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Very interesting. I'm not familiar with the author but I saw it in my advice so I gave it the opportunity and ended up being so engrossed in this that I read it in one sitting. Definitely going to get the second volume, Bluesteel Blasphemer follows Yukinari, a Japanese teenager who died in a house fire and woke up to find himself in another world in a new body and in the organization of two sisters, and Dasa, the younger of the two sisters, as they run from the funds. However, while taking shelter from the elements, the two interfere with the ritual sacrifice to the local erdgod and are forced to kill it. Along with the local area now vulnerable to demigods, xenobeasts, and other humans, Yuki is forced to act as defender.

The book is told in third-person, mostly subsequent the characters of Yukinari, Dasa, Berta, and Fiona, the four main characters of the novel. There are times where the narration follows nameless characters or groups, but these are few and quick, mostly used for installation.

Bluesteel Blasphemer... doesn't take kindly of religion and faith. The True Church of Harris is basically Christianity during the Crusades. Yuki hates religion since that time his mother step out issues family after finding religion and the actions of the Harris Church in his backstory and in the 3 rd act doesn't exactly help alleviate him of such feelings. Acting Mayor Fiona, being educated in the funds, is considered the most reasonable person in the city of Friedland while the clergy are prepared to do things like take Dasa hostage to get Yuki to interact personally, against Fiona's objections. Berta, being raised in a religious orphanage and is a " shrine maiden", doesn't think for himself. All her actions come from the thought of fulfilling her duty as " shrine maiden".

Apart from the Christian-like Church of Harris, there is the erdgods. Outside the area of the Harris Church, beings known erdgods, demigods, and xenobeasts terrorize the human populace. The mythology of such beings is as follows: when an animal/group of animals live long enough, they can develop near-human intelligence and start changing their appearance into a criss-cross of human-likeness and animal. These are known as demigods. When a demigod develops a spiritual connect to an area, they become an erdgod, allowing them to use their influence to either bring chance or catastrophe to their domain. Humans surviving in such areas have a tendency to make contracts with their erdgods for protection and good harvest. Inside exchange, the humans offer sacrifices to keep your erdgod and its familiars happy. Xenobeasts are beings that failed to fully become demigods, hunting humans, demigods, and erdgods to kill and eat their minds in an attempt to gain the cleverness they should become demigods. I quite like this and wanted the author had done more from it in this volume level. Here's hoping more is done with erdgods/demigods/xenobeasts in future volumes.

As mentioned before, the main characters are as follow: Yukinari, Dasa, Berta, and Fiona.

As the earlier mention of Yuki not liking religion based on his mother's desertion of the family might give the impression he'd turn out to be a religious beliefs hating atheist, but that's not what happens. Yuki is a very let live person when dealing with religious people. This is only when folks try to force religion on others, hurt others in the name of religious beliefs, or are only doing something because their religious beliefs demands them to that can get him to take action, and even then, he or she doesn't go bigot or treat people worse because of it. This even ties into his capabilities. Yes, Yuki is another isekai OP protagonist. Nevertheless, he doesn't flaunt it and later utilize it when the situation calls for him to. In fact, he only uses it twice in the volume. For the majority of the volume level, Yuki wants to avoid conflict when possible and uses his sword-rifle when can't.

Dasa is a shy girl who was given birth to with cataracts and addresses little. It is super-obvious that she has a crush on Yuki, though he is too dense to notice. The girl with also not above calling Yuki a womanizer, even though it is the girls who are hitting on him and he is intending to change down their advances. The girl serves as sniper to Yuki's rifleman.

As mentioned above, Berta was brought up in a religious orphanage and was the " shrine maiden" to be offered to the erdgod before Yuki and Dasa's inference, thus, almost all of her actions come from seeking to fulfill her duty as " shrine maiden" by trying to be some value to Yuki, either physically or in some other capacity. Yuki, for his part, attempts to get her to think for himself.

Fiona is the girl of the mayor of Friedland and is acting as mayor while her father is bedridden. As mentioned above, Fiona was educated in the funds, thus, is well-aware that the erdgod system isn't the best for the town, but also knows that she just can't stop the practice without finding and installing a better, safer system. Meeting Yuki finally allows her that chance, but she also isn't willing to go to extremes to do so.

General, I came across this volume to be okay. Other than the prologue, the novel felt like the beginning of a second arc than the beginning of a series by having Yuki and Dasa on the run and not info dumping about Yuki's new body once wish brought to him post-prologue, only hinting at such solutions until halfway through the 3 rd act. The arguements are okay but could had been better. Also wanted more was done with the erdgods/demigods/xenobeasts before moving on to the Church of Harris by in the 3 rd act. Hopefully the next books can fix this and give an even more balanced look at religion and faith, rather than the more extremist/chaotic stance that's on view here., The premise is much more interesting than what is actually written in the book. The main personality is unlikeable, partially because he's bland but generally because the author attempts too hard to make him appear cool. Additional characters fall under very predictable archetypes and action sequences are always the best described. Also some specific character descriptions do not match their illustrations, with a lean towards making them more fan-serviceable which may be immersion breaking. The storyline in this book oddly spaced, and it feels as though more should have been included better lay down plot threads and hints towards the conclusive combat to male the finish appear less like a deus ex machina end. Overall the story is uninteresting and mostly forgettable. Maybe check this out once the price drops below . 00, but otherwise avoid waste your time on it, *Bluesteel Blasphemer* is yet another Isekai - or transported/summoned to another world - story. Inside fact, the fundamental set-up might appear fairly generic, at first. But then the overall world-building and tone enter into play.

Those who have seen the anime version of the Light Novel series, *Chaika - The Coffin Princess*, will know kinda what to expect here given the fact the two series share the same author. Namely a exciting depiction of a illusion world in which conflict is taken with a dash of awesomeness and a dash or realism.

The story starts with a prologue where a young man is in a house fire together with his cousin, Hatsune, and they both die. It is intended in the context that the sister set the fire in a murder-suicide to finish the suffering of each of them due to their neglectful - and perhaps even abusive - parents.

The young man, Yukinari, wakes up after being smashed to death by burning debris to find himself in a new body around strange people he or she doesn't know. Then we have a sudden fast-forward and Yuki, along with a young girl he or she knows named Dasa, are traveling to avoid some folks who have it out on their behalf and the story starts.

Yuki winds up in a place with a local religious beliefs that is a religious beliefs in name only that sacrifices a young lady from time to time to the local deity, called an " erdgod", that is a translation of the Japanese which means " god of the land". The translation utilizes a Center English word " erd" that means " local land", " abode", or " dwelling" combined with " god" to have the same meaning.

The particular " erdgod" is a mixture of various animals which have achieved a higher form of intelligence combined with incredible toughness that almost nothing damages, or at least almost absolutely nothing of the technological stage of the word these are in. Yuki and Dasa use firearms (not before seen in that world but made by Yuki as he was a gun nut in our world) to kill the erdgod once it attacks them when they unknowingly walk too close to the compromise site. Not that they regret saving this young girl, but they didn't attempted to do so either.

Of course, although it is a good thing that the young girl, Berta, was saved, this is a challenge. Cause the erdgod of your area actually does do two things. First off, it spiritually combines with the land to increase crop yield, and secondly it protects it's domain name from similar beings and therefore keeps the townspeople safe in exchange for the sacrifices.

This system is repellent to the mouthpiece mayor, but the local citizens have accepted it for so long they don't know what else to do and therefore Yuki is caught in a difficult situation. On the one palm, he wants to protect Berta from the furious citizens who fear harvest failure and attacks from other monsters, and - despite his annoyance numerous of these folks - doesn't want to abandon this community, while on the other hand he or she wants to keep himself and Dasa safe from their pursuers. And everything is about to get even more dangerous.

As I said, this is a book that manages, like *Chaika* does, to be wonderful and yet to also portray just enough realism within that fantasy construction to demonstrate the costs of different actions. Also while it treats guns as awesome (perhaps a lttle bit too much so) and in a position to turn the tide of battle depending on technical differences, it also makes clear the bounds of what firearms can do, on the whole and by model. These aren't magic guns, though miracle does enter into things in another way. I liken the worldbuilding and touches of reality to that of Brandon Sanderson in his works.

The particular characterization is sparse for the two main leads, Yuki and Dasa, but that is because we are not supposed to discover much about them before the finish when we see what happened between the time Yuki awoke in this new world and the time we see them traveling where they trip onto Berta and the plot. Because of this, their thoughts and viewpoints are geared towards the other characters.

The other characters, nevertheless , have some fairly good, though brief, portrayal. Fiona Schillings, the deputy-mayor and Berta are given motives, thoughts, desires, so on, that make them more believable.

Another great touch for realism I liked was how it showed that religion can be a force for good and bad, like much else. And one religion can be better while still being bad in it's own ways. Like political ideology or any philosophy, this is often the case.

Finally, I loved how the story was gritty, very gritty, in fact, but in the end happy and idealistic. It's not a cynical, grim-dark story at all. Bad things happen. Horrendously bad things, but good things happen too and if you fight for the great, you can, perhaps, win a happy ending and the protagonists here sure do so in this volume level.

If you opt for this volume directly from J-Novel Club, you will get a small bonus segment that outlines the etymology of the names of men and women and terms and such and the thoughts that entered translation. It's a really nifty and fun little addition.

I listen to this is a quick series, at only a few volumes long and i also can't wait to a romp in the sack next.

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