as self-help tools that seemed a little hokey. Most of these are found in “Mindsight” practice sections of the book. There’s the “inner mental sea, ” the “metaphoric lens” on a “tripod” with openness, objectivity, and observation as the “three legs, ” creating relationships by being “PART” (present, attune, resonate, and trust), “SNAG” (stimulate neurological activation and growth), and the seven activities on “the healthy mind platter. ” I didn’t enter into this looking looking for yoga-like exercises on how to be an improved father, so those chapters were a little of slog.

So, be forewarned: you might eventually find that this book has useful advice on how to deal with your teen, but it's not a scientific text., I'm grateful to Daniel J. Amtszeichen MD. He gifted the world with an awesome, easy-to-follow look at life activities, relationship bonds and the effects on the brain. Vice-a-versa: how brain development affects our love relationships. We have read many developmental mindset books for study and pleasure. This is the best I've ever read on the subject of optimizing mental performance in order to improve connection with ourselves and our cherished ones. I favor the less complicated title, Brainstorm, because the information is universal., A single of the best We have read on how to approach this stage of development, both as a mother or father and a therapist. The particular examples are relevant, and the exercises are easy to use. It is inspiring and energizing!

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