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Typically the Book of Joy lives up to its title and goes much further. It illustrates the many ways in which we can all bring greater joy, happiness and purpose into our lives, and illuminates the nature of the interconnected relationship between painful feelings and deep happiness. Typically the book not only reaffirms this truth with great clarity, but through the magic of Abrams’ skillful facilitation shows the many ways in which those two great spiritual leaders, both of which are also great educators of peace and reconciliation, embody the totality of what it means to be both ordinary and simultaneously outrageous, mischievous, and completely unpredictable!
A sudden delight of this book is the rate of recurrence and ease with which these two men bring forth their playfulness, humor, wisdom, and laugh-out-loud humor, even when they are immersed in profoundly strong discourse.
Exactly what I found personally most rewarding was the educating that ran through the book that had to do with the many ways in which it is possible to find pleasure even in the most difficult of times. Both of these men have suffered great hardship and difficulty in their own lives and the lives of an incredible number of their countrymen, women and children, and yet their extraordinarily brilliant soul shines brightly through every page of this amazing book. How do they do it? The Publication of Joy truly satisfies its promise to answer that question.
I give this guide 5 stars only because I can’t give it half a dozen!, A fast read that offers much good medicine for our troubled world. Both the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu have increased beyond their respective beliefs to reach out to all humans regardless of their location. A lot of inspiration here. Read it once or twice and munch about what they say. It could lighten your weight, put a smile on your face, and maybe change your life., I wish everyone in the world could read this publication. Could not put it down from the moment I started reading. H. H. Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu are a pair of the finest living Beings on earth. We are fortunate to have their encouraging and inspiring words on how to reside in these challenging times. I sent copies of this book to friends and family and they will pay it forward. Typically the best book which i read in 2016., Love this book! These two are absolutely brilliant.

Only down side is the fact that I bought a few copies to give as holiday gifts from Amazon and another showed up w/ a slightly split jacket. Not a big enough deal to sort with getting a replacement but if you can buy this direct from a bookstore I'd recommend that path., The ideas of these two great men are beautiful and valuable. I did not feel that the writer did as good a job presenting them as he might have., Purely enjoyable. Heard about this book on the Rich Roll podcast, and the interview with Doug Abrams was quite endearing. I bought the book before I completed listening to the podcast. Sent a copy to my parents too. I like the meditative practices at the end; it gave me a solid jump-off point to help put mindfulness into practice., From the good book. My only issue would be that you have a few basic things and it repeats them again and again. It did give me insight into both men that I never expected. Although I am never religious, I do think many religious teachings are humanities way forward. This particular book breaks it down into very simple and straightforward to understand concepts and that's its strength. Is actually a practical book on life - written in a very simple manner., I only started to read simply a bit. The great book which i aren't wait to finish.

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