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Detv. NOWAK LIFE from Bk1 thru Bk7 is a painful at time read. Mr. THORNTON;
I was not blessed 2envision PHRASES in my head on to paper. I constantly want
NICK 2find HIS HAPPY ever FOLLOWING PARTNER though 2 1/2decades B4
the 21st century catches up 2 peeps still trying to figure out how 2GAY & B
themselves., I enjoy the characters and the story lines. Even if I am not gay I still enjoy these books. I feel and emotional connection to the stories, Great series.. I actually love Nick! The characters from prior stories show up so it it best to read them in order. Great writing!, It was pretty good but way to short. At below 200 pages it was expensive at around . 00. Really not sure that I'm would read any more of his books., Book three was over the top to me as a poorly written book. A disappointment. Nick, as a believable figure, lost it in publication three. The trajectory of the plot is fueled and maintained by Nick' sex scenes. The secret it's self becomes just a vehicle for them. Normally it is secondary.

The particular introduction of the Helps epidemic was an important element and worth keeping to bring in. Seemingly, Hackert has Aides and is being slowly and monstrously consumed by it month by month. Nick sometimes sees that Hackert should not be totally debilitated for six plus months, but does nothing but make a mental note of it and then will go on to other lovemaking encounters. Nick Never converses with him about the symptoms being seriously incorrect. Emergency room wrong. In no way says your illness does not make sense (which does not make sense in it's self). It's scary and something has to be done to get you better. The writer writes it so it is ignored

Just what makes sense is Hacker's illness needs to be treated, by the author, as " the silent unknown illness" of Aides coming into the community in those days. It would spoil a plot line if Hackert would have been to have any sort of medical diagnosis, or even a discussion to bring up the "elephant in the room". You're unbelievably ill and we're all ignoring it for six months. The particular author handled this detrimentally to the believability of his readers. Why it was handled this way is absurd. Nick's role here is not believable except if he is supposed to be read as a stereo typical gay male of that period of time whose life is merely a series of sexual encounters. Carry out nothing for the man living in your apartment in whose steady decline is so obvious to the reader. However in the last section of the book.... Nick professes his love for Hackert. He now understands Hackert is his lover. Trite. Comes to past due. Not believable except Nick can be with him when he dies in the next publication. A story line in book 4 where Helps can be openly part of a plot range. But since a reader, I actually don't buy it. Because a character, Nick is not believable due to the author's story line choices in book 3. Well except for one, he drives the intercourse scenes and does them well. Which is basis of the books. The series ends here for me. It is not enough., This review applies to the whole series. Very first, like Harry Potter, it truly is better to read the books in order, at the moment you can obtain the first three as a package deal, but, like Harry Potter, they (all nine) can stand alone. Second these are written by a man - much gay and lesbian fiction is written by female and although romance is romance, gay sex is different from hetero or Lesbian sex, and men, including the author get it right. And this guy very accurately explains the gay sex scene of the early 1980's as AIDS emerged and individuals were dying of it. But that is all background for well developed mysteries., I’ve heaped praises on Marshall Thornton’s remarkable writing skills in reviews of his first two releases in the Nick Nowak series (Boystown: 3 Nick Nowak Mysteries, and Boystown 2: Three more Nick Nowak Mysteries). Marshall Thornton did not disappoint me with Boystown 3: Two Nick Nowak Novellas. Once Again, Brad Langer delivered his perfect oral interpretation and narration skills. Once again, Nick Nowak is the swaggering, self-confident, smart-assed, lovable bad-boy. (If I actually weren’t already married to a man who’s somewhat similar to Nick Nowak, I would be on the hunt for a man just like him. (My husband has worked in legislation enforcement all of his adult life. )

But wait…these novels are set in early eighties—back in the days when the president once starred in a series of films in which a chimp named Bonzo was said president’s co-star, or possibly Ron was the co-star. Nearby the finish of “Little Boy Tenor” (the second novella), we face a Nick who’s not so self-assured. A Nick who recognizes which of his two boyfriends he or she truly loves—after having sex with his client. Oh, that Nick…it’s just one of his foibles I love. (BTW, if my husband were doing that, he’d find it very difficult to walk with his butt in a sling. )

What more may i say? Well, Marshall Thornton is working on Boystown Four. Hoo-yah!

Reviewed for Hearts and minds on Fire by Lee, These mysteries keep getting better. The writing is wonderful, precise and evocative, the mysteries good. Right now there are several things that stood out for me in this: first, the subtle within Nick, who usually represses thoughts and feelings he finds difficult, but this time, he or she has no choice but to get started on facing some of what's going on in the life - Daniel, Harker, Harker's mom, Ross; second, Harker's mother has become a favorite character, and her relationship with Nick, rendered in just a few words, is a windowpane into both their characters; third, Chicago in the 1980s, it's terrifying to observe that time and people's reactions, seen through Nick's eyes and understanding what we know now - a really powerful and thought provoking combination.

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