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I used to be born with Cerebral Palsy in 1949. In those days, Neurology was not a medicine. I saw my first neurologist once i was 27 due to seizures. I then had my first ever EEG. In my follow-up appointment, this doctor questioned my job as a violinist. He or she said it was impossible for me to play the violin because the right side of my brain did not perform properly. I then informed him he could come to a symphony rehearsal that following week, he did and was so stunned that he stated that We had done the same thing as climbing Mt. Everest. The reality of the matter, instrumental music began in my school in the 4th grade. I absolutely wanted to play and instrument. My grandfather got a violin and that was it. Little did I know that the orthopedist that I saw suggested that I begin something like music for physical therapy for my left arm and hands. I only knew that I could not walk without a brace until We was 16. I used to be very strong willed and We thought that all everyone who was right handed - the left hand would not work. I was very determine and went to college as a Music Education Major with violin being my instrument. I always told people who ask what my walking problem was, that I had to make detours within my brain to my left lower leg and if I was tired, my brain did not send the messages. We FELT LIKE THIS GUIDE WAS WRITTEN ABOUT ME. Today they call what We accomplished as Neuroplasticity. We have been teaching violin for over 42 years and have had many wonderful students along with my Symphony work., I have Reflex Sympathetic Dystraphy it was caught two years to late from the beginning of the crippling symptoms. 12-15 years after stage one which had been misdiagnosed. I purchased this publication for the understanding of plastictic pain. Most people together with health care providers don't know very well what RSD other name CRPS is. The particular book chapter on pain offered me the understanding and an obvious way I can start describing to others., Are we born with a brain with vacant memory slots and pre-determined capability that is merely filled up with memories and lessons as we go through life? The debate that this book puts forward is a resounding Number Our brain has plasticity upon which we can make an impression and build memories and algorithms changing the physical make-up of the brain.

During young age the brain is very plastic and through a process implanted in our innate code and practiced thousands of years cognitive functions are created in our brain, almost the same way for everyone. After that, the plasticity is reduced, but not eliminated. The truly amazing news is that adults can alter the structure of the brain mimicking the young children and find out new skills through practice and powerful reward/punishment training regime.

Norman Doidge provides incredible examples of massive changes in the way our brain functions. Mostly, the examples come from people with extreme experience, especially in the class of individuals who suffered brain damage as result of a heart attack or mishaps. The general progress occurs generally out from the popular media and daily headlines, however a blend of changing of attitude in the scientific community and advances in neuroscience and technology is slowly moving up and it promises to have a substantial impact on our lives.

It is outstanding though how important is the brain activity. Simple training and varied activities centered on learning new skills can keep the brain healthy until late years is obviously.

Norman Doidge provides an unusual portrait of Sigmund Freud (unusual to me) as a precursor of neuroplasticity. Freud developed four principles of plasticity: association of neurons, emotional critical phase, transcribing memory space and transference. The author takes time to describe these principles intertwining the idea with his own personal experience as a psychoanalyst. To his credit, it makes you think how many learned experience are deep down there in our mind limiting your potential and that could be "un-learned" following a system to free all of us from those limitations and make us better individuals. The book does not describe the system, other than to say it can be done and report a few pioneers during a call that do this through private institutions (Mezernich, Edward cullen Taub, etc)

The publication arrives to similar findings to researchers when discussing about reaching mastery through practice. If you have a theme here is that you can achieve a lot through practice. We know this, however the extent to which we can achieve success is far beyond what we normally believe.

It really is interesting to read the comments on the influence of culture on our brain architecture. The major buildings are determined during our younger years, and after that we rapidly loose the opportunity to adapt to new cultures. Migrants rewire their brains and a lot of expensive energy going into the effort of assimilation.

This particular is a positive publication; much more a very good read without using intricate terminology. It makes you think a little more about what makes you think the way you think. Additionally it is optimistic. It is well timed as we move into a time of rapid change. We will find out more and we will extend the young adulthood until late years in life because life is asking us to do so. At times the book spends considerable time dealing with psychoanalysis classes conducted by Norman Doidge with some of his clients and although there are lessons to be figured out from that, it dilutes the overall powerful concept of the book: normal adults can learn and change and achieve so much more. I feel the book does not dwell enough in the area of adult learning, probably because we are still yet to create a new system for education and training that is widely accepted and recognised., One of the best book I possess read in a long time. I purchased the Kindle Book version. Now, We can read this book on my phone during travel or perhaps in my patio in the backyard. On my computer when I'm at home, or on my smart TV when Now i'm in bed., Inspiring reading for those dealing with brain injuries and problems. How realistic it is, I can't answer yet. We are only six months out of a serious brain injury. From what I am learning, many patients will never achieve the degree of function described in this book. But it provides a lot of desire, and without that, recovery will be even more limited. Note: the publication is not about brain injury per se but some from it applies to brain injuries., Excellent publication. Recommend to anyone looking to change thinking patterns, or anyone struggling with autism, ADHD, etc. Is actually very informative and vision opening.

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