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I believe Joe Camp's body of work, starting with 'Soul', has been leading to this book. The country needs a wake-up call about what is occurring to crazy horses, and Born Crazy is it. Camp's engaging writing style, not merely about horses generally speaking but about a specific herd, specific horses he brought into his life, is lovely. I train horses at Liberty; I've recommended 'Soul' to a students, and will follow that with inquiring them to read Created Wild. It is guaranteed to create and enhance accord and congruence with horses. I believe Born Crazy will prove to be another 'Black Beauty', which in that time, woke up visitors to the needs of horses and swept the country/world. We want that awakening again; many thanks, Joe Camping, for doing that., This particular book was a dissatisfaction. I am a horses lover and really loved Joe Camp’s book “The Soul of any Horse”. Nevertheless “Born Wild” has very little information about horses in the wild or about the process of adopting and domesticating crazy horses. The only specific information provided about domesticating a wild horse is that he used Simply no Agenda Time successfully. And there is some nicely written imaginary description of a wild herd. The sleep of the book is a political tract that contain a single sided attack on the BLM and the violation of the 1971 Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act to prefer special interest ranchers. I would have appreciated ability to hear about the broader picture, both sides of the argument as well as a factual account of the ultimate financial effects, intended and unintended, positive and negative, for the consumer and taxpayer of the BLM’s current operations as well as of their operations if they adopted the current law. May well Camp gives some monetary statistics about the increased cost to the consumer of the BLM’s current operations, but does not provide any information about the cost or availability to consumers of beef if the ranchers are not backed, nor discussion of some other consequences, nor any great the wild horses prior to the 1971 Act. He simply alleges repeatedly that the BLM is in infringement of the law and urges lawsuits against the BLM to get them to conform with the law. Alright, I get the point. It is absolutely tiresome to read the same thing repeatedly. Joe Camp says “Forcing proper enforcement of what the law states would effect the ultimate treatment for the problem…”. Maybe. But you may be wondering what would he propose if the ranchers then influenced Congress to change the law? Any kind of other solutions? None are proposed or discussed. This book was too shallow for me personally; it needed more ideas and the editor., This book kept me wanting to learning much more & couldn't put it down. The plight of the wild horses has always interested me personally & I have signed petitions for the roundups of the wild horses to be stopped. May well suggests in this book that attorneys come to the rescue to get them stopped & it seems that this is the only way to get it completed. Taking the horses from their homeland disrupts their families & even causes loss of life of the foals & adults. The bureau of land management (BLM) only caters to the ranchers wanting all the land for their cattle & sheep which eat the lawn to nothing, leaving dust particles & dirt. The authorities made what the law states to protect the wild horses & they are breaking their own law.
Something has to be done about it which Joe Camp is telling the reader. I intend to read more of his books, this one was very well written., Mr. Camp you outdid yourself! People do need to keep hearing how our government is taking the land from the horses and is giving it away lock stock and barrel. There is no oversight.

I wonder why I have to pay TWICE for my cow. I pay once within my taxes and proper I go to the store, I pay yet again. And then shall we talk about unscrupulous dirty double dealers who put horse meat in meat cause it's cheaper? Never mind I am one mil pct from the consumption of horse.

Horses are honest. They can tell in a split second if you are reliable or if they need to leave. Ask Cloud up in the Pryors. He emerged over to see me personally 4 years ago. Oh a new friend--he was thinking. Funny I as thinking the same thing! So what I could not touch.

You let the horse touch your spirit and you may never be the same. Watch the eye. One moment you will end up chastened to keep your distance and as soon as you step back that same attention softens.

I abhor what our government does. These people keep yakking about making humane policy but the 40 some years since the 1971 law went into effect--they have yet to get written humane policy. Which often leaves little babies with non hardened feet open to being run to loss of life. Or hot shotted because the COR orders it because the horse is not moving fast enough.

I love how this man who didn't have a horse suddenly found themself surrounded by them! The particular horses are teaching your pet and he's telling all of us in human what the concept is. All we need to do is open our ear to hear., Joe Camping is a master history teller and shares his knowledge of horses in a format that is always page turning and educational at the same time. He's thoroughly investigated the wild horse dilemma as it relates to the gross mismanagement by the BLM. Everyone in this country should read this book so they are made conscious of the atrocities that are occurring in this government agency. Simply through educated citizens might we stand united against this corruption that is so blatantly occuring right under our noses. May well Camp's philosophy how horses should live with humans and be trained naturally by establishing relationship and trust first is a must read by all horse owners. This book and it's predecessor " Heart and soul of a Horse" are must haves in your library. In fact, I would recommend ALL of Joe Camp's books. These people are the bible for all horse lovers/horse masters and show us how to provide the healthiest and happiest of lives for these magnificent pets in our care.

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