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This is certainly *THE* reference you need when setting up a PF-based router/firewall device. Overall the organization of the book is thoughtful and great explanations and examples throughout. I particularly enjoyed how the author started out with a bare-bones 2-line rule set and advanced to a much more complex network carrying the rule set throughout and adding to it as new matters are included.

The only real part of the book that I thought could have been done better was chapter 5 (DMZs). The author jumped between a DMZ on the same RFC 1918 subnet (via NAT/port forwarding) and a DMZ on a separate RFC 1918 subnet (still port-forwarded). Perhaps forking the running rule arranged in that chapter to illustrate both approaches would have been clearer and much easier to follow than trimming the rule set over in a back and forth fashion as the DMZ approach changed in the discussion. I also could have liked to have seen a more developed example rule group of a DMZ that uses public IPs and a LAN that uses NAT/RFC 1918 addresses complete with rules for accessing the DMZ open public IP servers from the LAN network. Some flipping between the examples in chapter 5 and the PF man page obtained me where I wanted to be though.

Their a great book overall that vastly improved my familiarity with PF. I'm so thrilled to now have a solid and secure OpenBSD network appliance that I can understand in detail how it works., OpenBSD is great for network traffic management, NAT, Firewall, Router, Acces Point, DHCP, VPN...
just name a network service. Just about all of this in OpenBSD is connected to the the well designed and well
recorded PF (Packet Filter).
This guide is a good companion to the man pages, highly reccomended to all system managers
who build network services using OpenBSD., pf is harder to config than ipfilter, because it's more capable. NOrmally, I can ust go with a man page.
But here, the publication is needed. Clear, with good explanations of why, to be able to use the ideas not simply the examles, This guide just effing rocks! enough said... Great new third edition too, which includes new syntax changes., Great book help me on the way to get my firewall setup on FreeBSD, Great book. Very useful. Received it in document time., Great PF publication, Third edition, huh? Therefore how does this build up?

Let’s get the apparent aside. All three models have yellow covers, but the first edition experienced blue trim; the 2nd edition, pumpkin; the third, a sort of fern green.

Once you open the cover, you find that the 3 rd edition works much like the earlier editions, starting with a simple packet filtration setup and building after it. Building after success is perhaps the best education and learning technique, and it suits the topic quite well.

Structurally, BoPF3 is much like the earlier editions. CARP and redundancy now gets its own chapter, which is a welcome addition.

The real meat of this publication is in the examples, tutorials, and explanations. PF has changed since the second edition, notably with more flexible traffic management plus some syntax changes. Not all BSDs have remained synchronized with OpenBSD’s PF, so they have the unenviable job of documenting the dissimilarities between OpenBSD, NetBSD, and FreeBSD. He’s done a great job of this by merging information where appropriate, but breaking out some matters by operating system. For example, if a matter needs a sysctl, this individual lists them for every single functioning system. When a topic requires more in-depth explanation, such as traffic prioritization, this individual breaks out OpenBSD’s new priority system as one section and FreeBSD/NetBSD’s older altq prioritization scheme in another. This makes it very easy to find what youre looking for. This publication teaches you how to use PF to filtration packets equally well as a million dollar appliance, with more insight and control.

One impressive thing is that this book is very clear. Providing an section a title like “Things You Can Tweak and exactly what You Probably Should Leave Alone” gives you very certain ideas about what’s in this part of the book. Hansteen explicitly describes how PF works. He or she also discusses what happens when the real world impacts your firewall. He or she hasn’t just got PF up and running in the lab: he actually utilizes this stuff in the real world, using its malformed packets and silly protocol implementations and more serious protocols, and keeps services running despite everything that.

In case you use PF on any platform, buy this book.

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