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This is such a sweet book. My little girl needed to read it over and over. She cherished every minute of it and talks about it all the time! She has an enormous imagination and this book just feeds into it., The story was a bit confusing with which owner belonged to which dog. The smoothness of the dogs is comparable to what a child would do in that situation, so I think the story in itself experienced a good meaning., This specific was a sweet tale and my son and am enjoyed it. " Bowie Finds a Doll" (Bedtime Story Animal Photo Books For Kids Book 1) , cute children book. I love the whole series!
The moral is also important, I enjoyed this guide the most by the writer. This was an enjoyable read with great illustrations and a unusual little story about dogs., It is a decent tale with a good ethical. Speaking from the perspective of your adult: the plot meanders, with the characters changing (perhaps LOSING) focus - whether they're playing with a ball, or fighting over a found toy. This sort of distracted confusion lasts through the story, with the various dog characters changing goals (depending on whether they're more enthusiastic about the doll or in praise from a human). To tell the truth, I cherished this. It reminded me so very much of the exact sorts of interactions I've observed in groups of children, where motivations and goals can change in a heart conquer, as everyone involved continues on the journey of learning what's important... what just seems important for a moment, and then what is really more important.

I can also say that, while I actually can see what sort of child might enjoy this tale a time or two, it lacks the same feel of books and stories I've known children to want read to them over and over. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but I do believe the meandering aspect of the plot might be a little too close to real life, and absence the rhythm of traditional childhood favorites. It's not reasons to avoid this book; I found it pleasant for what it is. But if you're looking for a *special* book that a child will treasure for years, I would not recommend this one.

I received an electronic copy of the title at no cost for review purposes. Virtually any view expressed is mine alone, and influenced by no other., It is a great children’s book by creator Yael Roseman. I absolutely enjoyed reading this book with my grand kids also it brought a few smiles to our faces. They loved not only the story, but additionally the illustrations by Rino Adi & Lintang Pandu P.

I actually thought the text and illustrations worked very well together. It communicates important life lessons that 'teaches children to be kind and considerate without seeking affirmation. It also offers lessons about gratitude and how it can be enough for it to come from just people who matter as opposed to the entire wide world. '

This seems to me that this book has already been created with a lot of love and happiness and it is very clear that the creator really enjoys creating such wonderful books. I have shared your stories with my own family and we have all found great delight in them. I want to thank sharing with us the gift that you have obviously worked extremely hard to refine. Five stars from us. We’ll be looking forward to seeing what’s approaching next., *I voluntarily read this book*

I rarely read children's books, but when I saw the cover with three dogs I couldn't resist getting a copy.

First off, Need to say the illustrations are great. The artist did a good-job of drawing the dogs to fit their personalities.

The storyplot is very quick, I was capable to finish it within a short while. I feel in love with Bowie, the primary dog at the centre of the story. I also liked her friends Cleo and Zaza. They have got different personalities and their friendship is cute. The tale has it funny moment h, but there, s also the heartwarming occasions where it teaches an important lesson.

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