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This can be a remarkable memoir. I thought the development of the guide was odd. The mixing of a diary of a soldier in the 1870s with that of a soldier in Viet Nam in the early 1970s was odd and jarring. The articles from the earlier period are extremely brief, so perhaps 百分之九十 of the book is about the experience of the soldier in Viet Nam. It is advised in a mode that is the unvarnished observations of any 20 year old container driver. It is engaging, real and really fascinating. 1 can see the blend emotions, experiences, and his reactions to what is happening to him. It truly grabs you and transports you to his side.

Possibly the point of mixing two experience a hundred years apart is to demonstrate that the dangers, privations, and enduring never enhancements made on war, and I imagine they never will. I could suppose a diary of a soldier in Afghanistan might read much the same fifty years later. 1 could do far worse with a few spare hours than to read this truly fascinating account of his experience., I got this book feeling it would be an interesting read. The family has been in wars since the Civil War, some members will talk about some of their experience and some won't. I like to read and try to understand. I possess not read this book yet, it is stored in the kindle and I will do alot of reading in the summer season when it is too hot and humid to be outside and also in the winter when it is cold and icy., How anyone probably will read all 700+ webpages is a mystery in my opinion. Other than the starting description of the first army days, and the ending about the fireplace battle, every day in-between was basically the same story, over and over and over. Also, too much use of the lingo, i. e., tee tee/boo coo/didi/sky.......... This should have been a brief story, not a guide., Motor men have a different experience than ground pounders. All have their duty, their friends and their will to survive. Each enthusiast knows the routine and their job. That makes a unit. This guide will be worth the read to experience the life., I actually wanted to love this book. Used to do. But I actually dont. I quit after 136 pages of boo coo, didi, and sky at least 3 times per page. Deployment is repetitive and boredom is almost more dangerous than the enemy. I get that. There was no actual compare and comparison with the earlier enthusiast, and the limited vocabulary makes for more frustration than any actual learning or even encouraging a deeper thought. Had this been a line for line reproduction, like the older soldier, I would understand the limits, but it's been edited. It was just edited really badly., The writing is very good but I was very considering the narrative. I was a helicopter pilot in Vietnam therefore i wanted to learn about the experience of others. In case you can put upwards with a great deal of repetition you can get a feel of what exactly is was like to be a tanker near to the DMZ., It was like groundhog day over and over again. If the going to read this story all you have to do is see the beginning and the final twenty pages Two military who were out in the field doing it exact same thing over and and over again. I don't know why the enthusiast set back 100 years was in the story I actually thought by the description I was going to hear about the struggle of little bighorn., I wanted to read what it was like in 1970. The husband was there in 1968. Parts were interesting. Parts were repetitive and a little boring. I actually expected more casualties. Maybe it was the difference in two years and military vs usmc

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