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Unforeseen high energy true crime story., Very informative and entertaining!, Great story. Well written. I read part of the book in the Kindle and also paid attention to part using Audible., Inside April 2015, the alt-newspaper the Dallas Observer published an article by past editor Joe Tone, entitled “The Rookie and the Zetas: How the Feds Took Down a Medication Cartel’s Horse-Racing Empire. ” Tone had left the newspaper to publish a guide on this story. This is actually the book. Already, before syndication, it’s been optioned as a movie. It’s a heck of a story. After working at manual labor for years, Jose Trevino suddenly broke loose and commenced buying champion 1 / 4 horses. His horses not only won at the track, they made him tons of money at stud—quarter horse racing, for short distances, is big business in the southwest. Eventually Jose had his own stables. He owned –at least on paper—five hundred horses. (At one auction, his agents invested . 3 million to buy twenty-three horses.

Exactly where did the money originate from? And why do his horses win so often? Jose’s brother, Miguel Trevino Morales, was second in command of the questionable Mexican drug cartel, Mis Zetas. Jose’ disavowed Miguel in public areas but there was nowhere else this much money could be approaching from, and if the Zetas were involved, then however, horses’ wins were suspect. Los Zetas experienced no issue making money. Typically the problem was rendering it clean afterwards. The border wasn’t as porous as it was before 9/11 and old money laundering schemes will no longer worked as well as they had in easier times. Horse racing, like gambling casinos, offered Miguel the opportunity to clean up dirty money, so family jewelry trumped Jose’s desire to stay clean of legal activity. Enter a newbie FBI special agent, Jeff Lawson, assigned to Laredo, Texas. The FBI was already paying a great deal of attention to Miguel. Lawson focused on Jose. He found an renseigner, a wealthy Anglo horses and cattle breeder who had an in with Jose. A lot of squeezing, several near will shave that could have made it all fall apart, including the end, after 3 years of effort, Jeff, no longer a newbie, got his man.

Typically the story is interesting and fast-paced, the cast of characters intriguing. This is reportage, not fiction, and Dallas-based Tone was enough of your insider to know the players and the territory. He will do a good job of describing modifications in our Mexican drug scene (killings, torture and intimidation, mobs and factions up and down) and explaining the ins and outs of the drug traffic, the mechanics and problems engaged in laundering money, and the particular charms of quarter horse racing. Simply a good reporter could write this book, and being a Texan himself was a definite asset., Miguel Trevino has risen to be a power among the Las Zetas cartel, one of the most raw in Mexico. Miguel--or " Cuarenta, " " Forty" --is himself a raw man, fond of gunfire and violence. He is one of the very wanted--and feared--men in the Mexican drug world. His brother Jose, however, is a law-abiding citizen of the Oughout. S., a Dallas bricklayer. So when Jose suddenly begins investing in--and winning--quarter-horse races, the FBI and other intelligence agencies take notice. Horses run deep in the Trevino bloodline, and horse racing in the cartel world, and Nuevo Laredo, where the brothers are from. Can Jose have turned from his legal lifestyle and become a means for his brother to launder money in the States?

OUR BONES is a thrilling history of crime, legality, and fidelity. Joe Tone brings an interesting writing style. This subject could easily have become your basic true-crime, by-rote narration. As an alternative, Tone brings almost a novelist's flare for terminology, scene, and character. This specific is a true history, but the pages race by. It's a history both timely and ageless, as terrifying as it is captivating. A must-read for anyone considering the current Mexican cartel landscape, or perhaps anyone who loves a good crime story (especially if it's true)., I actually normally don't read publications and this is the very first I've purchased in years. With that said this book is excellent. I actually grew up along the border in america and this book really hits home. Its odd to feel that this happens right under our noses without any belief of wrongdoing. If you are on the fencing about buying this guide just buy it., Our bones provides a fascinating look at the Trevino family and how the enticement of easy money lured most of them into the drug trade. Joe Tone has done a masterful job of using primary sources to show the interaction between family and their desire to better by themselves and the lure of the drug cartels to achieve fame, fortune, and energy. It details the attempts of an FBI broker to bring down members of the Zeta cartel and describes the atrocities perpetrated by some of the most ruthless drug lords in the cartel. It also shows how drug money was laundered through quarter horse breeding and racing and how many turned a blind eye to the cartel's use of drug money to dominate the game.
When I first began reading the book, I think it was a novel, but , make no mistake, this is a non-fiction account. In fact, many of the players in this drama are still alive, although the cartel murdered many of those who opposed or genuinely offended them and scores of them ended up in prison. This is one of those fact is stranger than fiction books that is sure to maintain the reader's attention.

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