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Lots of good information. The cliff notes version is they located places around the world where people live the longest. They called these the blue areas. Then they went to these places and studied the people, their diets, their habits and interviewed people about why they thought people lived longer in their region. They came up with 9 things to longer life. just one. move naturally 2. have a purpose in life 3. downshift -meditate-relax 4. many of these rule - eat many of these of your food, leave 20% on your dish 5. plant slant - more veggies, less various meats 6. wine at 5 - one glass a day 7. right group - have long time friends who have healthy habits 8. community - be involved in your community in someway being unfaithful. family first - keep them close and enjoy the relationships. I have a neighbor that is 91 and he lives alone, drives himself, does his very own yard work and this individual takes zero medications. He surprises me. I was talking to him about things the book said and he offered his advice; He smoked until having been 40 but he quit and said every person should quit, he quit sugars in 1993, he eats beans, usually navy coffee beans everyday. He eats a lot of broccoli and whole grain bread. He is outside doing something in his yard everyday when its not raining. He goes to bed at around 7pm and gets up at 4-5 am. He has friends which he goes out with each week and goes to church every week. He also has just one can of beer a day. He states its for his kidneys. He has two big comfortable dogs and he requires proper care of them. Your dog is broke his hip, he is had lots of epidermis cancers removed and dealt with with radiation but never any continuing condition like high blood pressure or heart disease. So he agreed that the advice in the book is area on as far as he's concerned. Very well done book with interesting and entertaining interviews and advice. It also has a lot of recipes for foods the people in the blue zones are eating. There is advice for turning your home into a blue zone. I recommend this book., "Blue Zones" are those areas of the entire world that have a greater-than-average amount of 100-year-old-plus people who enjoy excellent health. This specific book gets the most astonishing story of an attempt to gently move people in the champion Pork Belt state, Iowa, to healthier eating, without passing animal laws (no Big Gulp soda for you! Against the law! ) As an alternative, one chain of stores (Hi-Vee) was encouraged to change 1 of 2 cooler situations of soda to one case of soda and one filled with nutritional water, plain water, coconut water and unsweetened tea. They added baskets of fresh fruits like apples and bananas at the checkout, rather than just candy pubs and chips bags. Amazingly, the healthier choices sold quite well and there was no decline in the sales for the Hi-Vee stores that participated. Thus people DO choose healthier snacks and foods, if given the convenience to buy them.

Besides reports about creating "Blue Zones" in the US, there are recipes and advice about how to eat well (and mindfully, something diet experts constantly remind us--similar to the hara hachi bu of Japan, which means, basically, stop when your stomach is many of these full and push to do list away. You'll feel full as your brain catches program your stomach, and you won't over-eat. ) The recipes give ideas for eating the mug of beans per day that Blue Zone author Buettner states is a key to health, incorporating fish such as sardines, and producing the science behind the diets of "Blue Zone" regions that means better health. (A glass of wine, for example, improving the antioxidants in a Sardinian lunch. ) An interesting point was about the "Three Sisters" of the Americas. Eating beans, corn and squash, together, is a very healthy combo and the one which the peoples of the New Globe have known about for millenia.

I first leaped into my own, personal "Blue Zone" when I hiked up a mountain near Zermatt, Switzerland to a town that was only accessible by hiking or cable connection car. A 102-year old woman dashed past me, UPHILL ON ICE, in felt boots, while We was (in my 40's) seeking to struggle up the incline with the assistance of two ski posts. Later, I found her, running the local resort and making strudel, which was the most scrumptious I've ever had. The lady was making the wasserstrudel that day, because her OLDER sister was taking a nap. I still have a photograph of her. Clearly, how you will eat, what you eat, and just how you live your life has an effect on your health. I never did not remember that. When I delivered to live in the ALL OF US, I was astonished at American food--processed, high in fat and, strangely tasteless--or as an Azeri friend put it, American food--too much salt, too much sugars, no flavor.

There are recipes in this guide, though the book is more about creating "Blue Zones" when compared to a menu planner. Still, you will find a chapter in Part Three with recipes, selections, and snacks. I dropped in love with one particular recipe, aCosta Rican greens recipe. It's a shredded cabbage slaw, seemingly simple, basically cabbage and some peppers and tomato, with a cilantro-lime dressing. No oil. I made it and I love it. I ended up eating it as a main dish at dinner and it's one of my favorite ways to eat cabbage. Our mom always made her slaw with vinegar instead than mayo and which how I like slaw, but the lime and cilantro are so refreshing, I'm making this a lot. It was an excellent bonus in an interesting book--a recipe I really enjoy using.

What's great about the "Blue Zone" eating technique is you won't be giving up meat if you don't feel like it. Instead, you use it as a "celebratory" food, eating it once a week. Thus the Pork Belt can relax--go ahead and make that roast on Sunday. You'll add things you probably already eat, like chickpeas, oatmeal, smoothies, but incorporate them into daily breakfasts and lunches rather than grabbing a burger or a pastry. I know this way of eating works well because this is how I control my cholesterol. I dropped it to normalcy, by eating this way because We can't take the prescription medications that are commonly given to people to slow up the "bad cholestrol. " I use no choice, if We want to keep my health but to eat this way. And I do enjoy it. I like the lists of quality recipes and healthy additions as a guide to keep eating well and mindfully also to "edit" my list of foods to the ones that benefit me the most. I love this publication because it has quality recipes, geographical studies, stories, trials in how people can choose the diet and the science to back it up. There's a lot to "digest" in Azure Zones, and a lot that's good-tasting and good for you., As an 81-year old widower, " Blue Zones Solutions" verified my intuitive observations. 6 years ago, my wife died. I was an exhausted passive barely able to leave home without help. Our USAF family had lived on about three continents for over half a dozen years. I commenced a lifestyle of recovery and restoration of health. These days, my diet has become very similar to " Blue Zones Solutions" results. My doctors are shocked when my complete blood vessels, chemicals and other checks are all within the normal range. I take no medications, not even an 81 mg aspirin., Been reading stuff like this since a young child.... former mate. Hunza people, worked as RN for 38 years.... am now 69 and no health issues. I utilize good info..... take it to heart. This is a good read., The more that We read about Blue Zones - the greater I'm convinced that THIS is the way we need to look at eating, life and general health. What's the point of another diet to lose weight, when in the end we die too young of diseases that we didn't need to even agreement in the first place., This book is wonderful and well written
I ordered all of the Blue Area books and have loved them all., This publication was well written and very informative. It has plenty of helpful suggestions. Offers specifics about sorts of food and preparation. Including substitutes for foods not available in America. A helpful and encouraging read. Absolutely recommend it., Extremely interesting. From the wake up call about how take out has altered our eating habits. It can all about convenience and not about quality of food and resulting in the food that we eat. Some great stories and recipes from other countries that live healthy over the age of a hundred.

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