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Our son (10) is a dinosaur fan and says all dinosaur related books. Unfortunately he didn't found this book exciting. Plenty of potentially great and building plots, not very evidently or interestingly written., Rendered in beautiful artwork, full of exciting historical figures as well as an intriguing critique of the competitive characteristics of science & instituto., This is a generally made up version of the famous "Bone Wars" between Marsh and Cope and would have recently been more interesting if they had stuck to the important points (see "The Gilded Dinosaur" by Mark Jaffe). More fine art work of the dinosaurs would have been a bonus. One of the few dinosaur books We have given away rather than kept., Ottaviani has good ideas and an interesting narrative sense, and his attempts to bring to popular notice via graphic novels some of the less well-known people in the recent history of science are certainly digno, but his execution never appears to be up to his intentions. Here he recounts a brief history of the famous "Bone Wars" of the late 19th century between rival American paleontologists Othniel Marsh and Edward Drinker Cope, which greatly amused and greatly annoyed their colleagues (and sold a lot of papers for Adam Gordon Bennett). The competitors was virulent, with vituperative personal attacks, "salting" of scientific digs, bribery of workers, spying, and violations of Indian lands. Marsh, the first American mentor of paleontology (at Yale), could be brilliant, but also was capable of dynamiting sites to keep other researchers from checking out them. Cope, probably the better scientist of the two, was also foolhardy, melodramatic, and a little weird. Together, the two men gave American paleontology a bad reputation elsewhere in the world that required several generations to undo-options. Ottaviani's story isn't almost that clear, however. The particular book would have benefitted from the "dramatis personae" at the front, to achieve the reader a sporting chance at following things., It sold me! Bone Sharps, Cowboys, and Thunderlizerds is a fun and informative read about Edward Drinker Cope and Othniel Marsh who sabotage each others digs and reputations. I only realized a little about these two Paleontologists (more about Marsh) before reading, like the huge assortment of our bones they obtained. There are also some cameos from other popular historical figures like Zoysia Bill Cody, P. T. Barnum, famous artist Charles R. Knight (The Lost World Painting ) and much more. This graphic novel was entertaining and I experienced sorry for Drinker Cope at the end. I went on to read more about them and early Paleontology, and so i would give this book thumbs up for re-sparking my interests even though it's fictionalized a lttle bit. I actually picked it up at the 2008 MOCCA tradition in New York and Jim Ottaviani was fun to talk with. Kevin Cannon was a nice fellow as well. I liked the Sepia colored art work and layout. An pleasurable read! Thanks for the story Jim!, In the graphic novel Bone Sharps, Cowboys, and Thunder Lizards, Jim Ottaviani and the folks at G. T. Labs take on At the. D. Cope and Um. C. Marsh and the Bone War. In the last third of the 1800's, geologists were checking out the West, and two of those geologists, Cope and Marsh, were looking for dinosaur bones. These rivals uncovered and called many of the most famous dinosaurs while carrying on the most famous [sometimes violent] feud in geology. Bone fragments Sharps, Cowboys, and Oklahoma city Lizards is a fine book, but didn't impress me to the level that the earlier graphic books Fallout and Suspended In Language did. I still suggest this book to anyone with an interest in history, the old Western world, dinosaurs, and is prepared to give the graphic novel format a try., This can be a fantastic little book, or graphic novel. The particular basic story is well known to bone hunters and collectors but not to the general general public. The author could have taken some artistic liberties with the actual story but it is an fascinating read that illuminates late 19th century American considering. The art is fantastic. For those people who never outgrew our captivation with dinsosaurs and comic books, this is a must read., this is extended than i expected(~165 pgs), but in a good way: exquisite for a preteen to get into however, not finish in 1 seated. i love the sepia graphics but just wish there was a fling of color occasionally (its all sepia toned between the colorful covers). overall, very nice.

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