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An incredibly interesting read. I very much enjoyed the author's use of anecdote to express history in a more entertaining way than providing facts and figures. Nevertheless, I will say that most of the anecdotes seemed to be based read more about the authors imagination than genuine history. Sentences about the historical figures' feelings and thoughts are almost undoubtedly Mr. Curtis's own interpretation and not guaranteed in research. In many circumstances, the reader gets the sense that Mr. Curtis is conveniently using these varieties of historical liberties to skew perceptions and alter the gravity of the quantitative source material (whether to make the fact more or less significant).

Overall, it is an interesting and informative read. I high suggest this guide., Adore the book! The background of Rum and drinks created for a very interesting read. Wayne has great way of telling the stories with a rum sense of humor. Your dog is merely a few bottles quick of being pirate. The rum drinkers will understand it well. The only downside of reading this book is your heading to want to test almost all of the drink recipes detailed in the book.

Cheers!, I enjoyed the book, learned a lot from that., Definitely one of my favorite nonfiction books - fun read, entertaining writing style, great details. The drink recipes are a bonus XD, An extremely pleasurable book, though for me, it started a little gradually. But after a section or maybe more, I was connected. As the subtitle indicates, author Curtis doesn't just present a history of rum, though this is covered in admirable detail, but interweaves the tale of rum with the concomitant history of the U. S., the Western world Indies, and even Europe to some degree, dating back to the seventeenth century onward. Mr. Curtis is adept at describing the connections between the mood trade, patriotism, slavery, and other seemingly disparate matters, while correcting myths and dubious assertions. Readers are treated to the alcoholic origins of several curious traditions and expressions, such as " at loggerheads. " Students of history, philology and/or libations will likely find " And a Bottle of Rum" quite to their taste., I don't drink very often, but when I do I love to have a well-prepared Cuba Desembarazado or something else that uses rum. I understood that one of the first real factories in what-was-to-become the United States was a rum distillery, but this terrific book is packed with all sorts of interesting stories about rum and its contacts to the culture. The tale of how the rum-and-Coke came to be was especially interesting: I failed to know that rum was kind of a second-rate spirit for almost all of its life. I think this book will be appreciated by anyone interested in the country's social history., It's not often that one book can manage to be all 3: funny, fascinating, and informative. In fact, this guide makes me believe that we avoid understand early American background all that well, although our knowledge is growing daily.

For instance , why performed Columbus end up in the Caribbean, not in Virginia? Columbus was, of course , the leader, but the trans-Atlantic way became a Known Factor in short order: leave Europe and sail SOUTHERN to African waters, then cross the Atlantic in the tropical latitudes (winding in the Caribbean). With regard to the trip home, cruise your loaded boat to the north to the area of Virginia, and then cross back to Europe. It absolutely was a rectangular journey. As the trade developed, ships would wrap with goodies for the New World, head to the south to Africa (and maybe load some slaves, unfortunately! ), sail over to the Caribbean, unload slaves, load rum, and then sell the rum in North America (probably for tobacco), and then home, loaded to the gills with lumber and cigarettes. Follow the Gulf Flow, and stray no more!

But we mustn't overlook that one tiny detail: fill up with rum in the Caribbean, and carry it north to the future USA. Rum quickly became America's favorite drink: cheap, and intoxicating.

Yet where did it come from? Well, rum was the unlooked-for child of the sugar industry, which created some of the biggest fortunes of its times. This book recounts an amazing, funny tale of King George III, out for a drive in his stunning carriage having its glorious outriders --- who had been almost run off the road by way of a much larger and more splendid carriage. "Who was that man?! " spluttered the King, simply to be informed that it was a multi-millionaire sugar trader. The King whirled around to his Minister, and said, "Take a note! Investigate taxes on sugar! inch

These ultra-rich Englishmen finally convinced Parliament to move the Sugar Act --- to protect their substantial incomes --- and this was the first time People in america actually got the British Government to improve something. Huge cheating and smuggling pushed the British to lower the tax to a mere penny --- and Americans learned that they had some power in the world. When Parliament passed the noxious Stamps Act, the result was the Boston Tea Celebration, and we all know where THAT led!

But who woulda guessed that rum (?! ) played such an important role in American independence?

That's merely a taste of the things in this wonderful book. If you're interested in background, I can't recommend anything at all higher (no that's not a pun! )

Cheers!, Second purchase. Loved the read... house guest got it home to end it... never first got it back. This might have been the first book I've owned where I've highlighted phrases and phrases just by how they made me feel, so that I could go back to them and conjure up another grin, grimace, gasp, or guffaw.

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