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Well written, insightful and appealing history that looks inside the human legacy of strength training and physical achievement. Our ancestry developed and cherished survival skills that we have somehow morphed into a fringe culture and idiosyncratic sport: ultrarunning as an X-sport. Far better to enhance our physical gifts and reach for the extreme than to reduce our biological skills to decrepitude under the influence of reality TV SET or social media... even if this sounds remote and difficult., I've ran 8 full marathons (and lots of numbers of 5/10k and minis)! but at some time I actually became... hurt. Two surgeries later I did not have the desire to accumulate usage as before, the sort of usage it takes to complete 26. 2 without croaking.
I actually mention this not in a boasting way but to say that I believe I've learned something about my body, my expensive shoes, my reason for really near killing myself (it sure felt like it at times) with mileage..... from this book.
If you've actually felt the freedom/mind eradicating of an early morning trail run or the misery of a 90-degree marathon, wonder why shoes companies change your favorite shoe much too often or the euphoria as you cross the conclusion line after a long run to the cheers of a crowd who remains no matter where you completing (and I usually was with the Penguins).... then read this book!!! Specifically if you've lacked a good reason for not carrying it out again.
Now to look into this barefoot "stuff"....
Fantastic, fast paced read., I actually run. This book, though running is a theme of it, is not a story of working, but is a history of mystery, adventure, action, and even anthropology. This speaks of the secretive Tarahumara, the Running People of Mexico. We discover their secrets along with a group of interesting, some would say eccentric, ultra runners who venture into the barely accessible Copper Canyons to meet these legendary runners on their own turf, though the phrase turf does not quite fit the rock and root strewn pathways that switchback the nearly straight walls of these treacherous canyons. Through this adventure, all the participants are challenged to reevaluate what they believed to be truth and uncover for us pathways for our own journeys, whatever they may be.

Typically the narrative is so persuasive, you will not want to stop reading, anxious to see what the next change will bring. Yet you will be so enlivened, you is just not want the book to end. And that's as close up as you can reach running a race on paper., Born to Work is a powerful and intimidating story about a lifestyle none of us all will probably fully experience nowadays;
how a small native population is forced by historical circumstances to flee to the canyons of the Serranía Madre, to maintain a lifetime of extreme exercising on a strictly limited diet;
how to package with anger management issues, overcome rejection and the inevitable disappointment with people, – and find a source of compassion again.

Typically the book also tells a detailed story of the 1994 ultra-marathon race, describing vibrant characters of amateur athletes and tribesmen choosing one hundred miles in an extreme competition. There are smaller stories woven into the narration, some quite familiar, others novel, and many make you question where the limits of human physics and emotional endurance actually may lengthen.

Overall, this is one of the most unexpected, unusual reads I have find in a few years.

I have to say, the Audible fréquentation of this book is done incredibly well. This captivates right from the first minutes and becomes out to be a perfect companion on your runs and long moves.

Try it out. I’m sure you’ll find your very own intersections.
Alice, This particular is a very enjoyable book, that can be read in a few hours (took me much longer but because I actually was reading in little bits). Some parts are really entertaining, though others were a bit more boring for me. When you are done with it it does not leave a very long-lasting impression, I'd say, but nonetheless you have a good time reading it., Being a mexican and a athlete myself, I found this read so amazingly offered. It is an exciting story of comraderie and solidarity between human beings. It is also a story that reaffirms why I love running despite the fact that modern culture holds the idea that the human body is not meant to run long distances and that we need all sorts of technology such as extravagant and costly shoes, orthotics, etc, when the actuality is that we may need any of that.

In this book, through a deep analysis about the Tarahumara and other tribes as well as the history of evolution from Australopithecus to the Homo Sapiens, one can learn why our bodies have evolved in such a way that we may need anything else but our legs and barefeet and why we all have been denying our own nature, which is being natural born athletes., I obtained to this book many years later than most runners, but that didn't lessen its impact. It is a true gem for anyone who puts one foot in front of the other at a rate faster than a walk. In case you run or even know how to spell the word run, you will thoroughly enjoy this book., Fun, entertaining and informative book. For old runners with this problem the book provides a challenge to keep on keeping on - get on the trail and run. Cool people outlined in this book. Are not aware of about non-runners, but walkers and athletes will enjoy this well written book. Some have argued Mr. McDougall gets around from topic to topic; I thought that was area of the fun. Take pleasure in, runners.

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