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I voluntarily reviewed an Enhance Reader Copy of this book.

Wow, this book is an absolute gem that you NEED to READ! You did it again Mickey Miller!! When you like hot and steamy passion, scorching hot intimate scenes of an older man and a younger woman, then this one was congratulations. From the very first web page, I had been spellbound by these fantastically described charismatic characters that might be yourself falling in love with. Sebastian Blackwell is so freaking SEXY! And funny in a cute way! And lovable in the hottest way!! Sebastian is a local man of Blackwell who worked hard and became a self-made billionaire who is arrogant, egotistical and when he wants something—he gets it—come hell or high water. The one thing Sebastian has done for his town is give back to them—hence Blackwell name of town. Brett Blue is fairly sweet and innocent looking, but she can hold her own. When Brett starts off working for Sebastian at his company in Blackwell, the sizzling chemistry between the Brett and Sebastian is off-the chart hot and it causes leads to that are explosive. I enjoyed reading this history because it was participating, entertaining, scorching love scenes that burned through my iPad, and a persuasive storyline. The scenes are well written, fast-paced and flow smoothly from one scene to the next. The book will pique your interest and pull you in right from the start to the very end., Want I could give this more than 5 stars!! I LOVED LOVED this book!! Of course it might have something to do with the point that Sebastian is one of the best male names. Once again Mickey has taken us to Blackwell and I for one, am very glad he did. Mickey has a way of weaving humor, angst, and relationship so that we, the reader, go through all feelings as we read. Sebastian is a self made billionaire with the good looks that could could melt an iceberg. He is also the kind of man that always gets what this individual wants. What he desires now is a certain property that he will not own.. The Azure Estate. Brett Blue, such a cute name, needs a job and is applicable at Blackwell Industries to become a sales rep. Surprise, the girl is hired shortly after she applies for the job. Sebastian: " If you can't beat them, hire them. " This book will grab your from the very first page. The particular characters are very well crafted and the story is busy, but flows easily since you are reading. Brett and Sebastian are off the chart with their chemistry which results in steamy love scenes that will heat up your Kindle. This guide is a definite one-click buy!! I highly recommend this book to anyone buying great story, smoking love scenes, and a story collection that will suck you in making you feel like you are in the story itself. Another fantastic hit for Mickey Burns!!, Loved this book!!! It’s sizzling HOT! Another amazing history by Mickey Miller! Sebastian grew up poor and wanted to make a difference in the city this individual calls home. Through Investing his money and making smart decisions he became a billionaire. Now this individual wants to expand and build a ranch that will assist employ many people in the town, helping the economic climate. The sole thing standing in his way is the property owned by Brett and her family. Value to getting what he wants, this individual goes to make Brett an offer she cannot refuse. Refuse she did but , the medical bills her father left at the rear of after his death requires it’s toll on Brett and her mother. Brett ends up applying for a job at Blackwell industries. Little does she know how much her life is going to change, once she has to resolve to her sexy as heck boss, Sebastian. This book have you from the very first page! It’s so good you won’t want to put it down! The chemistry between Sebastian and Brett is smoking hot!! A definite must read with a HEA ending!, Sebastian Blackwell is not your typical bad boy billionaire. He's the area boy turned billionaire. He has taken and invested his money back into his hometown and hopes to help it grow. His plans come to a halt when Brett Azure thwarts them.

Brett has dreams of becoming a author but needs some ideas. In the meantime the girl requires a job working for Sebastian. Brett is clever, feisty, and oh how I loved her filthy mind. Things get interesting when Sebastian reads a part of Brett's book and wants to give her more inspiration. O hotness the chemistry between them is electric!! Why don't just say I would wish to have those kind of benefits!

This is the third book in Blackwell after Dark series and an amazing addition to the series. I was pulled in from the very first web page and didn't want to put my book down. You'll definitely want to discover how Sebastian and Brett's adventures inspired an e book. I can't wait to see where this series goes next!!, I laughed a lot while I read this one. I highlighted a lot of ranges that had me laughing. There’s a book within a book being written by Brett, giving her and Sebastian the excuse to “try out” scenarios for her erotic romance novel. Sebastian is all too happy to fill the role as lover, because he’s already a goner for her.: -)

Mickey Burns makes this premise work in a means that is not creepy; because face it, there’s an electrical differential between an employer and worker. They’re both charming characters in the way this individual writes it and no person does anything they do not want to do.

There did seem to be to be a stretch (of about five chapters) that I noticed weren’t as well edited as the sleep. And the feel of the dialogue was different once Sebastian’s grandparents arrived into the story. It was more mechanical together less rhythm.

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