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I need to start off by saying that I'm an editor who has a friend in PAGE RANK, and I have works individually published, so I had low expectations for this book. But there have been so many reviewers saying that their books are bestsellers due to this book. I thought I might try it out.

The information on mind mapping and how to organize an outline from that. It was fairly practical information. I use mind maps, and I thought that the " system" converted to a good method of organization.

The other information was easy to understand, and there have been reasonably useful resources provided. We didn't see canva mentioned, but maybe I missed something. That's a major one for book design.

I liked some of the information in the Kindle Book Launch Blueprint chapter. I thought it was pretty intelligent to boost your price while performing a free promo so that readers have the understanding of getting a higher value. I didn't even know you can manually stop your promos, so that was good to find out, too.

Lack of practical application information in marketing itself. I have a friend who's in PAGE RANK; I *know* you need to build an e-mail list of potential buyers. What We don't know is how to go about doing that. He said to tell everyone about your book prior to the free launch--who, exactly? In addition to how? No real practical information. There are TONS of sites where you can get your ebook listed free; why not link to some of those sites or give reasons why a possibility a good idea to use them? Your current launch isn't going to do anything if no person knows about it. The only thing I saw is to hold an appliance cover design " competition" to upload different versions of the cover on social media and ask for votes. *Everybody* really does that. Nobody pays attention to that anymore. *Maybe* if you offered a giveaway with it, that might get attention. Yet that's not even mentioned.

There is an terrible lot of excess " information, " mainly success stories.

This is I decided to write this review. As I said, I am an editor. He describes in one little spot that you should give your editor a turn-around time of 2 .5 weeks. That it's " more than enough" time, failing to remind you that the book he's telling you to write in the writing section is around 30k words. He or she gives a time body of *TWO DAYS* for an editor to do first-round content editing. Together with writers who know what they may doing, I can note that as reasonable for first round in a 30k " book. " For brand spanking new writers who have written an 80 to 100 000 novel, that's laughable. We can barely *read* a full-length novel in that time frame, let only do first-round edits, even with a professional author. When you're writing a 100, 000 word novel, you can expect an actual copy editor (not a beta reader) to take approximately one week for first-round edits, if they are working on it full-time. If you are a new writer, it will take longer. Estimated time frames here are generally true:

I don't charge their rate chart, but I've seen my time frames to be right around in line with this.

Right now there is some useful information that I'm going to re-read, but almost all of it is more of the same: email list, free books, cover design, editing... but the only practical information not being true marketing. This has good starter facts about where to *find* an editor, cover designer, and some practical information on writing. It's okay for [ARTICLE_BODY]. 99. Whether it would have cost one buck more, I would have returned it.

For anyone more enthusiastic about the marketing side, that has been the complete reason I acquired this book, Your First 1000 Replicates by Tim Grahl has much more practical information and is also similar in marketing content., I was looking for more information about the marketing aspects of self publishing. To myself, this book dedicated to writing tips which is good information for beginners., Genuinely helpful book. I know quite a lot about kindle publishing yet this guide cleared up and expanded my knowledge significantly. Absolutely congratulations, really worth each of the 5 stars I'm giving it. Check out the display shot I uploaded -- this one page only could have saved me several hundred dollars in mistakes. Good work!, As a new author get started this guide is invaluable. Chandler reduces everything you need to know from commence to complete for writing a book that will sell. I put a book up in kindle last year, and all I can say is I wish I had read this book first. There are so many great ideas and tips from writing to enhancing, even how to choose15463 the right title and subtitle. In addition to at each step there is an action plan and a challenge.

After reading this book I now have gotten myself a partner to keep me responsible and am going to be able to put out a better book in a quarter of that time period that I did before.

If you are serious about making your book a viable source of income then you should not hesitate and start reading, Chandler Bolt and Adam Roper serve up a winning guide for effectively writing and publishing your next book, whether you're a newbie or a pro. If you're serious about launching a book and not wasting time, Chandler and James will get you to that destination in 90 days, even though you haven't yet decided on a topic!! With succinct instruction and examples, Book Launch will direct you step by step through the writing, editing and marketing phases leading up to launch day. Mind roadmaps, outlines, establishing a writing routine, hiring an publisher, designing a cover and creating buzz are all explained. If you want to see your book published on Amazon in ninety days, then follow the Book Launch system and make it happen!, This book is extremely valuable. I almost can't believe he's giving away so many tricks and tips to self-publishing in a book. This content is worth so much more than the price of this book.

Because a fellow author on Amazon with a bestselling book - I thought I knew the secrets of the pros - but I figured out a bunch from this book that will really help me take it to the next level in my upcoming series of books. THEREFORE GRATEFUL to come across this guide. Thank you Chandler! You rock., Excellent read. This was the very first. Book I've read cover to cover in a long time. In 2 times, too.

This guide has really great tools and moving stories. There are a bunch of plugs for his self-publishing school, but his purpose in doing so is valid.

Keep up the great work, Chandler., I've always wanted to write a book but never really knew where to start. Excellent couple of fiction books that I've been working on (for a few years). We would start, then stop, then start again. We wasn't sure what to do next. I went through this book step by step and wrote my first non-fiction book (easier process than fiction We think). Now that Personally i think more confident in the whole process I will be ready to tackle the hype books again. Book launch will get you from idea to published and provides a great step by step system for you to follow. Great read for any aspiring author.

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