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The kids loved reading this so much that I had to read it too. The story is exciting, keeps you reading, somewhat of the cross between Star Battles and Hobbits: ). Photos are just amazing, like watching a movie. We love nicely drawn cartoons and this you are so beautiful. Would definitely recommend it, and as a plus, little Bone is adorable, nice, honest... The other Bones are always upward to no good, which somewhat teaches kids about gambling and not assuming everything someone tries to sell you: ). Wow and the ladies characters are strong, brave, resilient... good role models for girls., I was told time and time again to read this by friends. I'm not extremely into comics, but We have read a handful of others (Sin City, Watchmen, some Batman, TMNT). This definitely took me abruptly. All the other reviews are pretty precise. I think it's a stretch comparing it to Tolkien, but is a very fun read for all ages. A fascinating story, kept me interested throughout and satisfied my need for something to read. As others complained, you can see the other pages through the webpage you're reading, but at the asking price We couldn't argue. If you already know you love the series and really need it to be conveniently accumulated, maybe shell out the extra for the color edition. If you're an everyday reader who wants to grab this cheap and enjoy it for the story and art, you will not be disappointed., Don't be scared by the size: this is a wonderful book for all age groups.

Bone is a modern epic (think something like The Hobbit, by way of Mickey Mouse) advised in a fresh and fascinating manner. The art and comic book design can trick you into thinking this is simply a kids book (page count number aside). But don't be fooled: there's plenty proceeding on here for viewers several to enjoy. The characters, from the lovable and heroic Fone Bone fragments, to the scheming Phoney Bone, to the concurrently tough and sweet Grandmother Ben, are wonderfully drawn and completely charming. The world is vast and complex, without getting lost in the genealogies and random facts that can bog down other illusion stories. And while it's presented as a reasonably straightforward adventure tale (complete with dragons and all! ) the themes of self-sacrifice, family, and the dangers of blindly using a crowd are all weaved in in a way that asks some very interesting questions. All-in-all, a great read for kids of all ages!, I am sad.
I am sad that I had to finish this beautifully crafted story, and I am sad to have to put it on my bookshelf. I had formed wanted there to be more to the story, 'cause once I started reading it, I was connected. I even read two of the seven textbooks in one night.
And so it is made for many Bone followers.

Jeff Smith's tale about three funny-looking "bone" animals begins as with any other "typical" fantasy novel: light-hearted and simple. It's the tale about three Bone friends having just been hunted down out of their hometown by an angry mafia. They lose your direction out in the seemingly endless wilderness, and, soon enough, delve after a forest where the first of many anticipating adventures begins.

Bone is often compared to The Lord of the Bands; appropriately so, because Shaun Smith was heavily motivated by Tolkien's six-part tale (not a three-part as many believe), and so created his own illusion epic with a turn of humor and outrageous (and ingenious) animation, utilizing doodles he mustered upward from his childhood imagination.

Right from the get-go, I was hooked (as I already mentioned). We enjoyed every page We read, from the brilliant humor to the legendary story-telling, Bone quickly became one of my favorite reads. I have read reviews where others think Bone heavily carries many common motifs and cliches found in other illusion stories, and I can easily see why they might come to conclusions. But as "unoriginal" as Bone might appear, I think Smith, just as with any other author, was inspired enough to borrow from other masterpieces and, in an original fashion, created his own powerful storytelling. Positive, there are the archetypal would-be heroes who may at first know their own destiny, but it's a joy to view them develop and have the viewer grow with them. It's as Roland Barthes contended in developing the "scriptor, " where no creator creates his or the woman own masterpiece out of thin air (at least, not any longer), but rather uses pieces here and there from other literary sources and creates their own original tale.

Smith's animation is some of the best I've seen in any medium. Like a huge fan of Calvin and Hobbes, We was quickly enamored with his characters and wit, as both authors have been students of Walt Kelly's Pogo.

I recommend this not only as a graphical joyride, but for anyone who enjoys good stories. Just because it's cartoon doesn't mean it isn't good literature. I position this story up there with Lord of the Rings, Narnia and Harry Potter.
Yes, I just said that.

Others might feel otherwise, but I'll remain firm in my opinion, and cherish Bone as one of my most beloved imaginary reads.

Just as an ending note, I possess the rare, hardcover limited version of Bone: One Volume Version. It is a beautifully made piece of materials. Through the strong covers to the gilded pages, and however, ribbon bookmark, We am the proud operator of one of the highly collectible hardcovers, and believe it's worth every penny. (Since only 2000 were created, could possibly be practically impossible to find; but when one chances to pop up on eBay or some other website, you can make certain its be going for a pretty penny. ), We used to get these stories from the library and read those to my children (I have 11), but never could get the whole story. So last year, we purchased the complete compilation for a family Christmas present and began reading one chapter a night. We just finished the book and it was AMAZIIIIINNNG!

Jeff Smith is a brilliant cartoonist. His / her use of lines captivated and at times surprised me. My children were drawn to every frame, which helped as I read to them in different voices. As always, we loved the Rat Creatures, particularly the two runaways...

This was read to my young kids, so unless you have some serious concerns about fantasy stories, I recommend it even to smaller kids (if read by their parents). My youngest, only 2, was captivated and asked questions about the pictures---loved the dragons and was sad whenever Went up was sad or hurt. We got some of the biggest laughs from watching Grandma and the Great Cow Race.

In the event you haven't tried this tale, you might want to if you love a steady storyline and a lot of clean wit.

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