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First off, I can't believe I'm the very first person to review this book.

Second, if you love fighting in hockey, please don't read this book. If you value battling in hockey, please read this book. This book truly is a book of contradictions. I can guarantee that you'll never take a look at pugilists dropping the gloves and putting on the foil the same way again.

I feel the book does a very effective job illustrating the positives and disadvantages of life as an enforcer. In Derek's circumstance, he dies at twenty-eight, but the years he or she lives involve him experiencing a life that he or she never would have experienced as someone that had minimal academic attitude even before the repeated head injury. (It's similar to a hypothetical question my friends and I have bantered about at the line. Wikipedia has told us that two celebrities came from the school our residences are districted to: Tanker Swayze and The Undertaker from WWE. Would you rather have a lot more years of the undertaker or maybe the higher quality years of Swayze? )

As significantly as the book itself, it starts with a great premise, but is actually a difficult read for two reasons.

1) The particular first is no fault of the author. The tale that is being told is a real life Flowers for Algernon in that you become emotionally attached to the a great character, and then watch the downward slide that you know will not be reversed. Each page includes snowballing dread.

2) the part that was under the author's control is that this book is surely an extension of a great group of articles, and it reads like it too. I think Branch recognized he didn't have the content for a full length book, so he put in a bunch of filler, like I did previously do to stretch the phrase count for high institution essays. He feels the need to repeat themself several points throughout (he talks about Derek being a good guy off the ice so often is actually like Rainman) and goes into unnecessary detail into the fights fought and pills taken (no exaggeration, play by play for most fights and a day by day account of what pills he was getting from each doctor. It reads such as an academics journal)

In the finish, the format of being a full-length book might not have been ideal, and the content is at times hard to get through, but this is a book that gets the potential to change sports. It poses the tough questions that aren't be explored in a mere article, and helps personify the dangers of CTE and what the personality results entail.

In case you are a lover of any sport with blunt head trauma, reading this book will give you an early understanding into the long run. It's arriving..., Great look at the behind the scenes problems of a present day " enforcer" and the possible link to long-term health problems like CTE & addiction. Crazy to read this & realize this all happened not too long ago. Creator does a great job proceeding into detail of the rise & fall of Boogaard. The book begins the same as any other hockey book, where you're rooting for the player, then when the pain killer prescriptions start to get listed in great fine detail, you keep in mind that unlike those other books, this one will not have a happy ending. This is a must-read for dance shoes fans & anyone looking for some of the untold stories & problems of a fan favorite., Avid hockey fan here and I am into reading biographies, hockey or non hockey related... I thought the beginning of the book covered too much on Derek's childhood, but it made the finishing extra tragic once you learn about his struggles with painkillers/alcohol. The eulogies substantiate that notion.

To see who Derek was, who he became and achieved as an athlete, only to see it drop apart was the primary reason I bought the book - I needed to know why. The author will do a great job of detailing this.

What I wish for is more information post-Derek's death. With all the prescriptions from NHL doctors and random drug dealers that Derek crossed paths with, what was their final judgment from a legal standpoint? Have been any fired, caught or sent to jail (besides Aaron getting some legal troubles)? The facts lies somewhere in Derek having an dependancy and his former doctors/friends enabling him. Not certain if Derek's dad is still pursuing this question.

At the end of the day, the book was worth it. Desire the Boogard family heals over time., A well presented story behind the story of a child with a dream which turned into the ultimate headache. Derek had drive and talent, simply not enough of the right kind of talent to avoid being pigeon holed into a task which eventually cost him his life. The author follows Derek as he grows from your boy to become a feared enforcer in the NHL. As his profession unfolds, the storyline becomes not only the tale of just one man's dream gone bad, but a damning condemnation of the system of professional hockey which ruthlessly surrender the lives of its players in the interest of profit. Since Derek's life gets smashed out of him, bit by bit, the book describes how the NHL flouted its very own so called " rules" to keep him on the ice and keep the amount of money rolling in. The particular author does a great job of describing the results on Derek and those who loved him as the harm to Derek's body and brain mounted and his life unraveled. It's heartrending to see how they trusted the NHL to protect their boy and treat his addiction--a trust which was broken amazingly again and again. Any person who wants to understand the actual dynamic behind professional hockey should read this book., As a casual dance shoes fan, I didn't know who Derek Boogaard was but acquired his book after reading Theo Fleury's 'Playing with Fire' and Clint Malarchuk's " The Matter of Inches". This book gives an inside look to what are the results when a hockey player puts upward the gloves to fight another and what the damages of those fights are. The talk of concussions has been more prevalent among NHL players these days and this book gives a good view into why the talks need to come forth and why the NHL itself needs to recognize that there are lasting effects. This specific was an interesting book, sad at times due to the decline of Derek's health and the amount of pain he or she was in. Hockey players are only human and this book is a good reminder that while fighting is part of hockey that each time a player switches into struggle, that fight may final with them forever.

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