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Pretty much written book. The spells are interesting and fun to go through. Now i'm pretty new to the globe of spellcrafting, and We found this to end up being simple to grasp. There have been a few I has been familiar with from our studies, but also a lot of content that was fresh to me. I such as some of the alterations the author has made to some of the more usual spells. I feel a lot more energy using these variations than I did with the original incantations. Overall, a new great read to put to your collection since you grow in your knowledge of the arts., Love this book. Help me alto and offered me better understanding of Wiccan, First-time viewer -
We loved this book. Leonard has influence throughout the entire book, she offers plenty of detail on each part - has various spells and rituals with regard to any kind. She clarifies of what you require, the way to do it, in addition to what it's for - which is what a new very first time reader needs., We like this book. It's well written and I will refer to it a new lot., Nice little book,. The spells do not really require a lot of hard to find or expensive herbs, etc.. Readable and understand. Author clarifies details of the spells and warning prior to performing some of them. I'm not really interested in his passion related spells, as I has been taught not to carry out them 30 years ago, since it is controlling a person elses desires, but that is a matter of preference in addition to your own tradition. We purchase a lots of Create books, as I follow the TBWC tradition, and discover that is one of the few keepers of which I've purchased over the last 53 years. The last chapter has info that is very seldom present in any book--and very well written. Absolutely adore this book! Thank you, Nightshade, for sharing this details with the rest of us., I got this particular book yesterday and since a good eclectic Pagan for over ten years, I love that. It's full of all kinds of spells, which range from healing and protection spells, to potions and adore charms, to curses in addition to binding spells, to poppet magick (voodoo dolls). Awesome!, Very informative! I'm a new beginner and I've study other books but among my older mentors inside the craft recommended this book and a few others., I'm not really a fluffy-bunny Witch simply by any means, and We can appreciate shadow function plus the darker aspects of the Craft. Reading by means of the spells in this book, however, calls in your thoughts one or two of the " satanic witchcraft" textbooks I indexed when We first started on the path over 25 years ago (wow, saying of which puts a lot of things into perspective!! ). I suppose you have the variation between Magick and Witchcraft... or perhaps Witchcraft in addition to Paganism... whatever the brand, each individual can decide upon their own label, yet I'm talking about " directing energy to a good end result" versus " spiritual/religious worship". And regrettably, I would not advise this book for either purpose, but perhaps not for the usual reasons one might assume.

Magick will be as much about the practitioner's mindset since it is about the desired outcome, and it truly saddens me to see spells like these getting perpetuated in today's community that is already riddled with hate, bullying, exclusion and nastiness in basic. A death spell??? Really??? I'm a vegetarian... We couldn't even imagine putting out a death mean on another person - in addition to not because I'm frightened of a threefold regulation or some kind of karmic retribution. If a new person can put out enough energy via a mean, how much hate in addition to poison is festering inside their own heart to create the energy necessary to make that magick? Sure, bad things happen in addition to bad people exist... at times we have control over that/them, and frequently we really feel like victims. But as hard as it is (and I know, trust me), altering our very own hearts and behaviour and worrying about ourselves and our reactions very first is the answer. That old cliché d range is true: " Be the change you need to see in the world. " Isn't presently there enough malice and treatment out there already?

We gave it two stars only because I appreciate Brittany Nightshade for having her work in printing and for putting in a new disclaimer that one has to be careful when working with Black Magick (didn't get the " how" part though... umm, DON'T carry out it in the very first place maybe? ) We respect her right to put these spells in addition to the ideas they enhance out there... but We would be unhappy in case one of my children desired to use this book. There are far better spells out there.

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