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Excellent reference book. Everything is all in here and better than finding bits and pieces on the internet. At least you can write notes in the book and highlight what works for you delete word. The contents are put together very well., Fantastic GNS3 book! Teaches you everything you need to know to operate on a kicking GNS3 lab., Great resource for any network lover or professional., Many thanks,
Kurt, This is an excellent resource., GNS3 is a combination platform graphical network sim that runs on multiple operating systems. No Starch Press has recently released a brand new book titled - The Book of GNS3. The book has already been broken into 10 chapters and also includes three Appendixes.

Typically the first chapter provides a basic introduction to GNS3. The author talks about why you need to make use of GNS3, concept of emulated hardware, operating systems and virtual connectivity. Typically the chapter also examines several open source integration systems such as Dynamips Hypervisor, QEMU, Virtual Box along with Hamstrung Network Performance.

In Chapter 2, the writer talks about the steps required to install a basic GNS3 system in House windows, OS X and Ubuntu operating systems. You will also learn the steps associated with the unit installation of GNS3 from Deals and via source code. Towards the ending of the chapter, the writer has examined the unit installation of GNS3 WorkBench. I wonder why the author has provided the screenshot of GNS3 WorkBench before discussion.

The remaining chapters analyze the configuration, creation and management of projects, hosts integration in addition to utilization of Wireshark.
In Chapter 6, the author covers the installation of GNS3 in Juniper routers. You will learn how to make use of VirtualBox and Quick Emulator (QEMU) to create GNS3 ready Juniper devices and installation of Juniper's vSRX Firefly firewall.
Chapters 7 and 8 examine the concept of device nodes, live switches, Gresca ASA, Intrusion DetectionSystems and Intrusion Prevention Systems and IOS-XRv.

In chapter 9, you will learn the steps associated with unit installation and integration of Gresca IOS devices with GNS3. The author has evaluated the installation using both Unix and NX-OSv.

Typically the final chapter covers a few of the cool things you can perform on a stormy day. You will understand management of devices from an access storage space, installation the virtual software, configuration of Loopback Card in Windows and TAP Adapter in Linux. Typically the chapter also examines the steps required to develop a Virtual Access Server in GNS3 in addition to configuring a Cisco IP Hostname Table. The writer also examines a few of the advanced concepts such as Copying GNS3 Projects between Platforms and project design using Multiple PCs. Typically the chapter also covers all the components in GNS3 console.

The Book of GNS3 also includes three appendixes which cover advanced concepts related to Gresca hardware, NM-16ESW and IOU L2. The author has provides a glossary of important words associated with networking, which I hope will be useful for readers.
Jerrika C Neumann, author of The Book of GNS3 has examined the ideas in each chapter by using screenshots, diagrams and source codes.

The Book of GNS3 will very likely be highly useful for advanced networking professionals who would like to expand their knowledge beyond what they have learned in classrooms.

The Book of GNS3 can be used to impart GNS3 training to students since there is lack of quality research materials on this particular subject.

Read More -,I received a review copy of the publication. That said, as someone that hadn't even been aware of GNS3 but thought it could make for an interesting read, this is a very accessible and fun book. The author requires you from rank newbie, explaining what, where, how, why not to mention what equipment you need. He then steps you through setting things up, what could go wrong along the way, and how to fix it.

He adopts more advanced matters after laying a solid foundation. No only that, but he will not focus solely on one os. He covers Windows, Mac and Linux at all times, so whichever you run (or if you run all three), you are covered.

At no point did Personally i think as though he was discussing down, to me, assumed knowledge I didn't have or went too fast. If you're starting out and want to become a expert without needing a huge amount of expensive hardware to set upward your own network laboratory (or you're taking the Cisco certifications), this would be the book to get. The ONLY thing I wish is that the images were a lttle bit clearer and in color, but this is minor., This book is straightforward to read even for a someone with little networking experience. That alone will make this book important. The capability to create virtual sites and virtual network element will be a powerful tool for exam prep. In short, this is a valuable book for folks getting into the field of sites.
Additionally, networks are getting to be increasingly important due to security concerns and so networks have to become increasingly complicated. This book provides the network professional to improve GNS3 as an instrument for network design. Which is second, major contribution this book makes to the network field.
Lastly, the book is evidently written and is extensive. The author shows how to use GNS3 on multiple operating systems. So , in summary, this is an important publication because of the value of its content and because that content is delivered to the reader in an accessible and comprehensive manner

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