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" The Book That Changed America" made my day (month, actually)! I have longed for a publication just like this! Inside my mind, " The Book That Changed America", shows in a very original way how researchers learn from one another, how science is done, and how science can, and does, change the world we live in. With this specific occasion of doing science, Fuller masterfully illustrates how the most world-changing idea in history altered human pondering about itself. Plant and animal breeders have long known that selection of genetically diverse organisms changes populations in a very real way - normally 7. 5 billion people would never be able to feed themselves! Like a retired corn breeder, I am unable to to this day fathom why 1 / 2 of Americans still have trouble comprehending the reality of evolution! Reading Fuller's publication might help improve this situation.

Fuller's thesis shows how a prominent party of thinkers in 1860's Concord, MA learned that evolution via natural selection was not a suppose or a whim or an alternative idea to why life on planet is as it is. Fuller showed that Darwin's dangerous idea (this expression is also the name of a book by Daniel D. Dennett, 1995) was the theoretical basis for credit reporting the common origin of whites and blacks. For the people of Concord, and elsewhere, Darwin's idea that humans shared a common antecedent, ascendant, ascendent, with all of life affirmed in no unsure phrases that American captivity must be abolished!

I urge readers to distribute the word! This book is a must read and it's a must for discussion. Americans still have a ways to visit before we truly understand how our common origin should inform how we treat one another and how we treat the diversity of life. The men and women of Rapport didn't quite get there. Fuller did point away however, that Thoreau, got he recovered from the flu in 1862, might have united evolution with what he had been studying in fields and forests his entire life, ecology., Really well researched and equally well written account of the effect of Darwins opus on America as it struggled with captivity and the civil conflict. A great cast of characters from diverse walks of life make the pages fly!, This book is a great example of false advertising. Sadly, it isn't about how precisely The Origin of Species changed America. We are not sure what this publication is about. I learned a lot of interesting things about the origins of the Civil War, Steve Brown, and the Transcendentalists and their tight friendship in Concord, Mass. The most interesting information that actually had something to do with the title was your writing about Asa Greyish and Louis Agassiz. It wasn't deeply insightful but it was information I didn't know much about. The best chapter in the book, that actually pertains to the book's title is Chapter 21. No termes conseillés here, just check it out in a book shop and realize this is the best the publication has to offer as he relates Asa Gray's struggles- good stuff. Couple this with the worst chapter in the publication, Chapter 17, " Moods. " I challenge the author (or any reader) to respond to my review and describe what this chapter has to do with the name of the book. When again, take a look in a bookstore and I guarantee you will be scratching your head when you complete the chapter. Finally, even though the author failed to succeed in explaining how Darwin's book changed The usa I enjoyed many elements of the book because I am an extremely inquisitive person and I learned things I didn't know, plus he writes well. I am also influenced to find out if a local park (Sanborn Park) is named after Frank Sanborn. A science center called Walden West is in the playground. I had never observed of Frank Sanborn until I check out this book so I suspect you will find a relationship since he was a friend of Thoreau's. For that connection I am grateful, and it helped me choose to give the publication a 3 star rating., The book about Charles Darwin's new theory of development as it fell upon the intellectual leaders of Concord, Massachusetts, and environs on the eve of the U. S. City War.

Professor Fuller creates well, interestingly, and with an expert's knowledge on various themes, including the Transcendentalists, Southern slavery, Henry Jesse Thoreau, the Alcotts (father and daughter), and the attempt to reconcile technology with long-held spiritual thinking. Darwin's great book carressed and often rocked the considering the many smart Americans, those who required the trouble to think about the new world of thought as opened by Darwin.

While I think its title is fairly overstated, this book is well worth the moments of any serious student of U. S. history and literature. The ideas mentioned here are still relevant for the person still selecting out the whys and hows of this dwelling world., this is a great book, The Publication That Changed America: Just how Darwin's Theory of Advancement Ignited a Nation, is a history of how Darwin’s 1859 book changed American, especially for the worse due to eugenics. Most of the book reviews the effect on Darwinism on a major problem tearing apart America when Darwin’s publication was published, namely captivity. The story of the negro who was put on display as Darwin’s missing link was covered in some detail, as was the enthusiastic reception of Darwin’s book by many people leading American literary figures, including Henry David Thoreau, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and Bronson Alcott, the father of Louisa May Alcott. Harvard biologist and theistic evolutionist Asa Gray was critical in furthering the acceptance of Darwinism and the demise of theism, even though that was not his intent but the opposite. The other theistic evolutionist theory, that Mandsperson and Eve were the parents of whites, and this God created another set of parents that fathered the black races, fell away of favor partly credited Darwin’s book. The author shows how theistic development was important in producing two camps, those that advocated Intelligent Design and creationism, and the ones that determined Darwinism explains it all, thus no need exists for an intelligent originator to describe the development. The book reads like a novel and fills in a gap in the story of how Darwinism took over the world of academia and many of the educated members of society.

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