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It's a complex coming of era story about a high school junior who finds a love that the lady cannot understand, and it also exhibits how freaking difficult this is to understand your emotions when you're teen. So as a youngster myself I could really relate with it. Regardless of your orientation, you will discover this book interesting. It makes a point about love, relationships, and society, with out being preachy since its a graphic novel. Great read!, I actually done reading this a couple of days ago but... nicely... life happened and I actually haven't been on the internet much. Good things, friends, furniture acquisitions, etc . Thus now that things are settling down, I feel I can revisit this specific wonderful book.

Let me personally begin with what I didn't like. The font. Though I loved the cursive feel that reflected records in the diary of the teen, the font was just too small to be able to read in large pieces. I believe if I can have read faster plus more, I would have got been a lot more emotionally invested.

The story wins five stars plus. It introduces to us the way in which several of our youth discover their sexuality. The discomfort of being called titles just for attempts at love. And this in the course of the most vulnerable period of our lives: teenage years. Hopefully parents and educators read it to see that they might help children go through this since graceful as possible. Ideally, the judgement will pass away as folks learn that will folks are folks plus love is merely love.

The illustrations were marvelously carried out. I loved the subtlety of color steadily launched after the blue haired sweetie. This stays inside my permanent collection since I know I will need to read it over and over, just to enjoy the drawings.

Because I didn't want to leave the storyplot behind, I actually had to find the movie on Netflix streaming. It is in French with subtitles so I have got taken my time watching/reading it. Actually, Need to point out I am watching a lttle bit before sleep every night time since it is the quietest period so I can pay attention; less distractions for me at that will time of night. The actresses are well chosen and... the French could make an improved movie than we Americans with all our hang-ups. I feel this can be the movie to watch over and over plus teach myself French--among other items.; -), After watching the movie and after feeling extremely dissatisfied, I took the plunge of ordering the book anyway. This achieved everything. I felt the strong connection with the characters here and their particular actions actually made feeling for the first time. The movie, with poor editing, left the lot of scenes unexplained and dragged on, leaving characters underdeveloped and viewers distracted. I didn't like the art style at very first, nevertheless the graphic novel has better pacing and the plot swallows you entire, so you wouldn't treatment about the drawings by the time you're fully engaged with all the scenes.

Character wise, I really like Lea Seydoux as a great actress but I really preferred the smoothness of Emma within the graphic novel: chill, gentle and innovative. Not assertive and arrogant. I didn't care about Adele (Clem) in the movie, but the graphic novel helped me felt for all of them.

If you enjoyed the movie and wouldn't brain reading a graphic novel, I say give this specific an attempt. Highly recommended., I actually watched the movie before reading through the book but the two are quite diverse.

That said, I prefer the unique and touching plot as well as the accompanying images throughout. Definitely recommended for your private collection! I hope to be able to see more English snel of this author's performs!

[Pen contained in graphic for reference of size], I watched the movie very first and honestly wasn't as well excited. I just believed I'd give it the chance to be better than the movie and i also was pleasently surprised. To begin with the problem with the movie wasn't the quality associated with the movie itself I believe it was a fairly good one out of fact yet it was also nearly the same as Kissing Jessica Stien through which girl meets girl, chooses to be gay then later realizes she is not then falls into love with the guy. After reading through this I think the movie folks took the easy way rather than going through the heart wrenching ending to the angsty and gorgeous story. I loved the coloring too; the diminish to color when previous swept up with present was interesting. The art had not been highly rated but it didn't need to be., I actually adored the movie, plus it's very difficult not to be able to review this as a comparison between the two. Also i love this, my simply criticism is for it can brevity--I want more! I actually found this more affecting emotionally compared to the movie, since the resolution is far more terrible (although a lttle bit cliché d`). That tragedy is outstandingly laid out, in words and pictures. It is usually somewhat of a universal tale, I don't believe you need to be LBGT to be able to appreciate this, and also Clementines struggles ready libido, I think can become appreciated by anyone. I actually love stories who have a great established arc of the time; I actually think the passage of the time is the greatest misfortune of all, and another we all all experience. What is usually lost, what might have got been, what could have recently been different, and trying to appreciate what was, are general tragedies we all encounter. The movie appeared to postulate another sort of tragedy: the erosion and expiration associated with love, that theme is additionally explored here, but inside a slighter and more oblique way. If a person like love stories, I actually think this is certainly an outstanding one. If you don't like LGBT " culture" plus think it is wiping out the world, blah blah blah, don't even take the time (I mean why might you anyways? Are a person a masochist? )

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