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In the event the writings and ideas of Helena Blavatsky and Helena Roerich are your cup of tea, then you will find The Book of Secret Wisdom the perfect produce! After reading it, We felt like I had just read a poetic version of the complete historical past of Esotericism. Technically, this is a work of non-fiction. since it is a translation of actual selections from an ancient publication of wisdom titled, Typically the Book of Dyzan, which the author unearthed in a monastery in Tibet. It tells of the tremendous battle between the greed of the Dark Forces of the world and the power of Love in combatting such forces. This battle has raged from before the Dark Ages to the present time. An account is also projected for the last future. So, it is both history & prophecy combined. It certainly seems like the history of our planet so far, and provides both hope and courage via the strength of LOVE. The publication seems eminently relevant to today's global politics. In a personal level, my heart was trembling with love for all mankind when I finished the publication. It made me feel more optimistic about final world peace, and that love and respect among all colors and lessons of folks will someday be considered a reality and not simply a dream. It is a book to be read with an open center and mind. I highly recommend it!, " Welcome, reader, for the 3rd time. "
That phrase appears in books published decades before this one, in the English translations promulgated by the Agni Yoga Society after the First World War, making public the teaching from Nicholas and Helena Roerich. N. K. Roerich perished in the 1940's, his widow Helena (Yelena Ivanovna) died in the next decade. Agni Yoga is one name for this system of teaching and viewpoint; another name is Living Ethics, a label translated directly from the Roerich's native Russian (they escaped during the Bolshevik uprising).
Zinovia Vasilievna Dushkova came to be, in Moldova, about the time that Helena Roerich died in Indian. Mme. Dushkova has only recently been publishing British translations of her books; in her native European language, she has posted quite a few titles over the decades.

To have an English-speaking audience of readers, there is a historical precedent along with the claims of " secret", " esoteric", " hidden, " and so on. That precedent was set with the Secret Règle, published over a century in the past, under the name L. P. Blavatsky, herself an european emigre. The Blavatsky distribution, through her Theosophical Community, was possibly the first to present to the Western world the term " dzyan, " supposedly a word from Tibetan, meaning precisely " secret, " " esoteric, " " hidden. " Blavatsky claimed that her two-volume Secret Doctrine was an attempt to translate, with commentary, from Tibetan into English, the beginning of a book historic. She made no secret to the fact that hers was an unfinished work, that the mysterious Book of Dzyan was longer still and would require more books to hide the rest of its stanzas.

It is Madame Dushkova's claim that this present title, her Publication of Secret Wisdom, is nothing less than a continuation from the Tibetan Book of Dzyan. Therefore she takes after their self the role of replacement, beneficiary to Yelena Ivanovna Roerich, herself an ardent bayer and student of Blavatsky's career and writings.

Blavatsky's career, in exile in India and the Western world, left a sensational trail of scandal and calumny, along with those books of hers which have remained in print against all odds. Madame Roerich admired Blavatsky sincerely, but wished to evade the scandal and calumny if possible; however was indeed controversy and bad press about the Roerichs, their joint writings and magazines stayed largely out of the public eye. Madame Dushkova's book, if it is faithful to this interesting and controversial literary tradition, is going to get mud flung at it, and will be burned along with the child fiction by J. E. Rowling which has been so successful in recent years. The same people who object to Blavatsky, Rowling, and the Roerichs, are likely to resist Madame Dushkova right down to their last oz of strength.

In between those who repudiate and reject this " secret wisdom" heritage, and those whose positive reaction has an emotional, beyond-rational thrill of recognition, will be many readers who feel stranded, high and dry. They are polarized neither towards positive nor the negative, and are mostly in ignorance: and who can blame them? Books like this don't yield every day.

That said, Dushkova's Book of Secret Wisdom, in its careful and thorough reworking in English, may serve, and serve well, to bring in the ignorant, open-minded, open-hearted reader to a cosmology and life-style that is new and unfamiliar. Typically the English-language glossary is extended than the Dzyan-translation itself; and this glossary may be employed to come to grips, not only with Dushkova's books, but with those of Blavatsky and the Roerichs before her., “The Book of Secret Wisdom” is a glance at the Earth beyond Time, beyond Space, beyond Distance, conveying in simple phrases the past, present and future history of humanity. To be truthful, my mind could not fully understand what was written, but the heart noticed the entire Magnificent Mystery of Life on our earth and trembled in time with the words on the page.

When you see the stanzas from the Book of Dzyan, an amazing inner process takes place. You seem to experience the evolution of the planet; it will go on inside of you, and you also watch as their state changes. Now pain, now joy, now speeding of motion; then slowly, slowly, something binds you fast, and again a spiralling turn upwards, and then delight and Adore! Everything is so Fantastic and so Simple!

“The Book of Secret Wisdom” expands the boundaries of our vision of the surrounding world. It affirms that the foundation of all things is Love: without Adore there is no Life. It teaches us to hear and understand the Tone of voice in our Heart. We might also call this the doctrine of Blavatsky in simple words. For those who are searching, it is a field for reflection. The book provides an possibility to properly examine the confrontation between darkness and Light, and it makes us all take stock of how we can assist in improving the forces of Gentle. For me personally, this book is yet another possibility to touch the secret pages of a history of our earth, from its origins to the future times., This book includes a translation of an additional twelve stanzas of the oldest publication of our time, the Book of Dzyan. As opposed to some of the earlier translations, the stanzas are not accompanied by substantial commentary. Instead, this work can be read with our hearts. The stanzas can be read in short order, but contemplation boosts understanding. That is best to read it now, as the ideas are timely. Typically the publication of additional stanzas indicates an increasing preparedness by humanity for higher wisdom.

This volume also includes an outstanding glossary of Theosophical/metaphysical concepts which could remain on its own as a short volume. It is well worth reading and studying.

If readers are enthusiastic about previous translations of the stanzas, here is a historical past... A first in modern times, Helena P. Blavatsky revealed nineteen stanzas of The Book of Dyzan in two parts titled, Cosmogenesis and Anthropogenesis. These types of were published in 1888 in The Secret Règle. Then, from 1906-1918, Francia A. LaDue received 9 stanzas on the natural divinity of humanity titled Theogenesis, published in a amount of the same name. Also, Alice A. Mcneally included translations of 12 stanzas in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire posted in 1925 that evidently continued the stanzas that Blavatsky translated.

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