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He makes some excellent details and this definitely influenced how I think about things. Yet , I disagree with him strongly in one point and i also feel that he skirted one important issue. Near the ending of the book he gives an example where a child refuses to go to school and the mother realizes she " can't make the child go to school" but sets the border that the child will have to stay in his room if he does not go to school. The particular problem with that reasoning is, if you aren't " produce a child go to school" how can you " make a child stay in his room"? We can't make a child enjoy college or even take notice of the instructors, these things take incentives and consequences, but parents do still need to hold onto the reigns on certain issues. It is a delicate line, but I can and do " make" my children go to school.
The other issue is one of an abusive marriage. He covers putting upwards boundaries and leaving for the night if these boundaries are violated. This is certainly always done for a short time frame and then the abused spouse earnings home. There are situations where this is effective. In a true violent situation (physical or mental) it plays with fire to leave and come back over and over. The particular physical abuser can be deadly. A mental abuser will learn how to better manipulate her target without his realizing that his boundaries have been violated and thereby twisting reality even further. Any abusive person is never to be trifled with, and without genuine repentance and clear signs of change one is foolish to continue to expose themselves to that risk regardless of background, children, or feelings. With regard to all of his understanding, I am shocked this is not made more clear., Excellent resource for finding out how to set boundaries. This is VERY Christian and Biblical in its concentrate, which is often either a positive r a negative, but also means it is definitely a turn off for a lot of., this was recommended by my therapist, it is PERFECT my go to tool for when ever I need ME time or simply dont want to do something We feel I am being forced into. I love it!!!, Had I investigated farther, I could maybe have found out that the book is very tiny. Much too small for my eyes to learn. We purchased the e-reader version and gave this away., This is precisely what Required. One of the biggest struggles as a Orlando is where and when we can set boundaries without feeling guilty or abandoning our Christian walk., Excellent book. A must read for those that struggle with saying " no". We have been a indeed person all of my life. I never wanted to let people down, especially loved ones and friends. This book has opened my eyes that stating " no" is okay. I am so pleased I've read this publication and on occasion refer again to some chapters just to refresh my storage., This book has truly changed the way that I think about me personally and my interactions with others. If you're prepared to do some soul-searching and are looking to grow as a person, this book is a great read.

The writers break things down and give relatable examples that really help you think about your situation and how you deal with boundaries. It's an interesting publication, and I recommend it for anyone, like me, who is looking to improve their confidence and enhance their relationships with friends and family., When confronted by Biblical passage I am more sensitive to the intention behind doing so. Getting someone who has gained a lot of self worth from a supportive group this book really has been a step towards a more principled lifestyle. Growing up with poor boundaries, I identified with the mission at the rear of the book before We read it. After reading Boundaries I am eager to reading further in Henry Cloud's books.
Personally I know I still have work to do here. I write and stay in contact with my support group. We want to grow in other locations of my life like the storyline at the ending is about. That requires taking the risk to exhibit up for it. Valor for me has come from faith. Wherever you draw your faith from this book has the nature to carry you in love.

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