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We have read all of Paul's others channeled texts and attended a few of his workshops as well. So yes, I find the work incredibly powerful and beautiful. This text may be my favorite, chock packed with goodies such as a few retellings (corrections) of the connotations of Jesus's teachings.

The guides takes us on a journey up the mountainside - as we rise up and up - seeing the lives we have lived - seeing everything with the eyes of the Christ. And the eyes of the Christ means to see all with the eyes of the Creator, which means seeing the Divine in all. Through several guided passages and decrees, the instructions give us chinese and the experience of aligning to the Divine Self, so that individuals no longer are operating as our small self. But rather as our True Selves, " healing the world" through our very emanation and belief of the divine in all. I finished the book with the sensation tone of loving my do it yourself as I am and never have to do a damn thing. As well as for me, that is quite unusual. And it feels amazing, frankly.

Now i'm a lover of words, and this experience was like being told the most beautiful, soothing, feel-the-truth-in-my-bones history by divine parents sitting at my bedside.

In case you identify with being highly intuitive or empathic, you may very well have a visceral experience reading this text. And if a person, well I'd be curious about your experience as well., The following transcript was taken from a channeled live stream keep away from 2015. This really got my attention and I asked the question of myself, do I really align to truth?
The truth of who I really am. Am I completely honest with myself as well as others in my day to day life? (I'm talking radical honesty here. )

" Now the Word ascension has been misused by many of you. What it takes is to live beyond the known self, the small self, the perpetuated small self to the divine self that attempts to operate as and through you. As well as in the girl awakening she calls ahead and lifts the physical plane to be in congruence. Do you understand this? The divine do it yourself that is the truth of who you are is what does the work here. The small self cannot. She can improve her status. She can do an excellent job at this or that, but it is the divine as you, the active principle here who transforms her landscape by holding the vibration of truth and acting after it. Understand those words please, acting after it means that the keen as you, in the girl realization as you, is called into service by her very nature, to claim a new world. Yet some of you say " I just want to pay the bills. " " I don't wish to be so sad, or so terrified. " Understand these words friends. The divine do it yourself as you is never frightened, because she does not align to fear. The divine self as you has the witness that you seek to live your landscape. In addition to the divine as you who knows her name, I am here, I am here, I am here, is the one who has come to claim the kingdom. The kingdom as we teach it, is the knowing of the keen in all manifestation. "

I realized that I wasn't applying truth to my life in this way and I really was sketched to read the Book of Mastery and Now i'm so thankful that I read it. These theories are truly wonderful, I can state this first hand since applying them in my life. The results began manifesting directly away, you can't ask for more than that. It might not exactly be comfortable sometimes either, but facing fear isn't very.
I found the energy these words give off is palpable, I really resonated very strongly with it, and am loved that experience. The Guides say they are with you in support every step of the way, and I found that be true. Once you hook up to the Divinity within it is an easy force and the fear subsides more and more. In my opinion this is the path to total independence.
The other thing I love about these teachings is it is about raising the vibration of the whole planet, NOT just the self.
I absolutely adored this book, it is funny at times, immediate and to the point and it gives you the tools to have a completely new experience of life.
Thank you to Paul Selig for the work you do, it is wonderful., Right now there is a clarion call coming from within the equsite text of COMPETENCE, and it's aliveness beckons and transforms with every turn of the web page! This channeled work is NOT a self-help book as the Guides describe. Rather, it is a book to the do it yourself, to know the do it yourself, and to re-create the do it yourself in the highest octave (page 288). With a new song, please welcome the True Self! The Guides say that they do not make us into saints. In addition they say that this transformation and new song is not about leaving the world; it's about being completely on earth as the Real Self, as well as in honor, not in fear; in joy, not in anger, and in forgiveness, not punishment (page 347). I say thanks to Paul Selig and the Guides for " self" evolving books that never become dated. Truth is everlasting! Truth is also unlimited! So with love we patiently await presentation and completing the Trilogy!, This material is so informative and valuable I don't have the proper words for it. I grew through every chapter or " day lesson" and my entire life is better for it and my soul is blessed. I'm joyfully on to book 2 in the trilogy! I suggest this for everyone who would like to know who they truly are. For everyone who is a finder. There is knowledge and wisdom to be found within the pages and to be awakened within the reader. Thank you Guides and thank you John., This is the 4th book channeled through John Selig, and the the one which impacted me the most. " I am the Word" is a basis for all of you rest. I was eager to carry on to " Book of Truth". I feel I could have gone directly from IAW to " Book of Mastery. " It is very helpful to include Paul's questions and reactions to the material. This helps in absorbing the impact of the materials., This first book of the two-book Mastery series is wonderful. This book of Mastery presents some fascinating new insights to our truth as creatures of light, aspects of the Divine. Read it. Practice it. Assimilate the truths here and allow them to supersede the "small learning" of the "small self" that all of us have from our experience thus far in life. Be ready to develop quickly as you accept the truth of who you are, who you have always been. Step into your truth and become the example for a thousand others. Namaste.

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