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For a buck, this is one of the better bargains on the kindle store. You get not just one, but a whole collection of books on the subject. Individually they are pretty short, but collectively they make up quite a comprehensive tome. I use not finished reading all of them yet. I read through the initial two or three and just skimmed the others. There are lots of different authors here presenting a lot of great ideas and viewpoints. Most of the books have numerous helpful pictures and diagrams.
I received this as a free kindle publication during a promotional period. I would recommend it to anyone looking for ways to strengthen their brain without wasting their cash on expensive computer programs and whatnot. The discount has not influenced or impacted my judgement of this product. I take this seriously and can include my own thoughts and opinions and experience with each product. I feel in no way required by the seller to leave positive remarks about their product. In case you have found my product review to be helpful, please thumbs up this review. This will make it easier for others to find this review so they may be helped as well. You certainly do not have to, I seldom get anything from it, but I about the experience that I helped someone. If you have any questions about my experience with this product, please leave me a remark. I want to thank taking the time to read my review., The very first thing I have to say about this publication is that it is not a puzzle publication, it is a more of a research study papers. There is an great quantity of information on how the memory works and how the brain works.
This is not a how to with step by step instructions, which is more what We was hoping for. We did find it interesting though. There was a lot of information that a lot of people (at least people who would consider this book to begin with) would know.
Each book in this set has an alternative emphasis. The 1st book has a list of game (not actual games) to improve concentration and memory. Typically the 2nd book has a list of games (not real games) to further improve your IQ and memory. The 3rd book is more of a report on the brain itself.
Total, I enjoyed this arranged of books because the subject matter interests myself. But I was wishing for more of a guide or a how to.
I received this book set at a discount in exchange for my genuine, neutral review. The views and opinions are solely mine and have been in no way influenced by the price of this item., I was intrigued when I saw this book so I decided to pick it up. That sat on my Kindle for simply a a couple days before We started reading through it. That started off interestingly enough but soon it became a lttle bit boring for me.
My fault really because I was anticipating it to be filled with games and riddles and exercises rather than just explaining how and why your brain functions as it does. It holds good content it just wasn’t what I wanted.
In Portion I, Chapter 4 there are a handful of riddles and questions to get a brain working. I really enjoyed reading through these but there were never any answers to the riddles so I have zero way of knowing basically was right or not. Afterwards in Chapter 6 there are more riddles, or brain teasers, and those thankfully have answers on the following page. We had a great time with these and asked my children (ages from 7 to 12) each one. It was fun to observe how they worked well through them to find an answer. Some of the questions I couldn’t figure out but my more effective year old got it right away. It was really cool to see how all of our brains worked differently to solve the problem.
There are a lot of good suggestions in this book on what to do to improve your brain function but overall I found it to be repetitive and overly verbose. It wasn’t what I was looking for. I suppose I must look for a publication of just brainteasers, riddles, and puzzles.
I was able to get this book for free in exchange for my honest review. I would say the book will be worth the they are seeking it so long as you are looking for how to train your brain and not real “Brain Games” as the title indicates., To be completely honest, I have read better functions by my peers in Undergraduate Scientific studies at university. There are a good amount of simple mistakes in this writing which could have been fixed by re-reading the draft. In fact , if you read the description of this product on Amazon it even uses incite instead of 'insight, ' which would obviously make much more sense. Additionally, the product is detailed as a 'box set' in the description and in their photo... apart from that this is an ebook.

If you plan to pick up this book for some tips on training/strengthening your mental skills, I would highly suggest you take the information with a grain of salt. For example, there is a section by the author about velocity reading in which he or she says, and I feel paraphrasing here, that it is not important to catch every word when speed reading... since you will still get the overall meaning. However, he also lists professional tasks as an example of the time when you will need to use speed reading. Personally, I would somewhat not need a lawyer 'skip' a word here or there; I also know that pleasurable reading can get extraordinarily confusing if you miss that single phrase that changed the whole a sense of the experience.

Overall, We would recommend this book to people starting out on their journey to keep their minds strong and agile; however, this is simply not a book for intermediate or advanced thought.

I did purchase this Kindle book for free on Amazon at the behest of the company to review it.

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