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OUTSTANDING! This book discusses everything about the origin, development, and consequences of the shipping container box. It discusses it's early attempts in the 1920s through the 1950s, it's groundbreaking development by Malcom McLane in the 1950s and 1960s, and the world - wide economic and social consequences. It provides a thorough presentation of how some long - established ports including the Greater london east end, the New York Manhattan and Brooklyn docks, and the slot of Liverpool died while ports that were insignificant in 1960 such as Singapore, Shanghai, and Busan evolved into today's huge ports. Unsurprisingly, the slots that died did so as a mixture of geography, incredible union recalcitrance and stupidity, poor authorities decisions, and business quick - sightedness. There is intensive discussion and analysis of the international economic outcomes of the vastly reduced international shipping costs. One interesting point that the author makes that We found most interesting: it wasn't US (or any country's) import tariffs that really protected national sectors and manufacturers from international competition from countries such as Japan, China, and South Korea. It absolutely was the relatively high cost of ocean shipping that protected them. Once international shipping costs fell drastically, US industry was almost immediately exposed to competition that it had never encountered before., You probably never thought much about it, I might bet. Me neither. You understand, those big, ugly steel boxes - take them off the ship with specialized cranes, bolt them to a truck or stack them two high on a flat bed educate car and get them where they are going. And bassesse versa. What could become more clear that needing a standard to build to so all the moving and structural parts function with each other? Well, it can be common sense in hindsight but to the longshoremen on the piers of New York who used to fill and unload cargo, it certainly was nothing they ever wanted. Certainly something the trucking and educate lines and competing shipping companies weren't interested in fixing.

The book delves into problems and explores the many ramifications of the evolution of container shipping upon the economic, personal and financial impact of the system. Fascinating things and I would have rated the book higher but it tends to be dry, repetitive things and at times the chapters seemed more like sequential essays than a book. You understand it can be a lttle bit too on the academic side whenever your kindle shows that you are only 60% finished when you finish the last section. The remaining 40%? Records, bibliography, and index. Therefore, looking a for a very thorough examination of the topic? This is your tome., I enjoy " how stuff works" books which one delivered!

Container shipping is a business-to-business technology. Few consumers have ever directly sent or received a TEU container. Thus, one of the transformative technologies of the 20th century has gotten relatively little public attention.

The technology itself is straightforward: put a lot of cargo in a huge box (20 ft or 40 feet long), seal the box, move the box over the world transportation network (ships, railroads, and trucks), and then un-pack the at the far end. Among other things, this system cuts down on shrinkage from robbery.

The business side is far more complicated. Somebody had to design ships that could carry boxes more effectively. Somebody had to persuade ports to install new container-handling systems. Somebody got to tell a great deal of dock workers that their services were no longer needed.

In the end, almost all of the lower costs flowed through to shippers rather than the companies offering shipping services, That is a positive thing.

Levinson's guide covers this revolution from several angles. On the down-side, there is no key heart to the book; the closest he comes is following the career of Malcom McLean, although even that narrative thread is interrupted often. On the up-side, the book is meticulously sourced, with many references to original documents from slots in New York City and the San Francisco Bay Area., I found 'The Box' was absolutely fascinating. The story of the shipping container might have been largely ignored, but it explains a great deal about the onset of globalisation in late 20th century.

Until the mid 1960s, ocean shipping was transported in breakbulk ships; the cargo manually jammed into the ships' holds by teams of longshoremen. The process was laborious and time eating. Major port cities like New York and Greater london were structured around their docks, with factories around their ports to reduce the costs involved with the multiple handling and warehousing associated with transporting goods.

Then, a few pioneers started seeking to move shipping in containers. Within a few short decades, storage containers revolutionised world trade. Storage containers of goods could be seamlessly moved from a factory, between trucks, locomotives, and ships to customers. Where once it might have taken months to deliver a product or service from the US to Europe, it can now take not more than a week. Global trade skyrocketed!

Nobody predicted the enormous impact that containers were to have on the global economy. Once, companies concentrated their factories in one location to minimise transport costs. With the creation of fast, cheap and reliable container shipping, component manufacture was farmed out across the world to the cheapest supplier. The structures of port cities changed significantly, with whole longshore areas being destroyed, and factories moving to where land was cheap. Of course, countries in Asia soon became major manufacturing capabilities.

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