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Our Entangled Teen obsession might learn to become a problem. All of the books from their House are adorable and tell a story that I love reading. Don’t expect them all to be light, but The Boyfriend Bet had that wonderful quality.

Remember Nathan Scott from Season 1 of One Tree Hill? Offer Evertide was basically Nathan Scott from the first two episodes—the the one which flirted with all the ladies, had some questionable selections, and dark hair and amazing eyes. I tried to understand why I loved him so much from the beginning, even though he had the tendency to be a jerk, and this was why. I saw the redeemable side of your pet, so did Zoe Cain. Grant told half of the story, and being inside of his brain, figuring out how he navigated through life, held me entertained. There were times when I desired to strangle him, and there were times which i wanted to hug your pet.

Zoe was unique and uber sarcastic. She also wanted to prove the girl brother, Jack, wrong regardless of what it took. The guide started out with a hammer in order for the girl to grate Jack’s nerves, and color me amazed when Grant got pulled into her antics in the first couple of paragraphs. I loved her jizz and refusal to adjust to the norm. The lady already stood out being a “hick, ” one who transferred to the private school in town for junior and senior year, surrounded by those that had been there since freshmen year. The lady showed everyone that the girl was much more than that. Zoe liked to bake, and had a knack because of it, she loved killing zombies, and the girl didn’t shy away from threatening someone with one of the many shotguns in her arsenal. Yes, she had spunk. Merely try not to like her.

Zoe and Grant’s relationship started as a way to get on Jack’s nerves, but the girl relationship with her best friend, Delia, was pure. Delia had crazy hair and a larger-than-life personality. The lady and Zoe went together like peanut butter and jelly, different from the other but complimentary. I would love for her to have her own guide, especially considering her budding romance with Aiden.

Offer and Zoe had a strange relationship. I didn’t doubt for a second that Grant was not using her, which made me pause when I considered the title. The particular actual boyfriend bet suggested in the book was kind of thrown away there randomly, and I didn’t get how it played such a core role in the storyline. Grant and Aiden kind of mentioned idea one day, but it was never the focus like I had anticipated. Nevertheless, I enjoyed how that small conversation sort of performed as catalyst for Offer and Zoe’s connection. Though, to be honest, they'd something undeniable. They were an unlikely pair like I’ve never seen before. Cannon touched the rich boy/peasant girl troupe but didn’t focus on it. I loved that! They got class distinctions, but the key issue is that Grant just couldn’t commit the way he (much to his chagrin) and Zoe desired him to. Money performed a role, as did appearance, but it didn’t drown everything else away.

Light, airy, and entertaining, The Boyfriend Bet pleased my romance-loving soul. The particular kisses were steamy, detention became some thing of love, and the intricacies of baking kept things fairly sweet. Even though this is the second in a series, \ to begin at book one. I have no idea what book one is even about and still loved this one. Get your copy as soon as possible, because as I said multiple times while reading, this story is cah-uttte!, Such a cute history of the on again off again romances that entangle us at such a young age. Zoe is a farm lady at a private college learning the ropes and suffering through her older brothers boundary issues. Offer is learning what it takes to find someone he wants not someone his parents like. He and Zoe are thrown together to get her brother disappointed and end up having real feelings for every other. The ending was cute and looking forward to Delias story., 3. 5 stars was the maximum I could go for this book. I usually like all of Philip cannon books but this book was too repeated and the pace was slow. And I really, really, dislike the character Grant. One second he is convinced that he slipping for Zoe but then he see's a hot university girl that was flirting with him for several minutes and when he comes back to Zoe he evolves into a jerk so she wouldn't fall for him and starts a fight.

The things I like in the book is that i generally like Zoe. She has guts, and she isn't afraid to say things. The secondary characters were lovely developed and they were interesting. The guide has some benefits and drawbacks but which book doesn't?, The particular Boyfriend Bet by Philip Cannon.... This was a great book that I could not put down, I was exhausting, like operating up and down hillsides or getting off a roller coaster. It would be easiest so happy and then unfortunate and mad. Grant your typical high boy needing his cake and eating it too. Zoe the high school girl needing the popular boy from an incorrect side of the tracks. This is my first book by Philip Cannon and she won myself over with this book, I can't wait to reAd more. I was given a complimentary book by author for an honest review., If you like your heroines weak and your heroes douchey, then this is the book for you. After the second Offer screw up, I was ready to call it up quits. He wasn't ever contrite, and when the history is at his POV, his motives seemed even even worse! I couldn't finish. Both characters were so stupid., Ok, overall ok guide. But the key characters got no chemistry. I wasn't in love with the couple i should have been egging on. The particular two friends had more of a connection., Did not finish the book, I felt like the key character types was having to same argument everyday. Also the book took a long time to define their relationship, and I lost interest. I skipped to the end and it could have been a better one., > Book Evaluation – The Boyfriend Bet –

> I was an independent reviewer. This particular book is the first in the Boyfriend Stories and ends in an HEA. Zoe is a townie, transferring to the private high school her jr year along with the girl friend, Delia. Grant and Aiden have always visited the private high college. There exists a definite prejudice between the townies (farmers) and the richer kids. Zoe’s brother, Jack warns Zoe away from Grant, so of course she models out to attract your pet. They end up sharing a class and learning to really like one another.

> This book has all of the usual high school worry, but the characters really glow. Once again the secondary woman characters, like Lena, are portrayed as no brained whores. Grant took a while to warm up to him. He held using whatever the ladies would offer him, without regret and didn’t see what Zoe had to offer, right in front of him.

> There was somewhat of humor from the point of view that every kiss Offer and Zoe shared at school was punished with a detention. Aiden’s analytic personality was also a source of humor. This particular book is appropriate for a new adult (16+) to adult audience. Nothing was explicitly described, just implied or mentioned. I was giving this book 4 superstars.

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