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This book is a great start. But it leaves me personally wanting so much more, I absolutely want to find out what happens to these great characters next.


Now i'm very curious and what will be found out about Lilith's powers and why Vlad is so considering the woman.

I'm hoping nothing to very bad will happen to the Ebon's granddaughter, she appears to be too cool to allow her to suffer
too much.

And of course, the triad, what will happen to them?

I sure the ominous things at the ending of the book don't end up too badly for the triad.., A wonderful follow-on from the author of Ancient Dreams,
Devoured the book in a single sitting and wanted it to be so much longer.: )
I have to admit that the Blue Impulse/Warden interaction reminded me a lot of so of the Heroine in Peril fictions, with a much more satisfying ending.

Nice clean and well-edited writing, living figures, and decent action made for a very pleasant tale., I’ve read and liked all 4 of this authors books and am impatiently waiting for the release of the next book in this series.
I think I prefer this book to the first series of books he released, there is just something about superhero stories that grabs me personally right in the years as a child., I'v been waiting for this to come out there for a month and damn was it worth the wait., This review is for an ARCH (Advance Review Copy) of the e-book version of " Born a Full. " It was given to me free of charge through an ARCH sign-up, in exchange for the promise of my honest review: so, here it is.

The " Lilith's Shadow" series, of which this is the first book, appears to take a similar approach to the comic-book-superhero template that " Ancient Dreams" do with videogame-style fantasy role-playing concepts. Which is to say: there's a strong worldbuilding base here, and interesting characters both major and minor, and the concentrate is on the lesbian romance between the primary figures, with the protagonist being a serious unique, arguably unnatural anomaly even among the fantastic beings that fill the world around the woman. While " clone of a supervillain" leaves much less room for interesting, fuzy narration than Sistina had as the immortal spirit of a dungeon in " Ancient Dreams, " a lot of the same appeal Medrano's storytelling had in that trilogy is alive and well in " Born a Full, " and this made it easy to pick upwards this book once I opened it on my Paperwhite. Sadly, now that I have the official Kindle release, it seems that Medrano's trend of formatting his Kindle books with unindented, spaced-out paragraphs continues here. A valid range of style, admittedly, but not the one that I much approve of, but the formatting otherwise shows up spotless as usual. Oddly, the formatting appears to be identical to the e-book types for " Ancient Desires, " which a strange decision considering the several world themes at play here. Presumably it was done for the sake of having a fairly easy publishing template.

Being an additional update, now that I have the paperback version, I'm perplexed to find it shares the same formatting since the e-book version: spaced out paragraphs, without indents. Not the way I would choose to read my physical novels, but also confusing because it means each chapter takes additional page space and thus, the page count itself is slightly inflated. I assume this was a quickly-made convenience decision, but I preferred when Ancient Dreams's physical version was formatted as a standard book would be, which made for a far more comfortable reading experience for me personally. The particular formatting of the physical book also does not contain any stylistic choices that are unique to Lilith's Shadow, so it is visually indistinct from Ancient Dreams in all other respects, as well.

Whereas Ancient Ruins began with a mysterious opener describing a demon being sealed in a gemstone and living out a hazy existence observing the passage of centuries around the woman, Born a Queen takes the arguably more people approach of beginning with a world-outline prologue describing a short history of the world of superpowers it takes place in, followed by a chapter in which a psychic supervillain called Shadowmind is cornered and apprehended in her undersea head office by two heroes, with the only real hint of the clone who serves as the protagonist of the story being a development pod that is plainly absent, with Shadowmind lamenting that she was unable to replace it with a spare pod in order to disguise its lack. There's certainly quite a lttle bit of mystery to be pondered in this situation (what could be so important about the identical copy that Shadowmind was prepared to put teleporting it out of the foundation before her own flexibility? ) but I will say it's not as narratively intriguing as the abstract stream of consciousness that Medrano began his previous series with. A new slightly weaker " hook, " then, but I really could tell by the writing that the qualities I look for in Medrano's writing are still there, with their tantalizing promise of more enjoyable light adventure-reading to come. I suppose I can't fault it for having a less mystical beginning, this technically being a story that was written before Ancient Ruins (even if it was heavily re-done after the fact).

From there onward I found the storyplot simultaneously better-paced and less-adventure-filled than Ancient Desires, a positive change that readers will either like or dislike depending on preference. Whereas Ancient Dreams spent a lot of time transitioning perspectives between a amount of characters both main character, villain, and support, " Born a Queen" maintains its give attention to the leading part trio of Lilith, Gina, and Rachel for the majority of its page space, switching to villain characters or the points of views of minor supporting figures only as often as is needed to create what's going on and what's accumulating in the background of the story. The result of this is a lttle bit of a gain and a damage. On the one hand, Ancient Dreams had a constant source of pressure in its villains, which helped balance out the fact that at the ending of it all the story didn't leave much room for the immortal dungeon spirit to be " challenged" all that much (the spirit being, after all, linked to a location that it had direct control over). Ancient Dreams suffered with this mainly in that the story never felt quite as unique or intriguing unless the camera was focused on Sistina and the characters in frequent contact with her.

Created a Queen doesn't have that problem, but also suffers from insufficient an antagonistic occurrence or a whole lot of superhero action outside a few specific places. The vast majority of the drama is in the interpersonal relationship between the two superheroines Gina (Warden) and Rachel (Morgan Le Fay) and the protagonist Lilith. Lilith maintains a fairly interesting perspective whenever the narrative's focus is on the woman thoughts, as did Sistina, although in a less abstract style. Somehow, in a way that just barely squeaks by as a fun kind of played-straight-parody element due to the comic-hero angle, Lilith's ridiculous competency at everything except social interaction and internal decorating (and her role as the distant proprietor of a successful corporation) ends up inserting the woman in the same role as Sistina as a relatively static, isolated personality who acts as a protector and (sometimes) provider for the other main characters, with suspicion being shone on her by a large, organized team of characters (much like the Adventurer's Guild in Ancient Dreams). There are a lot of a familiar is better than and elements here. A new lesbian romance that teases a polyamorous turn in the direction of the latter half of the guide, because lesbian polyamory in worlds of adventure appears to be Medrano's " thing; " a very implicit event of non-graphic close-call-rape from which Main Heroine must save Secondary Heroine, because that also appears to be Medrano's thing (and mind-control-slavery even makes a brief come back at this point, though like the rape aspect, it vanishes after a single appearance rather than being the omnipresent story point it was in that other series). It can very much looking like this author has a formula that his reports follow and I have to voice the slight (but important) criticism that such a formula should not be overused: it will be a good idea to mix it up in future novels a lttle bit more, I believe.

Having said that, I have enjoyed this book nearly as much as Ancient Ruins and although there is still the rare grammar error or little redundant wording, the text reaches least a reasonable bit cleaner than it was in " Halls of Power. " Now i'm looking forward to discovering what goes on with Lilith and her girlfriends, as well since the Ocean Shield main character organization, in future installments!, I was given an ARC version of this guide in exchange of an honest review. The story begins with a vilain caled Shadowmind who is being attackedin her lair by superheroes until she’ s finally captured. Nevertheless before she released the woman creation into the world and took measures to protect her “daughter. ”Lilith Carpenter. That young woman was released into a world she barely understands, without goals or desires and she navigate window blind with a inconvenient very power. The vilains in that story are hateful, however they have motivation to be like these are, in fact it is truly surprising how human they are. They think highly of themselves and treat others rather badly. One of many antagonists Blue Impulse is scum; he elicited in me feelings of detest and rage which almost blinded me to all of those other plot. But you must give attention to everything the writer show you to appreciate the grandeur of the storyplot. It wasn’ t just a superhero story; it had a lot of wisdom chucked into it. The love story between heroines was touching and warm, in the ending love is victorious al. Some crumbswere chucked in to show uswhat might happen to Lilith and coin the next book next year. I like how the foreshadowing was enacted! After the Ancient Dreams trilogy, we received another good contender with Lilith’ s shadow. I wil not miss the next book! Give this a chance; youare going to be surprised!

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