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This is a book I did not want to end. Tony Horwitz writes in such a easy going and humorous manner that he or she makes both Captain Make the man, the days he or she lived and his findings accessible to even the most armchair bound explorer. Tony and Roger his rum guzzling skirt chasing after mate criss cross the world from Seattle to Sydney, Tahiti to Yorkshire, Tonga to Alaska, and finally to Kealakekua these types of Hawaii in search of the enigmatic Cook while describing in detail his amazing travels under the most extreme level of hardships. Moving at and out of James Cook's amazing discoveries and their own escapades in Cook's actions makes for rollicking good fun. Highly recommended!, A single of the best publications I've ever read. Well researched. Well written. I actually now feel like I understood Captain Cook, personally. I actually read it while spending nine weeks in Australia and it had special that means because I could visit a lot of the places discussed. I actually would read anything by Tony Horowitz. He's an impressive writer and a credit to area and went above and past and we could better understand Captain Cook and the time through which he existed. My hat is off to you and you have now joined the group of folks I'd most like to have to meal!, Horowitz' does a great job of presenting a Captain Cook we can see and imagine. Simply by weaving in the many primary sources of Make from his shipmates and officers, we have a good view of the man and the officer. Adding bits and pieces of evidence found about him and his adventures at the locations of his many travels wonderful life in England, helps further illuminate Cook's life. The particular series of interpretations Horowitz presents from contemporary residents and community leaders living in the communities, on the islands, and from the many different countries that have since emerged; offers some good evidence of how historical interpretations vary according to how each issue believes Cook impacted their ancestors' lives and culture. My only criticism is the sometimes inconsistent descriptions of your various islands' modern culture and their communities. It was very inconsistent and certainly not balanced and seemed totally subject to whom he happened to meet. Still, a great read., " Getting in a ship is being in a jail, with a chance to drown. "

I finished " Blue Horizons" on Waikiki Beach - an appropriate setting. My Hawaii vacation read gripped me from the getgo. When I flipped the last page I actually felt that great publication sadness.

I am grateful Tony Horowitz shares his prodigious writing talent with us. His blend of travel, humor and inclusive history is wonderful.

I actually read a lot, both non-fiction and fiction. Tony Horowitz is one of my favorite authors.

If you own an interest in Chief Cook and South Pacific cycles history, you won't be disappointed.

Tony, please keep writing!!!, Author Tony Horwitz posseses an unparalleled mastery of the English language. Mixed with a feeling of humor that makes me smile and occasionally laugh so hard I tear up, I actually could hardly put the book (eReader) down. Reading through this book stimulated me personally to order another publication of his -- A single For the Road -- about hitchhiking trip across the Australian Outback. Inside Blue Latitudes, he went the places Captain Make went, since the title indicates; but he did it with his friend Roger. The two of them come off as incredibly compatible despite seeming to be the Odd Couple. Roger, the smoking, hard-drinking buddy adds to the humor, though you worry he won't make it to old age with a liver more flexible than the usual baseball glove. I actually will probably read all of Horwitz's books., This guide combines historical accounts of Cook and his journeys interspersed with the writer and his sidekicks trip to retrace Cooks steps. The personal stories are filled with humor and color. The Cook stories told with an objective view of every side, that of the English and Make, and that of the indigenous folks he experienced. And their respective ancestors and forefathers in modern day. Completely enjoyed this one., Has been looking forward to Chief Cooks Adventurers and travel, but ended up having WAY TOO MUCH political discourse of how native peoples disliked him!! The discourse appeared to go on and on, almost just stopped reading it as it was so annoying when I just wanted to start Capt Cooks Voyages!!, The writer through himself and his traveling companion creates a funny, yet completing enlightening approach to understanding the voyages of Capt Cook. I actually thought his way of presenting history by blending journal inputs from Make and his crewmembers with his own perspectives by traveling to a lot of places Cook visited made for a refreshing and engaging read regarding this period of history. I appreciate how this book brought a much forgotten, but great explorer and leader back to the forefront with no main character like bias, just his honest interpretation of the facts as they are recorded along with the favorable and unfavorable opinions of folks who live today in the places where Make made first contact with the Pacific people.

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